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Daboia - [B&M Invert] - NL2 Re-Master


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Always wanted to do an asian themed coaster, I am litterally just drafting ideas atm so nothing in final and it's very early stages. B&M Inverts are my favourite coaster type, and with my expanding knowledge of tools I'm playing around with some shaping. It's not perfect just yet but there's enough there to show it off abit =P. So watch this space.

I stole the colours from Kuwait's "Lightning", the batman clone, because I think it looks gorgeous! But the whole dessert thing and even the colour is just to make it look nice while I work on the track. Ideas welcome.


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I think it would be pretty sick if the zero-g roll went through the loop, but i cant tell how close they are in the pictures. Overall it looks really good. :)


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^ I've tried that, but it makes the corner into it far too weak. After my last ride which focused on smooth gliding, this is about FORCE and direction changes.


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Ohh Mr bob_3, why is it that your coasters always look so unbelievably awesome! Anyway, this ones looking very nice, look forward to seeing it!


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Yumm... dessert coasters... two awesomes in one.

Looking good!


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FINALLY! Perfected a wing-over, what an arse to create, seriously.

I have a final layout too =P





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I've decided on a name: Daboia It's a deadly Indian viper. The name is hindi for "that lies hid", or "the lurker." I've opted for a more jungly theme. And don't worry I intend the final ride to be abit more colourful, it won't all be drab.



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Wingover ftw. Nice love.. cannot wait to see the finished product.


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^ Haha, being fussy helps! I wouldn't believe how many layout drafts are on this and my uni computer. I wasn't sure about this layout at first but I've realised it is great it has high forces right up to the brake, it's got abit of a cheeky personality I think with some querky transitions.

I'm going to have to say I'm taking a break for abit while I have exams but I'll try do some stuff =).


I would also like to know how you made the wingover.

Anyways, I've always enjoyed your coasters especially hunter and red dragon, so I'm really looking forward to this.

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Look cool, but I do not like that turn coming from the cobra roll at all!

Couldn't you have a turn around like Talon does...

It just look unnatural... :)

much love mit.


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^ It's not unrealistic Mit. Look at the exit to Batman's second loop, or the entrance to Pyrenees' cobra-roll, or even the entry into Nemesis Inferno's penultimate helix. They're all similar transitions and it's the one I've decided to put in here.

Talon's over-bank is OK, but there's no force! and where's the fast banking changes!?