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Do you prefer a Chinese or Indian takeaway?

Do you prefer a Chinese or Indian takeaway?

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Matt N

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Hi guys. I don’t know about other countries, but here in Britain, an arguable staple of the country’s cuisine is a Chinese or Indian takeaway. According to Statista (https://www.statista.com/statistics/1282840/top-takeaway-food-uk/), Chinese and Indian takeaways are the UK’s two favourite takeaway food types, and you often hear people in Britain talk about “having a Chinese” or “having an Indian”. I’m sure many people on here have a Chinese takeaway, an Indian takeaway or both located nearby. I, for one, certainly do; my nearest large town has multiple of each on the high street alone, in fact!

But these two Asian takeaway cuisines can divide opinion; many people love a Chinese takeaway, but by the same token, some people also love an Indian takeaway. So I’d be interested to know; do you prefer a Chinese takeaway or an Indian takeaway? Which Asian takeaway cuisine do you prefer?

Personally, I have to say that perhaps controversially, I think I’d vote for an Indian. The range of food I eat from an Indian is probably narrower, but I’d say that I prefer my go-to Indian takeaway order to anything I could have from a Chinese.

From the Indian takeaway, I’d always order a chicken korma (my heat tolerance is practically zero…) with some pilau rice and maybe a garlic naan on the side, and that suits me fine!

From the Chinese takeaway, I might have some sweet and sour chicken balls and chow mein, maybe accompanied by some crispy seaweed and egg-fried rice.

I don’t actually have either at all often, though. Or any takeaway, for that matter; my inspiration for making the thread was because my parents and I had a Chinese for dinner tonight, and I genuinely couldn’t remember the last time I had a Chinese…

But I’d be keen to know; do you prefer a Chinese takeaway or an Indian takeaway? And on a side note, what would your typical order be from each? I’d be really intrigued to know!


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Me and Mrs Howie are very strict about this. We enjoy both, but a takeaway, as in a meal that we take away and eat at home, has to be Chinese. If we want Indian, it has to be eaten at the restaurant. This makes no sense, I know that, but it's just a weird habit that we've gotten into and can't seem to break. Having an Indian takeaway at home would actually feel weird now. Likewise, having a Chinese meal at a restaurant would also feel kinda weird.

Food wise, yeah, sweet n sour chicken balls and a chow mein is always a good shout. Throw in a mushroom foo yung and a portion of chips and the wife and I are happy bunnies.
Down at the Maharaja however, Mrs Howie tends to stick to a chicken dansak but I'm a bit more flexible and could have anything from a korma to a madras, depending on mood. Half rice and half chips though, every time.


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Very much mood based.

When opting for an Indian, I mainly just stick to one curry and pilau rice. Usually a madras, dopiaza or bhuna. Peshwari naan on the side.

If we decide on a Chinese, my partner and I tend to go for the mix and match, buffet style. We get a range of things from beef in black bean, Singapore fried rice, salt and pepper chips etc.

I probably go for a Chinese more, but I have to say, Indian may hit the spot a little better. Very strong, rich flavours really do it for me. Plus, I always push myself when eating a Chinese so feel very groggy afterwards. It's a huge carb overload, but one I'm always happy to endure 😂


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Indian, however my good lady isn't the biggest fan of Chinese, so when the mood does take her I jump at the chance cause it doesn't happen often.

Has anyone ever experimented a bit with Keema, Fish, Duck or Paneer curries rather than sticking with chicken? I know Kemma is a bit more established, I was disgusted at the thought of a fish curry a few years ago, having tried it my opinion changed after the first mouthful, goes particularly well with a Samber tha ks to the lemon flavour of the dish.


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I'm not one for the sweet & sour flavour of Chinese. However, the Chinese takeaways do a very good job of keeping it simple - ie. you can just have a bag of chips if you want.

In theory, I prefer the spices of Indian food, but I'm a fussy eater and like to keep things simple. As much as I love the smell of Indian food, for practical reasons I'd more often have a Chinese.