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Dark Side of Theme Parks


Roller Poster
I recently came across this article about a theme park called "Honkytown" (https://statorec.com/secret-theme-park-discovered-white-people-go-act-racist/) although i'm not certain that it ever really existed. But it got me interested in theme parks with a dark past or outdated culture (whether that be in the attractions themselves or maybe a toxic employee workplace) that were kind of lost to time, kind of how Splash Mountain may be viewed in the future. Does anyone know of any other parks like this that aren't talked about much or were too small and independent of a park to be in the public eye?


Mega Poster
This sounds like an urban legend to me and nothing more. Given they say this thing lasted until the 90s, there would certainly be some documented evidence of its existence.

A real darkside is the traditional treatment of animals at parks. We've done a lot over the past few decades to reform the zoo as from a place to gawk at caged animals, to places that focus on conservation and education. Seaworld is trying to move on from the 'Blackfish' image, and Virgin Holidays wont even sell you Seaworld Tickets as part of an Orlando bundle until Seaworld no longer do the Orca shows.


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Sounds like cobblers to me.
Problems with theme parks...
Treatment of animals.
Poor treatment of staff...all the money is at the top end.
Perverts preying on youngsters.
Waste of limited finite resources.

A number of parks were white only in America, quite a few of the trolley parks had race issues, segregated pools etc.