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Costa del Force - Trip Reports


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Well it´s raining over here in Salou, but it didn´t start until we left the park so it´s all fine :p.

This keyboard sucks so I´ll keep it short: had a great day today, Khan still kicks all kinds of arse, they received their award with good grace and subsequently gave us a wodge of exit passes, so looking forward to tomorrow! :D

Oh and Martyn & Luke, what happened? Give Ian a bell (see what I did there? Will lolled).


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We got back a while ago will post pictures tomorrow.

Had a great time, thanks everyone that went was a really fun trip :)


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Tired, thirsty, in work, sorting out **** on CF...

Still... It's better than Baco ;)

(Full report with piccies this afternoon when I've caught up)


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Group Photo.

Tis a really nice one I think...


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Tis a good photo, shame you're not in it though Mark.

I got back just after 9 yesterday, in time to catch most of Top Gear. :p

Was an excellent if slightly tiring weekend. I'll do a proper report and get photos up later.


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I'll post to say that I'm still tired and will do a proper trip report later on, later on.


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Peter said:
Tis a good photo, shame you're not in it though Mark.

Bless ya, it really doesn't bother me though... it's either that or I faff getting a tripod out or something. :--D


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I have quite a large amount of pictures to sift through and decide what is crap and what isn't...

Could take me a while... still its time better spent then on Baco!


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Welcome back everyone. Great to hear that all had an excellent time and everyone being on the mend only supports that fact. :p
I quite like the photos Marc and it looks like one of my trips in that the park looks empty. :)
I'm intrigued by all the different opinions of the coasters already mentioned, so please state what you liked, loved or hated in your TRs. It would be much appreciated. I'm looking forward to them all.


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First ride of the trip was Baco and one I was so looking forward to. The ride was walk on, infact the walk around the queue was longer than the ride lol. I sat in the middle of the coaster the launch was good but that was it, no air time no force and the inline was nothing. Erol kept on that the front was better, so I tried it. The launch felt better but the coaster was rough and yet again totally forceless and pointless. My least favorite launch coaster and I would not have been happy queuing for it. It hurt my head and really hurt my back and neck.

The next ride was Sea thing a simulator. It was ok nicely done but it broke down when we were on so when we able to get off I did as I could not be bothered to sit through it all again.

Next coaster was the kiddy coaster can not remember the name, I dont really need to say more about it we have all done them.

Next was Khan and wow loved it, again walk on. Great layout flows so well and its nothing like Kumba even though some say it is the layout it totally different. The coaster is so much fun can just ride it all day. Does it have the same force as Kumba for me no. Khan was no landscape and I think this is what make Kumba better for me, the drop on Khan is very good the whole coaster is smooth and the zero G is fantastic, I was right out my seat near enough standing up.

Some of the group then done Condor but I sat out until Sunday as I wanted to save my back. When I did go on Condor I was a bit shocked, I found it forceless and did not feel that high. Its the same speed all the way down just did not do it for me, but I did do sit down might be why.

Next was Stampida Blue, ouch that hurt but it was sort of fun just rough. We then queued for red but it broke down so we left.

Tomahawk was the kiddy wooden coaster, it was ok just a coaster to ride really.

We saw red running again so went on this. Was not as rough as Blue but still hurt like hell. Stampidia is strange I hate it but like it at the same time.

El Diablo was rubbish just boring coaster, the best part was the drop out the station. The rest of the coaster is just lift hills and slow corners.

The rapids I think we next, they were good. Not to wet and right pace just fun really. Furie got a tad wet after saying if the raft was heavier we would get wet, so that was funny. We went round twice as there was no one waiting.

But this time it was dark so we just kept going on Khan which just got better and better.

Overall I liked the park, feels a bit RCT like but still good. The theming is good and there are a lot off food places and loos which is good. It was a tad expensive due to the Euro rate.

Khan was a highlight for me Baco was a huge let down to the point that even with queue jump tickets I could not be bothered.

I would like to go back in the summer as I feel some of the rides may run better.


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I'm generally going to do highlights and low lights, can't be bothered with big paragraphs. I didn't get many photos, and the poor highlights will be in here too :)

For me, the trip had to do something. After failing to find a new number 1 (2 or 3) coaster in Sweden or Norway, I needed to know that out there, beyond the UK borders, there were exceptional coasters. So while I wasn't pressuring myself (or PA) to do it, I did have hopes.

The group was a nice number. Eleven of us most of the time (the odd one doesn't matter). No major personality clashes in the group, and we were in good spirits Saturday. Well, Ian wasn't doing so well, but he was later :)

I was fine after evacuating the Paella from the night before :D


- Yelling KHAN - every time we saw it. As we got closer, the excitement built. It built a lot as it was so far away :lol:
- Saying "Still... It's better than Baco" every time anyone complained about anything.
- Festive Vulture. They had this animatronic Vulture in a cage wearing a Christmas hat. Every fifteen minutes it started singing various Christmas songs!
- Broken crustacean ride! Sea Odyssey - submarine simulator thing. Was good, then conveniently broke so I could go and have a coffee with a...
- Chocolate spoon. The coffee came with a chocolate spoon in a pack! Lovely rich, dark chocolate. Really good with the coffee (which was also good - UK theme parks learn). Marc and Mark had one each too, but Marc thought it was a plastic stirrer and left it on the counter. Mark was less than impressed :lol:
- KHAN! The ride this time. More later.
- Condor! Love the ride. Really enjoyed the drop, which considering I hate tower rides says a lot!
- The love/hate of Stampida. I gooned it and went on my own to race against everyone else (everyone yelling goon at me in the queue and up the lift hill :p ). It hurts so much, but I did red and couldn't quite understand why everyone else seemed in lots and LOTS of pain. I found out later when I rode blue as well.
-not laughing at the award ceremony where we handed the award for Baco being the best new ride 2007...

- Furious Baco


Very bizzare and slightly scary hay-bail man thing. What does it have to with Christmas?


Will has fallen in love with me and seems to think we're a couple. This is bad, him fondling my nipple was the last straw! :lol:


Mark - because he'll hate it :)


The antlers came free with something. Will used them to look even more like a moose than usual!


Apart from the rapids, the water rides were shut. No idea what is wrong with this one ;)


Big John and Tanya






Sorry Tanya, but you're going on the lift hill coaster!


Whoa! What's that?


Don't know, but THAT looks foul (must be Baco).


Marc attempts to break as many rules, as blatantly as he can...


John finds some fun from Baco... It was tough...

Erm, Jerry wants opinions on rides then. So I shall give.

Vekoma kiddie coaster - same as Rhino coaster at West Midlands. Fun enough, but nothing to really write home about.

El Diablo
Odd Arrow mine train. The section out of the station was ace, as was the random ride op coming to us saying "you have no children? You come with me now to front of queue". So we all skipped a twenty minute queue as we had no kids with us :lol:.

The ride was dreadful though, with the pumping lift hills (three of them) and nothing between. Probably the one coaster which really needed to be superbly themed, but it wasn't. Probably the best themed coaster, but still too poor to pull it of as a good ride.

Great little kiddie woody. Bit rough and shunting, but again, good enough for what it was.

Loved it. Great free fall feeling, and not as scary as Apocalypse :)

Seriously, seriously harsh ride. So painful, so very very painful. Had a great pace though, and the layout was superb. Odd for a woody in that it had pretty much nothing in the way of airtime, uphill double bumps and stuff, really odd.

Loved the interaction, especially with Tomahawk when you got all three trains racing each other. Hated the pain, loved the speed and the idea.

Furious Baco
First go, I was middle-ish, left hand side, outside. Launch was meh, drop was meh, corner was meh, dead track in the middle was meh, inline was too slow for me (I know it has to be for the trains, so it fails anyway), last corner was alright actually :lol:

Next two goes were both on the outside right hand side.
Back row... Launch is much better. Dip out of the launch is much better. Then the pain started. The vibrations were just exceptional. Really, painfully, uncomfortably horrid. There is no way a coaster of that age should rattle that much.

Next go front row. Again, launch is better, dip is better. Vibrations even worse, and at this point I got such a horrendous pain in my skull. I've never had a coaster cause so much pain in life. I was in agony. So, I tried, it failed.

Even without the pain, the ride has so little to it, it's just not impressive at all. Lacklustre launch and poor layout. Pants.

Dragon Khan
Well, I was looknig for a world class coaster on this trip, and Khan succeeded in every way that Baco failed.

Superb ride. Just fun, exciting, forceful, lovely, wonderful, please move it to the UK!

Every ride was so different, but still great. How a coaster can change so much each ride is amazing. It did though, but never in a bad way. This run I'll hammer you with constant high-G's; this time I'll through in some zero-g in the middle of elements for no real reason.

Brilliant ride (shut up Ian :p ).

Erm, the end... For now...

That's taken me all afternoon to write :lol:


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I miss PA :( I miss Khan. But at least it sounds like I didn't miss out too much on Baco.

I'd like to see some of the ride counts Phil, as I also found each of my four go's on Khan were unique. Any night time rides?


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Thanks furie! Great report & exactly what I was hoping for.
Would love to hear others' opinion on Diablo, Stamp, Baco, Kahn & Condor. Of course feel free to mention others as you see fit (especially if you disagree with furie). :wink:


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We must have done Khan about 10 times? Baco I done 5 times all difference rows and seats.

Tbh we could have done Khan a lot more than we did but we wanted to re ride other coasters as well.


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I think the first day we rode Khan about half a dozen times, maybe more? I don't like doing a lot of re-riding, so my ride count was much lower than everyone elses. I do like to ride enough times and in enough positions to make a good opinion though.

Baco, Erol says it's superb later and much faster. I couldn't have actually taken the ride if it was faster, as the vibrations and harshness would have been too much. Likewise, Stampida was too painful for me to ride over and over, but it had a fun element to it Baco was just missing.

We did a couple of night-times on Khan, and it was incredible. Last ride was back row for me, and the high-g's were just constant, it never once relented.

Last day, we rode before leaving at about 1:30? Again, back row, but this time it was a mix of high-g's and the most wonderful floater.

First go (early on Saturday), I didn't rate the ride. In the middle when it was cold, it was good, and a top ten (for me) coaster, but down under possibly even Balder. Front row is very bland (compared to the other parts of the train), but still a great coaster.

I even got ejector on the first drop on my last go :)


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Nice reports so far guys, I will have to check the photos out later as my pc at work blocks them out :cry: .

Very interesting to see all the reviews about Baco, especially as most people seemed to have been raving about it up until now. I know the seating location can affect how it rides but from this report it seems bad all over. I don't feel too bad now about missing out on it by about a week before it opened.

Did you all just stay at PA for the few days or did anyone manage to hit Barcelona?


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Emmett said:
Very interesting to see all the reviews about Baco, especially as most people seemed to have been raving about it up until now. I know the seating location can affect how it rides but from this report it seems bad all over. I don't feel too bad now about missing out on it by about a week before it opened.

Ian said he really enjoyed it, much more than Khan and he didn't rate Khan at all. Erol loves both, but prefers Baco.

I don't rate launches though, so if it's the launch on Baco which gives you a high whcih then lets you forgive the rest of the ride - then maybe that's what I'm missing?

I can understand why people hate Stampida. :lol:

Emmett said:
Did you all just stay at PA for the stay or did anyone manage to hit Tibidabo in Barcelona?

Just PA both days. We didn't want to get too deep into transport, and Reus is a long way from anywhere :roll: Barcelona my arse!