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Dollywood or Silver Dollar City; which Herschend park do you prefer?

Dollywood or Silver Dollar City?

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Matt N

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Hi guys. When talking about theme parks in the USA, the big names like Disney, Universal, Six Flags and Cedar Fair are usually some of the first operators to spring to mind. Another operator that may come to mind, however, is Herschend. Not necessarily because of their own brand name, but because they operate two theme parks that are often lauded as being among the best themed parks in the USA outside of Disney and Universal; Dollywood and Silver Dollar City. These two theme parks are arguably broadly comparable to one another; both seemingly have quite a similar folksy vibe (for lack of a better term), both have some similar Western-style theming, and both parks have some broadly comparable rides. Indeed, Dollywood even operated under the Silver Dollar City moniker from 1976 to 1985, so the two parks have very similar roots. With this in mind, I’d be interested to know; if you’ve visited both, do you prefer Dollywood or Silver Dollar City?

I’ve visited neither, so I’m not at liberty to vote here, but I’d be keen to hear your opinions!


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My vote is for SDC. I've been to Dollywood more times than I can count over the last 6 years, so I've seen firsthand all of the tree clearing, ride modifications, & all over the years. I hesitate to call it the "decline" of Dollywood, but it's overall not as great IMO as it used to be. But I still adore the place & will continue to go back!

My sole trip to SDC was wonderful. Everything was top shape, great rides, amazing atmosphere. I do wish there was a GCI-tier ride as well. The whole park, more or less, feels like it's all one cohesive vibe/theme all the way through. Plus that CAVE TOUR!!!


Donkey in a hat
I've only ever been to Silver Dollar City but I absolutely loved the place, Top 10 park for me, easy. Great vibe, lovely location, food to die for (you've never had funnel cakes til you've tasted Fanny's. 😉) and a killer 1-2-3-4 coaster punch (Outlaw, Time Traveler, Thunderation and Wildfire). Plus loads of other good stuff too.

I don't know whether or not Dollywood is better, but I'm dying to find out. Been mad for going there ever since L'Rod opened, still haven't got round to it yet. Will 2024 finally be my year? 🤞