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Chengdu Wanda City | Unknown | Taron Clone


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Quality of photos: -100%
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Interesting to see some cad drawings of it. It looks as though there isn't quite as much theming surrounding it than Taron has? I think it'll look pretty odd without the 100ft rock faces either side of it, especially behind the turn after the second launch. Still excited to see the finished product though, even if it'll no doubt be inferior.


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They do look very nice actually, although I do think Taron's are superior. My only major gripe with these is that the bull-head at the front doesn't cover the front plate of the first car, so it looks a bit weird to me. Other than that, love it!


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I genuinely prefer this train design more than Taron's!
Oh yeah, no doubt in my mind that's a better zero-car than Taron's. It looks great!

I would have possibly liked to see a slightly more profiled first train (quite a flat looking car front behind the head), but that's just enthusiast privilege moaning. :p

EDIT: @Ethan jumped in just before me with the same comment. :D


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I really like it!

I like that although this is a clone, they're putting the effort into giving it it's own indentity. I like the warmer coloured rock work with vegetation too. Possibly a western or spanish theme?

EDIT: Just looked back the building work is still very eastern looking. Are there any sort of legends and stories around bulls in China?