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China opens 1.3km glass bottomed water slide through the mountains


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OK its not a roller coaster or a theme park but In the Taihang Mountains China has opened something quite unique.

This is essentially a glass bottomed water slide through the gorgeous mountain scenery. Stretching almost 1.3km down the mountain side with over a 100m in total height difference it certainly looks like great fun.

Now why is it glass bottomed? no idea.... Because China?

Raft8.jpg Raft7.jpg Raft6.png Raft5.png Raft3.jpg Raft2.jpg Raft1.jpg Raft.png Raft4.jpg

There's also a very short video of one of the rafts as it nears the bottom of the run. None one of the more scenic sections admittedly but I imagine one of the few easy places to get a photo.


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100% that side wall isnt high enough to stop someone going over the side if they're being foolish and messing about.


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What could be better than that a 1.3km long Glass Slide down a mountain? Well how about twin racing glass water slides with a combined length of over 3km? These weird and wonderful contraptions can now be found in Qingyuan, China

QGlas3.jpeg QGlas4.jpg QGlass1.jpeg QGlass2.jpeg

And if you want to watch a POV video of the original Taihang Mountains glass slide you can here!
The ride seems to waver from incredibly slow (almost stopped) to breakneck speed at random although perhaps the best feature is riders are given a small cup to splash other people with. Only in China.


It looks better suited to being a glass-floored pathway to descend the mountain rather than as a boring, jolty waterslide