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Coaster Tournament '18 Semi-Finals

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5: Steel Vengeance, Cedar Point
6: Taron, Phantasialand

It’s a shame that the 3 of these coasters I’ve ridden are the same 3 that I generally consider most overrated amongst the more universally popular selection of coasters (well, them and Boulderdash). Weird that Steel Vengeance (the one I haven’t ridden) is the one I’d probably feel is most justified as the winner, but in the unlikely case that it doesn’t win, I guess I’d hope for Taron marginally more than LR (deffo not Skyrush).


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I’m gonna vote for Lightning Rod and Skyrush.

To start, they’re my Top 2 so it’s hard for me to vote for anything else I haven’t ridden over them. And I haven’t done Steel Vengeance or Taron.

I know Steel Vengeance is the preferred ride, but Lightning Rod is pretty secure at my #2. There’s just a tiny bit of doubt in me that wonders if I’d really prefer SV when I get around to it. And Lightning Rod is incredible.

Skyrush over Taron is a bit easier for me, even if I haven’t done Taron. But nothing was ever gonna top Skyrush for me. Taron probably seems like the safer choice for others though, as Skyrush has had some mixed reactions.

Doesn’t really matter now anyway as it’s been a blowout for both matchups so far.

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