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Croc Drop style tower to replace Gardaland's Sequoia Adventure (page 3)


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According to Interlink's website, Sequoia Adventure at Gardaland is up for sale! The ride type and opening year matches perfectly. Does anyone know if this ride is planning on being removed?

There are also some other interesting rides for sale on the site. I hope we'll see Dragon Challenge on there soon.

Page:- http://www.interlink-lg.com/occasion.htm


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While the coaster in the add probably wasn't Sequoia, the ride has been removed from the park's website after being down for most of the 2017 season. Not a huge miss if this gets removed, but a shame to lose a pretty unique ride for this part of the world.
Update of 03 March 2018:
After the absence from the 2018 security limitations, it can be seen that the page dedicated to Sequoia Adventure has been removed from the official website of the park.

More and more a goodbye, more or less sad.


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I know I shouldn't say this when a ride is spited - but 'good' that's one less awful ride in the world. (2 of my bottom 11 now gone)
Once again, it was a nice try from S&S at making something a bit different, but their success rate doing that is really not great...
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Glad I got it last year ; wasn't awful, was just a bit "so what" I thought.
Will not be missed.

(did we spot that that same report was saying VR removed on Shamen/Magic Mountain - was only put on last year (wasn't working when I went in June)


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Won’t be missed the ride was vile.

Believe Sequoia has the last use of the S&S shoulder, lap bar restraint system now that both Sky Swats have gone too.
Which was also vile if your shoulders got pinned.


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Believe Sequoia has the last use of the S&S shoulder, lap bar restraint system now that both Sky Swats have gone too.
Which was also vile if your shoulders got pinned.
There's another Screaming Squirrel operating in China (Mysterious Island), I doubt that one has any different restrains.


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^There's a few El Locos with those restraints as well I believe. Unless they've been replaced, the Flamingoland one had those restraints last time I was there.

Ah yes, you are right. I forgot the older El Locos have the horrible shoulder part.


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I asked the park for news about the attraction some month ago and after a long wait and a complaint message about their bad customer service the park decided to answer me:
this was their answer (in italian):
ci dispiace per l'attesa: abbiamo preferito aspettare di avere una posizione definitiva da poter condividere con tutti i nostri fan appassionati di Sequoia Adventure. Con ogni probabilità, Sequoia rimarrà non disponibile per tutta la stagione, in quanto sono in corso approfondite valutazioni di idee atte a migliorare l’esperienza. Ci stiamo lavorando: i tempi previsti non sono brevi, ma aspettiamo buone notizie per il futuro. Ti aspettiamo!
Gardaland is sayng that they are planing to "fix" the atraction but they still dont exactley know how, at the moment they are trying to find a way
The park also confirmed that the coaster is going to stay cloased for the 2018 season
Looks like they are not planning to scrap it or sell it


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@iac17, rcdb info has also been updated in that the ride is set to reopen in 2019. We'll see how the progress with that is, but I'm not surprised that they are keeping it SBNO now, it's a Merlin park after all...


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It is a coaster with a very small footprint, and such a high WTF factor that I could actually see them keeping it. It might not ride very well, or have a high capacity, or really do anything that interesting, but it looks so strange that it practically markets itself. A little cleaning, some fresh paint and possibly some new hardware, and it's ready to be marketed as the world's weirdest coaster once again.