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Die Live - Germany June 2012 - Trip Reports


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We're back from four silly days at Tripsdrill, Holiday Park and Europa-Park. Here's a short summery which I'll follow up tomorrow.

Very pretty park with a good selection of rides. The log flume is great. Mammut is ok for a family woodie- rode best in the middle seats imo.
Best ride: Log flume
Surprise ride: The bobsled coaster (minus the mouse turns).
Crappest ride - The chair swing things near the entrance.
In-jokes - Riding the tub ride in case it's a a closet cred. Wine tasting glasses. Cable ties. Twat cam.

Holiday Park
Absolutely dead - EGF was walk-on, we must have rode it about 8 times. EGF is brilliant, it really lives up to the praise people heap on it. I laughed my head off riding it pouring rain. It was like having splinters fired into my face...although enjoyably! It hits the airtime and speed spot, the layout and track positioning is good...brilliant! Park is set out well - the entrance looks gorgeous.
Best ride: Expedition Ge Force
Surprise ride: Star Flyer or the drop tower.
Worst ride: The god-awful wild mouse coaster.
In-jokes - Twat Cam. Lord Morton. Camp Bakery. Evil Snowman.

Massive, massive park with plenty to do...and we did it all! The first day was quiet, longest queue was about 30mins for Posiden, so we managed to do all the coasters with a few re-rides. Second day was a lot busier but as we rode everything worthwhile the day before, we queued for front seats on Silver Star, Wodan and Blue Fire. Wodan was a big disappointment - even though it was the reason I wanted to do a Live there!
Best ride: Blue Fire
Surprise ride: Euro Sat
Worst ride: The Italian Pizza/Ice Cream thing.

I'll expand on everything tomorrow (week off work FTW!). I had an amazing time, thanks to everybody who made it an amusing four days!


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Been stupidly busy sorting out the video, but the majority of editing is done now so that'll be live later today.

Will reply properly when I get back online in a day or two, but highlights are definitely vending machine beer and automated bag drops. Bugger the rides, it's all about those.

Oh, and I've managed a couple of Was Du Finkin's...


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Video is ready then. Was a bit of a chore, too much footage and was ill yesterday. Also new camera, new PC, new OS, new editing software and the first time I've done anything for ages. So excuse the not so high quality of the production.

I do recommend watching it in HD though :)



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Hahaha, loved it! Especially liked the Lord Morton advert.

Forgot about the Rebel Chinese thing as well.

For those who weren't there, as you exit the Pirates of The Caribbean Rip Off boat ride at Europa, there is a Chinese food restaurant. Rebel spotted this on the first day. During the second day, the group had to reride the PotCRO ride so she could get a Chinese takeaway. using the main entrance wasn't an option...

I didn't reride the PotCRO ride, instead I spent the time removing any common peasants from Lord Morton's vicinity.


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^ i wanted to go through the main entrance for the Chinese BUT mushroom did not want me to even when i told him so don't blame me blame mushroom

i will have a trip report up soon i hope.....

Darren B

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Mushy, you evil creature! as punishment you should be made to do a day's work experience at Ryanair, Oh wait a minute...


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Ian said:
Instead I spent the time removing any common peasants from Lord Morton's vicinity.

Just one question... Why do we call him Lord Morton? ;)

Glad people like the video, though could somebody please shoot me the next time I threaten to make one :lol:

Stuff keeps on coming back to me about the days away. Trying my best to always get a horses arse in the shot with Mushy, Dave Morton making his way rapidly up the feudal system, Tit **** (10 Watt), farting in Darren's face but even better, that German kid horrified by Darren farting in his face - scarred for life.

Twat-cam :lol: :lol: :lol:

More will return in future. Briefly though.

Tripsdrill = Brilliant first Live day park. Lovely park, but not a great deal in terms of decent rides. Log Flume was excellent and Mammut is a great little family coaster.

Holiday Park = Probably lovely in the sunshine, but it was raining heavily. Again light on overall attractions but what there is there is "adequate", but... Expedition GE Force? Blindingly good when it got going a little later and probably in the running for my top steel coaster (definitely would be if the earlier rides had been to the standard of that last ride).

Europa Park = A bit of an odd one. It's got masses of good theming and some nice trimmed garden edging and the like. It's densely packed though which detracts a little from it and some of the theming is very dated. However it's the quality of the rides that is the biggest issue. Silver Star I really enjoyed, possibly more than Nitro or Apollo's Chariot (maybe, they're much of a muchness). Loved Blue Fire (though it was "fun" rather than exciting, but better than The Swarm). The rest though are all mediocre/pants. Wodan was a little better at the front, but nothing great; Euro-Sat was good, but mostly that was the disco; the rest just "meh".

More later...


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Well, I suppose I'd better start writing a trip report. I think I speak for everyone when we say we all had an amazing time in Germany. It's been a small group, a really relaxed atmosphere, and several days of everyone just having a really good laugh about anything and everything, both inside the parks and on an evening over food and drinks.

Anyway, day one saw the group meeting up at around midday just outside Tripsdrill, a small family park in the picturesque German countryside. There's probably not enough here to keep enthusiasts interested for the entire day, but there's enough fun attractions to kill a few hours, making it an ideal park to ease into the Live after an early morning flight.

Mammut is a good family woodie. It's a bit bumpy in places, but not excessively so, has a great, twisty layout with some good pops of floaty airtime, and there's a fair bit of ejector in the back rows going down the first drop. It's perfect for its target market, and good fun.

G'sengte Sau (the Gerstlauer bobsled coaster) is a bit of a mixed experience. It's a bit brutal in the wild mouse elements (and would probably be better off without them), but some of the transitions and little bunny hills are just amazing. Just be sure to remove anything breakable from your pockets before riding. My brand new sunglasses were missing a lens by the end of my first ride.

Rasender Tausendfüßler (the Zierer Tivoli) is nicely landscaped, and makes an amazing noise.

The drop tower is an "interesting" experience. Suffice to say it's unique and highly recommended.

The rope bridge is quite an experience when you have a load of mad CFers bouncing up and down on it and making it swing from side to side.

The rapids are great, and suitably wet.

However, the ride of the day had to be the log flume. Unless you can time it right, expect to get soaked in the queue line as the boats come down the main drop. The ride itself has a great layout, including a really good backwards drop and a huge main drop. It's one of the best flumes I've ever been on.

There's a fair number of other attractions, such as a fun house, wave swinger, indoor slide and a couple of other flat rides to pass a bit more time. Nothing particularly interesting, but a bit of fun nevertheless.

We ended the day with a bit of ERT on Mammut. Ian managed to film both forward and reverse 3D POVs which I'm sure will be online at some point. Afterwards, it was off to a pair of cheap hotels on a soulless industrial estate for a group meal and vending machine beer.

More will follow later. In the meantime, have some photographs: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set ... aa63490d37


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((Sigh)).... peasants.


Back from the extended trip now, but kinda busy for a while so TR&lotsapics will have to wait...




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So busy, but I've been completely knocked off course so I can start on this PTR as it's something else on my huge list of things to do.

Day 1 - Tripsdrill
First post then in this long trip report

After getting up at about 1:00 a.m. ready to leave Ian's at 2:00 a.m. and then speeding to Stansted (eugh, the weather in the pitch black was vile) we arrived, had Pickle Onion Monster Munch breakfast and met Gavin (who was being aloof with Kindle and coffee) at about 4:30. Just three hours to wait until Ryanair told us where we should be, three hours and 2 minutes before you miss the flight and have to pay for another one - excellent money making scheme there :roll:

Flight was flight-like and hire car was hired. It was all easy and straightforward which was nice, so we made it to the park at about 11:20 a.m. I think? Hands were shaken, Lords bowed to and women ravished (well, only MouseAT took that option, typically :p ).

We then turned to our expert navigator and chief of "all foreign countries traversed" to tell is where to go; over to Gavin.

He recommended looking for a big gate-like thing with the words Tripsdrill over the top.


Hurrah! Jarred had got us cheap entry as a group, so he handed out the tickets and we were in!

To be fair, initial impressions are excellent. There was some building work going on around the entrance and entrance rides. They seemed to be building either new queues or shops or something. So it distracts a little from how gorgeous the park is, but not a lot.


It's one of those parks that is full of tiny details everywhere, everything fits in place, the paths are good, the bushes neatly trimmed (I always admire a neatly trimmed bush) and the sun is shining too. You just don't get better first impressions of a park:


Yeah, not sure what's going on here but we told our women to piss off if they thought that was happening

First ride was the dropping logs tower, which was "interesting" I guess, but as a one cycle wait it wasn't an issue at all.

It looks really cool from the distance too. Everything is themed "just so" and (at this stage of the park) fits in lovely with the surroundings

If I could level one complaint, it's that everything is so shubbery-filled and nice and windy and stuff that it's hard to get your bearings at times. We certainly spent a fair amount of time trying to work out if left around the neatly shubbery was better than right. Personally, I'm always going to go straight down the middle of a neatly trimmed bush, but apparently that's frowned upon in public.

I think we'd been in the park for about half an hour now and were getting cred hungry. So we tried to navigate our way through the hedges to a coaster.

We spotted a possible cred on the way. So we noted it for later riding just in case it ever appears on CoasterCounter (well, everyone else noted it and then started picking apart my theory of credit scoring :lol: ).


Credit or not?

We were starting to gel a little as a group by now. A few people who didn't know each other, others we don't see often and things were nice and relaxed and happy and it was all looking very positive for the rest of the trip. I was so happy, I even went on a crap coaster I won't add to my count:

I meant to sit it out to prove a point, but got really caught up and found myself riding it. It was rubbish, but made the absolute best noise I've ever heard a coaster make.

Why Pacman is banned though, I have no idea? Maybe it is because he is black?

Couple more pictures of neatly trimmed hedges and dutch cap topped rides to show how lovely the park is...

Trimmed so neatly


Dutch capped

After getting our cred we were hungry for more, so headed out of the park a little towards Mammut and Ginsling. Again, the park is fantastic and gorgeous, it's only looking back that you realise just how nice it actually is. That rope bridge (that served no obvious purpose other than to entertain CF (see the video)) was brilliant.

Then suddenly you're out in the open. Large open field areas with this in front of you:

It's actually a small shock to the system. Firstly because the rest of the park is so tight and arboreal, and then secondly because there's such a massive effort and detail gone into that building to house just a Bobsled coaster and a Log Flume. You start to suddenly rethink what we class as "good theming" over here, and really rethink it. It did stick out though, as did:

We had ERT scheduled for later on on here, but being used to Thorpe, we all plumped to ride anyway to make sure "we got the cred". To be fair, it was something we didn't have to worry about on any day, things ran really smoothly pretty much all the time for us.

Here's Ian and Lord Morton (though I think he was still Squire Morton at that point) really looking forward to the first "decent" coaster of the trip). Look at the smile on Ian's face, he's such an excited little tinker!

Typical European queuing system meant we got spread out in the station, so some bloke called Dave ended up riding on his own:

First review of the trip then?
Mammut: It's a fun enough "family" coaster. Oddly, it's a little bit bumpier and more powerful in places than you'd expect though which kind of puts it almost into "thrill" territory, but never quite. Yeah, it was "okay". The perfect kind of wooden coaster for Chessington, Gullivers (in place of Antelope), Paultons, etc, etc. Not too high and a solid family experience.

Off to Ginseng the ride then and to see if the interior of the big themed house thing matched the exterior.

Ahhh, so that's what it's called

It does actually. The queue was filled with all kinds of odds and sods, including a huge video wall of some kind of pervert stalking kids around the park, excellent.

It was also full of something we saw a lot of in the whole trip... Cold. Dead. Eyes!

It seemed to be every queue was filled with blank, vacant stares...

Almost every ride... almost...

The queue was a bit of a burden, no idea why Rebel is giving Gavin the evils..?

But at least that Dave bloke is grinning like a mong.

Oh, and the queue here also started the tradition of trying to get a picture of Mushroom in with a horses arse as often as was possible. Here he's just with an ass though...

So, Jenga then? It's Cobra at Paultons Park (apparently with an extra helix, but I don't know because people were constantly taking the piss out of my coaster counting system :lol: ) only weaving in and around the gorgeous building:




Mmmmmm, heavily themed

Darren B by this point was about ready to wet himself if we didn't ride the flume. So we let him and then we went on it.


Young and Brown?

The Flume was excellent and the best Flume of the trip (again, see the video). It had a freaky section with naked old women in it (they get more attractive as you go through though and when tightly squeezed in those boats, you can tell who's not had any for a while) and then an excellent shock reverse drop (though not to you now because I just spoiled it for you :p ).


The Flume interacts brilliantly with the Bobsled and fits in with the entire "ride complex" really nicely. Really made the day.

I think we opted for lunch next, which involved some strange ticket system that was a little confusing. We couldn't stand Darren B by this point so we left him to eat on his own ;)

We actually really did...

Luckily Rebel joined him I think... Or somebody did anyway, maybe..?

My memory is fading now and the photos are out of order, but we did the superb rapids:

These got me soaked just leaving the station, they're those funny bendy boats, but really good fun.

We also grabbed the possible cred:

How many goons can you squeeze into a bucket?

Then I think we entered the Wine museum... We all went in tentatively wondering if it was a pay per attraction, or donation thing, so slunk in sneakily without making eye contact with anyone.

About six of us got through when a women started yelling at us in German and we sheepishly made our way back to the desk where the woman was demanding something from us. I think a couple of people backed out to avoid the wrath and I was certainly looking for an exit when she took the ticket off somebody (was it Lord Morton or Jarred?) and gave it back to them with a free wine glass. Everyone who entered had to hand over their ticket for a free wine glass or be yelled at for not accepting free stuff, excellent :lol:

Erm, Windmill slide of friction burns next, which is a slide in a windmill that gives you friction burns:

Then on to the "fun house", which was fun (see the video).

A couple of us then went onto the "Splash Battle" which was the driest splash battle I've ever seen, very sedate though.

The guns were things like teapots and watering cans though which was amusing. Plus you had to drive and steer the boat yourself.

What next? I think we promised Darren B another go on the Log Flume and he once again couldn't contain himself:

Oh, yeah, on the way we hit up Christmas tree the ride:

Which Ian and that Dave bloke were really excited about:

Also the world's crappest Waltzer:

Lord Morton and that other guy, wassname?

And everything finished except for the ERT. So we meandered over to Mammut to wait, but I had a feeling we were being followed:

Being stalked around the park ;)

ERT then, which was the usual stuff. Lots of changing seats and fun. And...


I'll leave you then now with a whole bunch of Mammut photos from the ERT session, they kind of speak for themselves. I've got more pictures if you're interested on MY CF.


It just doesn't seem dense enough


The public enjoying one of the last rides of the day


Attempt at a whatsit photo






Shot to show how oddly barren this area of the park is, oh, and what a carrot top that bloke is




OMG!!! 28 DEGREES!!!!


And a final goon shot to finish off with

Phew, so that's part one. We left the park tired, but generally really satisfied I think. It was a perfect "opening Live day" park, with the right weather and the right group. It worked really well and I had a superb day. Nothing there is outstanding ride-wise, but it's all just really pleasant and "good".

Tomorrow though we have an exciting one... Holiday Park and Expedition GE Force, but oddly, nobody is actually that excited. We've had such a great day with nothing great, we're not really expecting much to be honest, plus heavy rain is forecast.

How will it turn out? You'll have to wait until I can grab another hour or so to write up my second post...


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For some reason (probably the tiredness) I forgot there were naked women models with COLD DEAD EYES in Log Flume inside bit...it seemed so odd for a family park! Gotta love those liberal Europeans!


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Anyone up for...

Day 2 - Holiday Park?

Well tough, because here it comes. Europa is going to be the real epic day/s report, but there's oddly a lot about Holiday Park too.

I'll start off where I finished last time, there just didn't seem to be a lot of excitement about Holiday Park at all. I think there's a kind of "it's the best thing ever" fatigue that eventually starts to drain you as an enthusiast. The number of times you hear the "it's the greatest/it's overrated" discussions spinning around coasters tend to lose their appeal in your mind.

So on top of there being the almost guaranteed disappointment of Expedition GE Force, there's just nothing else at Holiday Park and the weather was grim, seriously grim.

Tripsdrill had been a lot of fun, we knew that was our "jolly" day. Europa to come, that would be our "all you can ride, park buffet" day. So we're now looking at a "get the supposed great cred and get the hell out of Dodge" day. So people were almost as overcast as the sky when we arrived, but hell, things soon turn around.

The "new" entrance plaza is really neat and appealing, with added "bigness" to it. A faux grandeur that almost works:

There are the huge gates you can't get through, but you can see something else lurking underneath too...


There's a homely, organic, "old" park laying behind the scenes. The whole park is like this, a clash between the fresh and new and the lovely and old.


I guess that the park has to move with the times to be profitable and the like, and they have a direction, but it did often seem at odds. The park is more herbaceous than a 70's porn flick, especially around GE Force, so the plastic characters grate a little.

The really odd thing though? We've no seen the lift hill for EGF and suddenly the mood has swung. It's lifted and there's an air of excitement and expectation, one of optimism and barely controlled joy. We're excited.

It's amazing what the sight of a fantastic looking lift-hill can do to raise your spirits.

We're not hanging around then at the gates, there's just one ride we all want. As the rain started to come down, we headed onwards...






Can almost taste it...

And we're in the queue. I was near the back with Gavin and I think we kind of both thought the same thing... "you know what, I'm a bit nervous". It's an anticipation that's such a joy to get these days. We're so spoilt and jaded, cynical and dreary - enthusiasts are the worst kind of critic and too blasé by far. Jared issued the challenge of not holding on (look, ma, no hands) which we took with gusto as we went up the hill.

Expedition GE Force - The lift from the hill is superb. You look over to your right and all you can see is Intamin Mega track weaving in and out, up and down through the trees. It's like the German countryside has been stitched together by the coaster. You suddenly realise just how much there is to this coaster, how much track you're going to cover. Instead of expecting three airtime hills, a swivel and brake run, we're now looking at a full blown coaster experience and it's breathtaking. To talk of anticipation with hundreds of coasters ridden, you know it's got something - and that first drop? It looks monstrous.

It isn't though. That's not to say it's bad, it makes The Big One's first drop feel like sliding down the bannister, but I'm not really into "steep and fast first drops that twist". I find the twist takes some of the "oomph" from it for me. No, it's all about that second hill now and can it deliver. Can it deliver? Well, if it doesn't considering the speed and force you hit the bottom of the drop I'm going to wither and die inside with disappointment.

It delivers. BAM! Eject as you crest, land somewhere on the other side - probably Austria. And another is coming up. Same again, this time I'm landing in 2014.

I can't remember the exact layout, but it does the whole. Eject, eject, eject thing for a bit and then meanders... Eugh... It's a nice meander, a pleasant rollercoaster wander through the trees and woods to get back to... EJECT, EJECT, EJECT, **** ME SIDEWAYS WITH A GERSTLAUER! Brakes.

What can you say? It's good. It's damn good. It's not Bizarro good. Well, not yet, but without a doubt, it's a 10/10 coaster.


Train of goons

We continued to ride for a while, I don't know? Seven times maybe? There wasn't a queue so it wasn't an issue. We tried front, back and middle and it's all great. We've got all day though to ride, so we carried on through the park to see what else it had to offer...

Views of the first drp for those of you who like first-drops.

Expecting a lot from the German Flumes after Tripsdrill, we headed for the odd Devil themed Log Flume.

It's got a revering section like Tripsdrill's, and a laughing devil and imps and things. It's okay, but it really wasn't as good. It may have been that we were not in "fun mode" anymore, or the overcast/slight drizzle weather, or just it's not as good. Still, it was worth a quick go.


They're going backwards, honest

Opposite the Flume was a Breakdance. I've been on three of these I think now, including one at an Austrian Fair. I think they're rubbish. I keep trying them to see if they've got any better, but they're always rubbish. Tiem to try one at a real German park then and see what the fuss is about.


Nah, they're still utter pants. Big, smelly, grandmother knickers.

Wandering through the park then to our next Cred, Super Gerbil, we pass one of these Condor rides (which we rode later on):

Just in case you've never seen one of these rides in a badly composed photo before

Then to the subtle and well blended Corkscrew clone!

It's a Corkscrew clone. I don't count clones so I sat it out. I think this may have met with some derision and wildly made up facts about the "hidden extra corkscrew" and things that made it not a clone. For me, it was one less ride to hurt my back which would have meant at least one less ride later on on GE Force.

Everyone came off with the opinion of... Well, "meh". It IS lovely and yellow though...

I had noticed (as had everyone else) that the Star Flyer (which had looked wonderfully dormant so far) was running...


This was a bit of a problem for me. I suspect I've said in the past that I would ride one "for the experience" and "to say I've done one" and "to overcome my fear of high places when held on only by a little chain". So I knew that if it was running, I'd have to do it. It was running, so I had to do it.

Fortunately, Darren B was a great big girlie blouse and sat it out. So no matter how scared I was on the ride, I'd still be braver than him :)

Just looking at the photo now my stomach still turns...

I managed to nab Lord Morton to sit with me, rather than one of the peasants who would mercilessly take the piss, swing the chairs, etc.

I don't think I did too badly, just one bit of stringed together swearing as the wind caught the seats and made them swing a little wildly. Other than that it was okay... Honest ;)


**** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****

Well, the experience was over and the cred hunger was in the eyes of everyone else. So we explored behind Super Gerbil to find...


The amusingly named Wild Mouse.

Guess what? I already have one of these in my count so I don't need to ride this one! Suddenly people are thinking that maybe there's not such a bad thing in the way I count my coasters ;)

So off they went to endure the Wild Mouse while I went to the excellently themed toilets

and emptied the Star Flyer detritus from my trousers...


They'll all come off this complaining ti was rubbish


And painful

So everyone came off complaining about how rubbish and painful (and pointless) the ride was. I was alone in my smugness as we continued round the park, heading for an eatery.


Sadly, I never met Wicki who was a childhood hero of mine, I don't think people really understood about it. They didn't have an Wicky tee-shirts in my size either, which would have been the only park tat I'd have bought at all. I guess it's a 70's thing...

We spotted a food court area, but Jared suggested we ride the "omnimover" first. When asked to explain, he said it had boobs in it, so we couldn't refuse.


Inside this building is a ride so terrible even Drayton Manor would turn it down. It makes Pirate Adventure look like that new Cars ride thing. I actually can't think of a single good thing to say about the ride. It was just utter turd. Complete dog fart with a white tinged follow through. And the boobs? As exciting as my fungal infection.

So we ate... and sulked... and tried to find something more interesting and exciting to take our minds off the awful ride...


Even the giant empty wine barrel was more fun... A barrel of... No, I can't do it. Just talking about that awful dark ride has left me too depressed to even make completely **** jokes ;)

Rapids then...

Hmmmmm.... You're doing it wrong

Well, Torpids really. They looked good and splashy, but never really amounted to anything. All fart and no skid marks.


I'd like to say maybe it's because we were spoilt etc, but if you don't get splashed at all, they're not good rapids.

The group is heading around now towards the entrance. It seems to be that the park is starting here with "improvements" and working into the park. There was an odd ride just littered on a path, and...


Eugh. It just clashes!!!

It can look nice though, kind of...

It's quite confusing as a visual impact thingy goes.

Anyway, everyone decided on the drop tower, and as I've done one of those I didn't feel inclined to do another - so took photos ;)

It's recently been rethemed to Anubis (which may make Nic get excited), but I don't really know how much farther than "a poster" it went?

And here it is in all it's "Intamin Tower" glory... Meh...

I also grabbed a quick look around the new area that isn't open yet. I felt a bit odd taking photos of the kids on the rides that weren't open yet though as they all enjoyed themselves on the unopened rides. It's a but sparse to be honest. Again it's plastic theming on a flat bit of ground much the same as Peppa Pig, Nick Land, etc.

The porn ponies here are porn grasshoppers:

You get to ride on a pumping thorax... Now there's a sentence I never thought I'd use a second time in my life!

That's pretty much it then, there aren't really any hidden surprises or wonderfully overlooked little treats. The park really is EGF... Except... Maybe...?

A story boat ride, much like Eye-Spy Riverbank at Alton only with less interaction and a much longer ride with much more complicated story.

The story is pretty much as follows (using my excellent German skills)
There's a dragon and a mole, the find a vulture baby hiding behind a rock which leads them to somewhere icy...


A friendly cardboard wolf waves frantically to warn you of an slippery patch up ahead and a potential danger to yaks.


Phew, good job we had the warning or that yak may have been the last thing we saw!

The yak is meditating, so forgot to tell us about Mad Snowman Doors!!!

Everyone at this point must feign shock, horror and suspense and we look like we're going to crash into the scary snowman doors! Which open to reveal!


Mad Scary Snowman floating at you. At this point everyone screams before...


It's suddenly spring again and everyone is happy.

It's a fascinating tale you know?

So what is there left? Well, EGF then I guess?

We arrived to find the rain really starting. Not crap drizzle now, but the real stuff. That ride hurts like a Lego brick to the foot in the rain, so after another half dozen or so (fantastic) rides, we headed off for Ian to be a goon and to twat-cam the Star Flyer.

Which he held instead of twat-camming, so disappointing.

Erm, then Mushroom lay there invitingly until we headed back for a last few rides on... EGF!

It's amazing to think that it's actually getting close to park closing time by now. We've done bugger all, but the days has flown by. It's one of those parks that just eats you time (though lots of re-riding EGF helps).

So last goes then, the rain has cleared, the sun has popped out and I'm in the middle of EGF "to see what it's like".

I'll quote myself from earlier here...
furie said:
It's not Bizarro good. Well, not yet,

Now it **** is! OMG! The coaster is suddenly a different beast. The air time has changed subtly somehow, less ejector, but in the perfect balance between pure ejector and B&M floater. It's exciting AND does all that orgasmic stuff in the hip area. The slow meander is now a superbly paced and thrilling duck and dive through the trees. The ride doesn't give up at any point. Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam. It hits you again and again with something.

Wow, what a ride. I could understand "picky people" having a ride like earlier in the day and thinking the ride is over-hyped and needs to be taught a lesson. However, nobody riding the coaster on that last ride for me could ever say it was anything other than sheer brilliance. I'd have to ride Bizarro again very soon to compare the two, but I'd say they're easily on a par when EGF is running well, with perhaps EGF just topping the SFNE coaster on that final run. I can't say for sure, but it's a close run thing to being one of the best ever coaster experiences of my life.

So, on that high note we left for a rather choreful trek to Rust and Europa Park - a park that was very high on the expectations list and there was no way it could let us down... Surely..?


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"ARRGHHHHH! Ooooooooh! Hahahah!" From manly to camp to stupidity in 0.3 seconds. Not gonna lie (do people still say that?), that snowman was a personal highlight for me. It was doing press ups using his metal cock! Brillaint!