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Not really trip report but it was a fantastic weekend in Spain, who doesn't like walking onto shambhala or redforce ?

Credit where credit due, thank you to everyone who has attended and made input into live events this year.

It a thankless task at the best of times, but shout out to everyone has used up their free time and expense to run a free social event, especially @Serena who seems to of done majority of the work this year yet doesn't drive.

I was totally unsure what I was letting myself in for when I signed up to Thorpe live at start of the year, but I am so glad I did as it open up so many opportunities to go to some fantastic places around the world.

Also I have met some amazing people along the way, who are all a credit to the community that is CF
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Mysterious Sue

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What a fantastic weekend!

Firstly, thanks to Serena for all your hard, hard work organising (not just this trip but all the trips throughout the year - I honestly think it's been the best year we've had for ages tripwise! So you should be very proud!)

Secondly, thanks to all the new CFers I've met (again, not just this weekend) I think .Ac.'s reply above is a case in point that we seem to be getting lots of new members now and you've all been utterly fabulous. Hope Taikavarpu has recovered from Saturday night's shenanigans!

Thirdly, thanks to Shambles for being an actual additional member to the Live. I'd heard rumours of it losing some its magic in recent years and I have to say I was a little nervous beforehand. This turned out to be utter nonsense as Shambles was ON FIRE yesterday. As well as having some stonking front and back rides that reminded me why this was my favourite B&M hyper, Witchfinder and I had some magnificent rides third from back row (of the outside seating) which offered just the right mix between floater and ejector. There's nothing better than seeing a group of goons smiling from ear to ear and getting off with the same one thought of running round again. Great memories guys, great memories.

Red Force was also much better than expected. On paper I expected the lower height/slower speed than some of its global rivals to make this a one and done but somehow, the slower/longer acceleration was just perfect to still give a kick while allowing you to enjoy the lovely view out across to the sea.

Shout outs also to:
Dragon Kahn - although it's getting a bit shaky these days, it still hauls through that layout
Stampida being slightly more tolerable since the reprofiling
Going backwards round the dodgems
I have never, cred edition
Drunk coaster telestrations
Hungover coaster queueline monikers
The echo tunnel and the man at the airport who wasn't Harry
Dan's vile shirts
Chilly Willie
7 counts of Feliz Navidad
Getting a huge wave of nostalgia on entering the park
Guess the CFer in the car on the way down
Getting lost trying to find petrol and lapping the airport three times on the way back
The return of Shambhala's drain
Metropolitan ice cream still being a thing (how many years now?)
Steroid horses
Spider Santas
Cacti with baubles
A vulture with a Santa hat
Elmo with a Santa hat
Not wanting to enter the Tami Tami queueline
Comparing childhood enforced religious song memories
Baco still being excellent and ridiculous
Seeing the Mediterranean area all lit up at night and having all the feels
Everyone gooning and having to take a photo of the splashdown every time we passed
Three lift hills, mwh, ha ha!
Being denied the kiddie whip
Christmas fireworks from a train track
Jet skiing Jesus
Howie's infectious enthusiasm for Shambhala (not that I needed encouragement) - those last few rides were magic.
Most of all though, just everything being really lovely and chilled and getting the chance to start to feel Christmassy.

Hopefully see you all next week for the annual tradition that it Peep's Christmas extravaganza in London!
If not...Feliz Navidad...Feliz Navidad..PortAventura, Feliz Navidad...


Getting lost trying to find petrol and lapping the airport three times on the way back
That happened to us this morning too! We got fuel but then the route back into the airport brought us out beyond the car rental drop off lane so we had to do another lap. That airport is a right old mess at the moment.

I'll try and throw together a more detailed trip report later but just want to say I had an absolute blast this weekend so thanks to @Serena and everyone else involved with the organising :) Also a special shout out to the rest of the Friday Night Six - @Howie, @Taikavarpu, @Slamming Coastercore, @daviddoc and @MouseAT for their camaraderie and hospitality.

Lots of pics and thoughts to follow after a few days of recovery. I also need to give my Top Ten a bit of a revamp 🤣


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Have a few pictures then....




























All CF Lives are good, whether it be at Dollywood or Pleasurewood, but some CF Lives are really good.
This was one of the really good ones. :D
Hugely enjoyable weekend, thank you to literally everyone who was there. Y'all are amazing. Love you guys. Xx
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Going to write a quick report.

I travelled up to Gatwick by train from Cambridge the night before. It was on the train that I found out that I had been sacked from the CF SM team, so I started my trip on a bit of a downer. Once at my hotel I got the bus into Crawley and braved a couple of local pubs for some fairly decent pints.

The next morning I woke up and headed for an overpriced Spoons breakfast. I then met with the others and we headed to Spain! It was a pretty standard flight and now here are my highlights:

Shouting Harry in a tunnel with excellent echo
@Mysterious Sue thinking a police van was a builders van
My amazing shirts
The evening beers
Talking metal with @Serena on the mine train
CF tami tami takeover
More beers
Front row of Red Force
Seeing @Howie again!
Meeting new peeps!
Car karaoke

Ferrari World
Crappy dark rides
Red Force only been good at the front
The food at PA

This trip was excellent and a massive thanks to @Serena for organising and @Mysterious Sue for driving! On a weekend where I had doubted my future in CF this trip reminded me that CF is more than just creds and parks, it is a community first and foremost. I hope that CF never looses sight of what makes it great, the members.



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Well, that was a great Live. Loads of rides, loads of creds, loads of great people, and loads of awesome, silly moments, both on park and in the bar afterwards. The end of season blues have now set in, and I'm missing people already. A big thank you to Serena for making it all happen, to David for sorting out the hire car, accommodation, and helping us apartment dwellers navigate around Salou, and to all of the wonderful people who make CF events so great - you're amazing.

The weather was great, the parks were quiet. Red Force was amazing, the rest of Ferrari Land was lacking, especially their shot tower that was more of a wet fart than an air powered launch. Shambhala gave some great rides when the ride ops didn't try to staple me, and Dragon Khan would probably be awesome if wasn't so rattly. The evening we spent in the El Paso bar was really laid back and amusing, and the Spanish clearly serve Vodka in larger measures that I'm used to. The Sesame Street dark ride had its charms, and the park's rapids caught pretty much everyone off guard with the completely unexpected water spray at the end.

Oh, and I've had the park's Christmas song stuck in my head for the last couple of days.

I've got photos, and am working my way through culling them down from almost 2000 photos to an actual, useful number. Hopefully I'll have them online at some point later this week.

Until then, thanks once again you fabulous people. Bring on 2020, and let's make all of the awesome times happen again!
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Got back last night. Was a fantastic weekend followed by great few days in Barcelona. Although there is much that could be improved with PA, the rides make up for all the negatives. All rides were running fantastically and short queues definitely helped. Thanks again for everything this weekend, bring on next time!

Front Row Red Force
Shambhala in general (especially front row)
Everyone instantly welcoming Huw into the group without fuss.
Chilly Willy
Me falling through gate in Street Mission queue.

Similarly to my Netherlands trip, all photos can be viewed in the FB album here: https://www.facebook.com/Thekingin64/media_set?set=a.2941413849222916&type=3&uploaded=29


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Great trip! It was nice to get away from the cold for a bit and have some fun with everyone. Special thanks go to Serena for another well organised trip and also for Sue for driving for our car!

The first day started off with some "guess the CF'er" courtesy of Sue in the car. Think we added some extra additions to it for songs we didn't realise weren't part of it as well! After many a rotonda, including one specially decorated with rocks for Sue we finally found the confusingly signposted entrance to the resort hotel. The next challenge was a game of patience at the check-in desks but was non-negotiable because we needed to collect the tickets. Once free from the queue saga everyone collected together in Ferrari land outside of Red Force. It was important to make sure everyone rode together because some didn't have the cred and reactions had to be documented! Luckily everyone enjoyed it and we rerode it a few times agreeing that it's a good ride although rougher near the back.

The kiddie cred was obviously on the agenda before those who hadn't visited before (and people who wanted to reride) rode the simulator rides. I had done them before so took the decision to have a sit down because I rated that better than the ride experience! This wait turned into Red Force rerides which was obviously better than the aforementioned red car themed simulator rides. After laughing at people getting rejected for the kiddie whip we left the odd Ferrari Land park for the main park.

It was time for B&Ms and Shambhala didn't disappoint with Dragon Khan being it's usual almost-too-rough-to-enjoy state. We had a nice rest of the day in the park including Shambhala night rides before watching the Christmas firework show. Then everyone came back to the El Paso bar for drinks which included large amounts of beers in big steins and silly coaster related games.

The next day some looked a little worse for wear first thing! I had a nice spanish ham mini baggette thing for breakfast from the cafe by baco which I would recommend as a good breakfast option. The sesame street dark ride was better than I was expecting although I could have done without the queue being quite so long! The ride featured some questionably shaped shooting "wands" which shot in arcs so they required some practice to use but it turned out Serena was a pro! The ride was cute and worth doing if the queue isn't too big though.

Furious Baco is a weird one because on paper it should be good but it's just a bit too rough and I avoided reriding at first for fear of a headache with a view that if people came off wanting to reride i'd go because it wasn't too bad. A group decided to do so so off I went with witchfinder kindly sacrificing himself on the outside seat (thanks!). The launch still packs a punch and due to my preparedness for rattle I managed to avoid too much head bashing. I was pleased with that.

We split the group to ride Stampida which turned out to be hilarious as we tried to wave and sneer at each other as we rumbled around the track. I really like the interactions of dueling creds so this was fun with a big group! We mopped up other creds and risked the rapids which turned out the be pretty dry except for a very well placed couple of hoses on the last stretch of water. I jumped so hard mid conversation about how lucky we were to be dry that I got neck cramp! We then gleefully watched the boat of CFers behind get spited by not just one (which we had been hit by) but both of the fountains at the end! We questioned the food at the burger place and had a CF takeover of the kiddie cred (once we navigated the queueline). After more Shambhala time it was time to go and we made our way back to Barcelona via many rotondas whilst practising out best car karaoke!

Overall this was another great CF trip! (I'm sure I've forgotten some other funny things as well!)

Thanks all!
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Miss CoasterForce 2016
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What a way to end a smashing year of CF Lives! A huge thank you to everyone who has spent the majority of 2019 sticking Post-it’s onto their foreheads with me. It’s been rad.


There are a few physical symptoms of a good CF Live:

- Cheeks aching from smiling and laughing so often. CHECK.

- Face glowing from windburn of speedy coasters. CHECK.

- Legs aching from running back round for re-rides. CHECK.

- Eyes bleary after late night silly shenanigans. CHECK.

- Throat sore from talking non-stop about coasters. (and heavy metal this time, thanks @Slamming Coastercore and @ATTACKHAMMER !) CHECK.

Seriously, this was one of my favourite weekends. The loveliness of CF is that even the crappiest parks are enjoyable when you share them with good-natured, fellow goons.

But what park on earth could I be referring to there?!

Why it’s cheap, plasticky, bare, boring, small, mediocre Ferrari Land of course!

Oh my god. My expectations were pretty low and FL still managed to stoop below them. First, we have the two dark rides that feel like boring advertisements. How did they get them both so wrong?!

Second, we have Junior Red Force – which isn’t even red!

Then we have the deadness and complete lack of atmosphere. Not to mention a lack of rides!

Alas, redemption comes, in 367ft of Intamin goodness. Red Force isn’t even red either – the supports are. But I guess Red Supports Force doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

I was rather nervous about going on Red Force. Hadn’t ridden one of these huge phallic Intamin launchers since Kingda Ka in 2014. That loud grunting launch, the towering structure…it’s pretty intimidating from the ground. Managed to summon up the courage to ‘Challenge The Wind,’ plonked my bum in the seat and off we went at 111 m.p.h.

I liked it. It’s forceful and fun, even if the brakes try to kill you at the end. Immediately went back round for a re-ride, which is always a good sign. Did I mention that there was absolutely no queue?! That’s one good thing about Ferrari Land. Everyone knows it’s crap and doesn’t bother going there!

I was expecting FL to take up the majority of our afternoon, but we were done in a couple of hours – and that was with typical CF faff as well. A bad park. A bad park with a pretty neat coaster. How….ANNOYING.

Lovely PortAventura seemed even lovelier by contrast. It seems to go unmentioned, but some of the areas of this park are really nicely themed.

Like the cultural bunch we are, we opted for dinner and a show first (we were all starving as FL had very little food options open) We went to the Mexican restaurant where I had that classic traditional Mexican dish…chicken and chips. The dancers in the show were very bendy.

I met the Cookie Monster!


Then I guess it was time for FaffingAround Force to transform back into CoasterForce and actually get on some rides! Dragon Khan first. Khan it live up to my happy memories of being an excellent old school B+M…?

No. It’s pretty rough now. The Zero-G is still whippier than a Whippet though.

In direct contrast, Shambhala went above and beyond my expectations. When I visited in 2014, I concluded that it was very overhyped and lacked airtime. I must have caught it on a bad day, because, boy it was truly breathtaking last weekend. Every ride was utter joy from start to finish – especially the front row sunset ride, what a view! Just goes to show how much these things can vary.

But yeah. Shambhala is one of those coasters that makes me very happy.

Watched the firework finale which was really impressive, then headed back to the hotel bar. Such a fun evening! The drawing game made me cry with laughter! Those are the moments that CF is all about for me – giggling away over silly coaster nonsense! Ended up staying up past 3am, which meant a bleary-eyed start to our second day at PortAventura. (It was totally worth it though!)

Day Two:

A large part of my morning was concerned with finding a Cookie Monster donut. Fear not! I located one in the Sesame Street area (who would have guessed?!)

Queueline fun in the form of CF Monickers was hilarious as we waited an eternity for the Sesame Street dark ride. The puppets in this ride OMG. They’re so good! I really enjoyed this ride. It required adept skill at playing with a vibrating wand so obvs I got a high score…

I can’t remember the order of what else we rode things, but I know we were extremely relaxed about getting the creds, which was nice. A special thank you to all those who were new to the park for not putting on their bossy cred boots and demandingly marching us from coaster to coaster. It’s way more fun when we can all just go with the flow together!

On another note, those rapids can F-off.

Finished the day with some stunning sunset rides on Shambhala. I think it’s gonna have to go in the Top 10 guys. (Not that that means much when my Top 10 is full of all sorts of atrocities!) But yeah. It’s awesome.

A huge thank you to @Mysterious Sue for driving and providing some really fun games! And thank you to everyone who came – I had the best time with you all <3