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Another Wanda Park going up in China. Surprise Surprise

This one could be quite interesting though. Over the winter Wanda rearranged some of their planned coasters and while its only rumours the reported reason was to move more to this park as it will now have to compete with both Happy Valley and Six Flags. As you may remember an Intamin double twisted Impulse was due for Wanda Wuxi before that parks redesign over the winter. Seems like it may have now been shifted here.

What this has meant in reality is we dont really know whats going anywhere anymore which certainly makes things more iteresting. Original plans for this park reportedly had a Launched Wing Coaster from B&M but that now seems to have changed (I assume because Happy Valley Chongqing opened with one) and I wouldnt be surprised to see it pop up elsewhere in the chain now. However we do now have a coaster on site (See the bottom of this post)

However. First up away from the coasters Wanda has announced the hotel design for the park. And its pretty weird.


Some early plans/art for the park which doesnt really help figuring out whats coming either way.
ChongInt3.jpg Chongint4.jpg

And of course because its Wanda there is a giant model

The park infastructure has been under construction for a bit. But the reason i post this thread now is this interesting (but tiny) picture from Roller Coaster Masters of some Intamin track arriving on site. Looking at the colour alone this could be a clone of Soaring Dragon in Hefei. But thats just supposition (like most about this park now) Shall be keeping an eye on it as always though

Not part of me still thinks this is an old pic of the actual Hefei ride going there. But for now I am happy to believe RCM.
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A new set of concept art has been released. It looks like following the acquisition by Sunac things may have been scaled back slightly with the area containing the third coaster on the left side of the original art now absent.

2 Coasters are visible on the new art. The new model Intamin Impulse Coaster and something they are calling the Osprey Roller Coaster. Which sounds like a mine train with water effects to me.

It looks like a a fairly small park and quite how its going to compete with much more impressive offerings from Happy Valley and Six Flags in the same city remains to be seen. Some interesting news though is that this will be a pay per ride park. Entry into the park will be free which makes this much more attractive for a quick cred run :)

Osprey Coaster
Intamin new model Impulse (which is the yellow track shown in the original posts in this thread)
Overall Park View
Overall Resort View

Detailed themeing for the Osprey Coaster.
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I find it hard to tell but has that spike been topped off?

If so I don't actually think it looks as tall as Wicked Twister, even though it's supposed to be slightly taller.

I feel as though there may be a piece missing still.


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I'm pretty sure it's topped of. The last part has no strong support backbone and there is not going to be a separate support.


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Plus it has a completely different track type and support structure. I honestly can't tell the difference in height between WT and any of the other Impulse models from pictures, and this one is only a few meters higher.


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Another aspect to this. The picture is taken from an elevated train track. The base of the spike isn't at ground level, it's raised up a solid ~30ft on this massive foundation block: