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Disneyland Paris 16th to 18th June


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I was going to do a proper trip report but changed my mind as there has been loads as of late.

Anyway we went to the park with two people who had never been and were really looking forward to it. They could not wait and for the past 2 months we have all been excited.

Now the following contains some good and bad things. Some Furie had already covered as has peep. But I had hoped in the two years since we last went it had got better. Will leave you to read if you want to.

Just got back and never have I seen Thorpe Park in such a state, sorry I mean disneyland Paris.

We saw 4 characters over three days. Someone in our group tried to see the princesses and was told by people in the queue that it was their second attempt to see then dispute queuing for 90 mins.

Micky in the Studio park was fantastic, really energetic and gave people time of pictures etc.

Finding places to eat was even harder than 2 years ago, places shut at 3pm then re opening at 7.

We queued 30 mins for over priced taste less chicken things.

Queuing to get popcorn took 40 mins as only one stall was open and one shut 2 hours before Dreams, wtf. The guy working said sorry as he was on by himself and said there should be 2.

What we noticed was after the parade at 17:30 the park emptied until 22:00. I suppose people leave the park to eat at better priced places etc. Food in the park is so over priced, 12 euro for a burger and chips with no drink is way to much. We went to my fav place on Main Street that does rolls and cheese on toast for 7 euro lol. There is just no way we could afford better meals in the park. Also 3.50 euro for a bottle of coke.

The new area looks stunning, I hope they keep it that way. Looking forward to seeing this open.

Rc racer kept breaking down so we gave up trying to ride it. We queued 60 mins for nemo as it was the same length as the single rider queue.

The spring event was the biggest waste of time, a dance down the street with no Disney characters. I just don't get it. Since been told you either other have to watch the stage or see the dancing, I had no idea of this at the time.

Big thunder had hardly any theming working dispite just having maintance. Rnr effects not working speakers in the trains blown, just re opened after work being done on it. Both coasters are running really well though, smooth and the final drop on big thunder is fantastic.

Space mountain, I hope they are painting the outside and not just the inside.

People we went with have never been before and they were the ones noticing things, we actually kept quite. They were very disappointed with phantom manor and not being able to see characters. One wanted to see the princess but was informed you need to book your time and to do this you need to be there by 10. Problem is hotel guests had already created a 90 min queue so she was told all the slots were gone!

The new world of Disney store, I thought it was going to be like the one in Orlando or California. I thought it was small and nothing in there that you could not get elsewhere.

Have tbh I don't know how they are going to put these thing right without millions being spent.

We did have a good time and the park is stunning in places they have carried out work. I know people will say if you don't like it don't go and tbh yeah I think I'll wait until Disney do get in there and sort it out. It's a lot of money to spend on something that leaves you thinking where is the magic and where is the Disney, it's almost like a Merlin park with Disney theming. I was going to do a trip report but tbh there really is not much to report and I only took a few pictures.

What is this room stuff on tower of terror. You are not staying there and the story is not about staying there yet three times your told about your "room". The ride was running really well though and even with only 2 lifts running they coped with the queue, was only 45 mins at times. We had two great rides loads of willy lift and laughs.

Pirates was fantastic they have really cleaned it up and got everything working again :). Was funny hearing people on the ride saying where is Jack.

It's a small world some how the sound was not in sync and loads of things were not working.

The area where Casey is is so nice, both rides were walk on.

Anyone know what's happening on the studio tram tour, they are only loading it up at half capacity and that was on every single train? Also loads if effects are not working on the show part.

Indy is running really well after the work they done.

Shame about c3po having a broken twisted arm :(

We done the maze for the first time in years as we had read it had all been fixed and tided up. Yep it looked great but only one of the pop up things worked :(

We got fast passes for Peter Pan as the queue was 45 mins. When we went back there was a rude man on the fast pass part and we were informed the fast pass queue was 45 mins, same time as the normal queue. We walked away, good job we queued for it the day before.

Dreams is still only 2nd to fantasmic such a great show :). First night we were near the front but the second we sat further back and it was better to view it there.

Not sure why you can no longer get the nice cakes they used to make in the park, thing like that seem to have stopped now.

As I said we did have a great time, it's just not as good as it could be and it's just basic operating problems holding it back. You expect these things at UK parks and smaller parks not a Disney Park and this is the problem I have with it. I do not mean to come across negative, I feel I am being balanced with my views.

The main park is stunning, so well laid out with really nice areas to just walk and relax. Discovery land is the let down area where the work is needed.


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Yeah, the Spring Promenade is ****.


... If only they had more dancers/characters....


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We did not see that we just saw loads of people dancing down Main Street :(

The problem is the park app says it takes place down Main Street which is where we were and does not say it takes part on the stage as well. Until peep said we had no idea.

We saw loads of dancers and when I say loads I mean loads, just no characters.


Just looked it up the stage part only took place once a day right before the street part so there was no way to see both as I said before. You would not be able to get from the stage to the band stand in time. The dancing part only took place once but I can see it listed many times today along with the stage part. Wish we had seen the stage show instead, oh well. They must only run it more than once at weekends and peak times.

I can fully understand them not running it as much if the park is not busy as that would be a waste.

It still does not explain why there are no characters to meet in the parks though.


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Right so you're talking about two different shows. The Main Street USA show is nice and I think Disney characters would ruin it. It's based off an older show where main street comes alive, hence why after the show the characters just wander around the area.

The other show takes up the whole of Central Plaza and the castle stage, it's huge. There's also a good 10-20 minutes between performances so you can see both in short succession. Maybe because you went on a weekday there were less performances but ya know there are time guides at the park? Sounds like you shouldn't rely on this app you were using ;)

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Yeah I used to disneyland Paris app. Last time I will use that :). The app did not even have the stage show listed, it has now.

The guide says the stage was on at 11:40 and I the other part at 12. Does that really give you enough time to see both?

It's a bloody shame we missed the stage one, really regret that.

There was no staff wondering round the area though. It finished they went. We saw the train thing but it just had the street performers on it.

As said it was not peak times so it's more than likely some thing never took place such as characters walking round.

At least this time we saw the main parade without Smee passing out lol.


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With these promenades and cavalcades, they're "sold" as products as such, so because of this the only way they won't perform one of the shows is due to bad weather, even then the characters will still perform, just not the dancers (dancing in the rain and snow on main street isn't exactly fun)

I believe the shows are so close together, Marc, so that you don't have to wait for the next show, so there probably would have been time!

Shame you didn't get to see it though, it's cute! (Not my favourite cavalcade, but still ^_^)


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Yeah we **** up. The Main Street part was good just thought it strange there were no Disney characters but now I know why, they were round the corner on the stage lol.

The other problem we had was we got into the park late as one of the girls lost her ticket on the second day so we were always trying to catch up the two hours lost. You know what it's like if you don't get in the queue for nemo or Rc as soon as the studio park opens. One hour lost turns into two hours lost.

We then lost another hour due to all the trying to see a princess stuff.


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Unfortunately for you, if you visit during the summer, the Victorians are back with a new show ;)


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Also the Incredibles will be "hitting the road" in the Studios. So tempted for yet another last minute trip lol.


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Do It ^

The Increds started going out as of todayyyy and Stars n Cars is no mooooar


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Nah will give that one a miss it's like one of the Pixar films I did not really like.

Think it's great that they are updating their shows though.

Really want to go on the new ride though :). Should be going in October.

Lol AJ I must rush over and see that :). Maybe this time just stay in front of the stage.