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Djurs Sommerland (and partners) plans for internal and external overnight stay


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Djurs sommerland has recently gotten permission to build a themed area with hotel, camping and cabins e.g.
I made a post in small news about this.

In addition a local media has written that there are apparently plans for a brand new holiday park on Djursland where the sommerland is located. Here, a large European investor should be ready to invest billions (DKK) in the project, which is to be built in sustainable and nature-friendly materials between Djurs Sommerland and Lübker Golf & Spa Resort called 'The heart of djursland'. The latter two are the ones pushing the project.
Part of the plan is a sketch for a holiday park close to Djurs Sommerland, which will provide space for more overnight guests. A sustainable solution is planned here, where the trail system and new construction will take nature and landscape into account. The central area in the development plan is located in Syddjurs Municipality between Djurs Sommerland and Lübker Golf and Spa Resort. It is laid out as a framework in the municipal plan for recreational purposes. Among other things, accommodation, a playground, a water park and restaurants can be established here.

If these plans are going through could this move the former plans for an indoor water park in Djurs sommerland to this project and maybe even remove the water park? And will this make changes to the accommodation facility formerly planned in Djurs summerland itself?