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CF-Live: OK III - Morning Wood - Trip Reports


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Leighton's home xD

Speed POV + Death slide POV will be up sometime tomorow after Brean.

Expect some Hydro Photos! :p


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I got back to Stansted at 11pm! Yes I am tired, Mike has just got a lift back to Chelmsford from his dad, 10waTT is standing right behind me (don't think that way!).

Was an awesome day, photos etc. up in a few days


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Well, after what I can say has been the LONGEST weekend of my entire life, I finally got home at 10.30pm last night and can say I had an absolutely wicked time! I, along with a lot of others it seemed was an Oakwood virgin and I can now definitely say I was not disappointed.

Despite it being an extremely small park I was really impressed with the quality of the place, no breakdowns at all I don't think and friendly staff, cleanliness etc just made me really enjoy the place.

Megafobia ERT was wicked, apart from the stinging rain. Got wallopped to death in the back row and also did front row last thing of the day.

Speed was FANTASTIC, I loved it and it will definitely be going in my top ten when I sort that out.

Just generally loved it and just wanna say thanks to everyone who helped me out over the weekend, everyone who gave me a lift (Mushroom and divvie_dave), got phone numbers for me (Mark, SLayed etc) and especially Slayed for organising the whole thing, very well executed might I add =D

So yh, had a brilliant time and look forward to seeing you all again soon!


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Quite easily, the BEST Live I've ever been to.
Despite having the worst weather, ever, it was an awesomely exciting 2 days for me.
Camping was an experience I'll probably never forget.
ERT was a very nice way to start day with.
The park as a whole wasn't too bad.
Mark's organisation skills were top-quality.
I think I managed to talk to, and have decent length conversations with almost everyone.
Excellent to meet up with some people who I've never met before (notably, Dave (Kotowa), Jordan, and her boyfriend, Aly), and also nice to see the regulars again.

A HUGE thanks goes to Mark R. for giving me the oppurtunity to go to such an awesome couple of days, and also to Mark S. for organising everything which made Oakwood so brilliant.

Overall ride count:
Megafobia (x6 - 10?)
Speed (x2)
Toboggan (x1)
Treetops Coaster (x1)
Bounce (x1)
Snake River Falls (x1)
Brer Rabbit dodgyness (x1)
Spooky 3D (x1)

It really was an awesome 2 days, with plenty of hilarious moments.
Thankyou to everybody who made it what it was.

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Got back about 10 last night. Thanks (Divvie) Dave for driving me and Mark (Slayed) for organizing it all... and Mushy for driving from the camp to the park and letting me share his tent.

Well, this is the first proper trip report (i.e. more than 2 sentences or so) that I've ever done, so I apologize now for the general crapness that it might or might not have.

Ok. So... Got picked up at about 4:15 friday by Dave, after packing and being shouted at by mum for not packing the night before. Listened to loads of cool music I'd never heard in the car, which I'm gonna have to ask what music it was later... took a few pics going over the 7 bridge, saw two funny flame things in port talbot, Dave got really lost and we all went up and down the campsite road about 10 times before we asked a man with a dog where to go. Got to camp about 9:15, too dark and windy to put up the tent, and no one really wanted to help me with that so we agreed to share tents. What an in'tent's experience... not funny sorry.

Cold feet ALL NIGHT spent all the time trying to rub warmth into them and thinking 'never, ever again...' Camping in summer on scout camp is ok becuase it's warm, and you get used to it, but that night just... ugh. Skip ahead what seemed like weeks to the morning, where I had a picallily sandwich, which made everything alright again. One other good thing about camping was that I got to know the CFer's who were also camping, a little better. Piled in Mushy's car, went to oakwood.

At oakwood, ERT didn't really seem to be that big a deal. I expected to see crowds of GP people all watching in envy, but it was chucking it down so there was no one around. Megafobia though, was twice as good as I'd remembered, although I still didn't get to ride front seat, mostly beacuse I was running to get to the back all the time. Next was the bobsleigh, where I learnt a lot about 2 things: Chaffink birds, and braking. I went on bobsleigh, and tried not braking, but failed after I found out how much wet weather affects bobslieghs and sort of slid about all over the pipe on a small turn. After that, (It think, though a can't remember exactly) we went on speed, which hurt like HELL in the rain. But not so much as colossus' front seat in a downpour once... and then Treetops. After that, we all got a bit cold and decided to leg it to the nearest warm place, the other side of the park. Lunch was a steak and ale pie and chips. I remember being immensely pleased that the pie was for some reason triangular, and that after I'd been to the loo, I was rewarded by a 'Choo-choo' of the train leaving the station. They should have toilets like that at thorpe. Everyone would start to like thorpe again if the toilets congratulated you every time you filled them. Yeah.


After that I think came the raffle (or was that before lunch?), and then Brer's rabbit rave... Or whatever it's called. Anyway, boring rabbityness on that. I think next it was spooky 3d, the scariest ride in the park. I sat next to furie, and whilst he was going 'this is crap and boring' I sat next to him screaming my head off. After that, I think we watched people on vertigo, although my memory is very bad, so I think I've completely mucked up the order of everything. Vertigo was dissapointing, as I didn't go on it AGAIN, so I have yet to see how fun it is. I was going to go on with Rach, but she pointed out that there was a big queue, so I decided to leave it to next time. Still, watching them was fun, especially the woman (forgotten her name) who screamed throughout the whole ride. Hydro was the next ride, as it had just opened. I was too cold at that tie to go on, but Peep, who was filming next to me, got drenched anyway as the boat (which didn't go up for about half an hour because of a breakdown) sent a wave around the corner to the station, which Peep for some reason didn't see coming. So now the film of hydro he took, whites out at the end as his lens is covered with frothy hydro water.

I think spooky 3d came after that, instead of after Brer's thingummy. Then was waterfall. first go, I tried one handed, and half came off, second go, I did it properly and everyone booed! Were you sick people all expecting a innocent guy like me to flip and land in the water? Anyway, if I'd done it a third time and it wasn't such a cold day I would have seriously tried no hands. If the ride op will let me, which he won't, next time I go I'll ask to go backwards just to show you people what sick skills I have.

Then came the group photo, in front of fobia. I think I'm the one in the middle pulling a cheesy grin on the first one, on the second, well, it's just a mess. I'm not even going to try and remember where I am in that. Bundles at school are so much more fun anyway, you gotta have something you're pushing against, like everyone pushing into the middle or everyone running against a wall.

Afterwards, I split from the group, and you lot did the ship and the tubes, whilst I took some photos of speed, got on front row of treetops (awesome launching sensation) and got on bounce (crap launching sensation). Then you lot cae back, I went on bounce again, split form the group again to do speed twice whilst you all did it once, and then went to fobia for my last two rides. The first being the best of they day. Rain plus end of the day (warmed up) plus very back seat plus restraint so loose I could have climbed out plus first drop equalled one of the best two seconds of my life, completely blowing away even Expedition Geforce's drop. Megafobia has now gone up to the top of my list, and it's a close contest between Geforce, the ultimate, nemesis and fobia for 1st place. Interesting that it's so varied: Invert, woodie, hybrid and steel. Speed was also good, epecially with eyes closed as when you go up the chain you face the sky, so it's light, and when you are thrown over the top you are thrown into your restraints and it all goes dark on the drop.

Coming out of the park, I bought a speed hoodie, which I chose to be original as all the other CFer's seemed to only have fobia hoddies. I can see why though. Coming back, apparently I fell asleep sitting up in the car, I finally got a burger, which I'd been wanting all weekend, and I arrived home at about 10 or so.

Well, that's my report. It's a bit longer than I expected it to be, so please read it and tell me what you think. The pictures are still to come, although I didn't get many original ones.


WOW! What an amazing live loved every minute of it! Despite the bad weather at the camp site last night leaving me to sleeping near the pool table in the games room lol!

Anyway! Oakwood is a nice little park, I too was an Oakwood virgin, but as Jordan said before the staff was nice, the food wasn't too bad or priced, the rides are fun to watch and watch people on and the cleanliness of the place was amazing!

Also after saying all last week I would not be riding the tea-trays, I still did and got more wet on them than I did Hydro.
Megafobia: Had a very high expectation of this ride, and in the morning it really didn't live up-to it. The back was a much better expierience, air-time filled, great little coaster, can't decide between Megafobia and Nash for my UK no1 Woodie, but it is definately up there. Also it was my last wooden coaster to get.
Also rode at the end of the day in light rain with minor-furie right at the back, and it was amazing!

Speed: Great coaster, the air-time hill is amazing, not a great fan of the vertical lift hill, the tower looks so unstable. The overbank was not rough as previous people had stated, and the loop whilst not forcefull, still packed a slight kick. The inline and helix was great, quite forcefull, came into the breaks thinking it was a great coaster.

Tea-trays: Got quite wet as on my first go I nearly fell in. 2nd time was much better! Quite good fun.

Bounce: Weak tower, still ok-ish but nothing to write home about.

Spooky 3-D: Weird thing, the truck lights scared me though was not expecting it.

Brer-Rabbit: Who ever created this ride must have been on something, seriously screwed up. Made no sense what so ever.

Tree Tops Coaster: Does Wales have different health and safety to England? Well the amount of trees Erol nearly got hit in the face by was hilarious. Also you can touch the trees.

Toboggan: Great fun, the track ish thing was wet so it made it much more fun :)!

Pirate ship: One of the smaller huss ones, made me feel green.

Hydro: Didn't get that wet, just my arms, but that drop was amazing :)!

Anyway nice to see everyone again.
nadroj123 : She seems really nice, and I love the hair, when it aint wet :)! and her fella Aly seems really nice too.
Katie: When did Katie grow up? lol!

Best moments:
Hayley's Mum with the biggest FOOK OFF look on her face!
Camping on saturday was great, was a bit pished though!
Hydro <3
LordKotowa in the boot on the way back from Crystal maze, and Rich (Stone-Cold) Slamming the breaks on etc :)!
Ian and Rich's drinking madness til 7am this morning!

Can't wait for the next live, after this Live and the turnout hopefully it will be great in attendance figures too :)!

Crystal Maze after the Live was fab too :)!

Thanks to:
Slayed for the organisation
Ian for the lift to the park.
Stone-Cold for the lift back
Erol for just being Erol
Hayley for being gawjus :)!

And I Wouldn't have made it to the live if it wasn't for John and Tanya! So thanks :)!


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For those of you who wondered why I disappeared off to Speed alot:





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Home sweet blooming home.

What a journey indeed!!!

Wickard weekend, despite the annoyance of the weather! It's like a CF curse I swear!

Video to come soon. I have the day off work tommorow, so I should be on it in the morning and hopefully have something to show for it by the evening, despite some realy naff footage.

Cheers everyone for another classic weekend to remember with all the highs and lows to go with it!... MORE SOON!


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Right, I can finally be arsed to write one up. I was going to say it wasn't going to be very long, but in retrospect, having just written the whole thing, I don't think it's very short... :p

I managed to sneak into the park at about half ten, after going shopping for bloody school uniform (bern), meaning I missed out on ERT. Pretty good that we got to the park by the time we did though, actually.

Caught up with everyone while they were on the death slide, just after they'd gotten off the bobsleigh. Said hi to all, and Furie mocked me, but I gave him a hug nonetheless :p

Mark managed to lose my nametag, which was great XD

Speed was next, and it's as good as I remembered it was (and a raspberry to all naysayers who think it's rough ;)). Mark nearly killed some people with his loose change falling out on the drop and on to their heads XD

Treetops was a bit odd, we had to go on with about 10 people at the very back. You could really hear the tyres struggling to lift the train in the wet. I had fun crushing mark :)

I think we had lunch then, so we all walked over to t'restaurant. While all of you people waited in a huge queue, I meandered over to the burger place to buy some unhealth and walked back, ate, and finished before some of you had even had your food. Mark then had found my nametag, which was nice :lol:

Over to Brer Rabbit. Everyone seemed to enjoy (;)) I tried to make myself look as on drugs as the person who thought it up must've been on, but I ended up just looking dull in the head XD <3 Sam's face.

Spooky 3D. Sat next to Rich (SC) We moaned all the way around, and that was a right laugh.

Then while you all went off to watch nutters on Vertigo, I went off to whore Fobia with Mattie. Some reall manly four year old girls got back seat though. Damn :lol:

Managed to catch back up to everyone just as you were all going on Hydro. Sat next to Rich again. I dont think we're quite the right height to sit next to each other. We were sufficiently squished, to say the least. Then we had to wait for the restraints to come up and get checked THREE TIMES because some people didn't fit :p Rich was wearing just a t-shirt and some trousers, while I was in three layers and a waterproof coat. Guess who won in the wetness competition XD

Over to Waterfall. Most people bloused out, actually, and I didn't really want to at all, but a salute to all those brave souls who did ;)

We faffed with the group photo. I'm near the back, behind Joey and Mark. Then I'm the one with the duckies umbrella (ella ella, eh eh..) in the silly one.

Some Snake River Falls action, while everyone else faffed on the pedaloes or something else, then over to Bounce. Which broke. CHRIS!

Over to Speed again, and again, a great ride. Less wet this time, but oh well (;))

And finally back to Fobia. Managed two rides, too, including the last one of the day! (Mae Sam yn hoffi dynion?)

Had to run then, so I didn't get to say goodbye to everyone. Thanks to absolutely everyone who came, you all made it such a good day.

Except Ian. He chose the day. (Oh, what the hell, I love you too :p)


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Good weekend thanks everyone and Mark for getting the ERT.

It was nice to chat to new people that I have not spoken to before.


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Great weekend- got back about half an hour ago.

Despite the awful weather and having to sleep in that ****ing hutch, still being wasted this morning and getting a hangover on the way home and being generally freezing it was a fantastic few days.

Great to see everyone again and thanks to Mark for the organisation and to Ian for doing that long drive.



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I got home about 10 minutes ago.

Amazing weekend, Oakwood was fantastic. Despite almost dreading the drive down and back, it went quickly and was fantastic.

I'll do a proper PTR tomorrow as I am actually knackered.

The Fobia ERT kicked some arse and was ****ing awesome, thanks Mark it really was good!

Just a few thank yous again
Thanks to Mark for the organisation, ERT and badges.
Thanks to Phil for the lifts and booking the lodges.
Thanks to Orlando Rocks and her dad for letting me share their room (I can live with the snoring that sounds like a train :lol:
And to all who were there!!



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Well we are all now back and Erol has been packed off on his train.

Was a great weekend (minus the weather). Was glad I got to do megaphobia and have the ORP to proove it.

Loved catching up with everyone again.

Too tired to write much else other than
Thanks to Mark and Marc for letting Me and Erol chill in their room.
Thankes to Erol for being blooming fantastic all weekend, especially with Jason, made my weekend alot easier!
Thanks to John n Tanya and Chris for riding phobia with me!
And yeah thanks to all I guess!

Loves yas!


Hayley can you send me that picture that John took when you can ;)! lol!


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What a cracking weekend!

It started on Friday evening, rescuing Joey, Lain and Peep from Stone Cold and his chav driving skills, and meeting up with the Furiemobile for some pizza.

Saturday morning and Oakwood was all deserted when we got there at 8, but CFers started rolling in (especially the campers convoy) and fair play, everyone got there by 8:45! (although Karen cut it fine :p, and what happened to kingchris and Insane?).

We trooped off to the reception to meet the lovely Emma, who then led us down to Megafobia. Straight onto the train and we were off, hour's ERT, organised changeovers on the platform, fantastic :D.

Even though the rain started half-way through, everyone just got stuck in, rain-blasted faces, frozen hands, huge grins (or were they grimaces!). You just can't beat a trainful of CFers, it's awesome!

The hour flew by, and we moved onto the Bobsleigh before the GP started coming in. Metal bobsleigh track + downpour = careening around the track and braking like hell!

After some entertaining fafflage we headed off to Speed, with a minor diversion for the Skyleap slide of death. Sion was right, Speed does hurt in the rain, but it's still fun! It doesn't help though if some fool forgets to zip their pockets up and an explosion of loose change bursts out on the first drop, showering the onlookers and smacking the back row in the head (sorry Hixee & bro!).

We did Treetops next which struggled like mad with traction in the weather, and then everyone just got overwhelmed by the rain so we sought shelter in the restaurant.

After lunch the weather did lighten a bit, so following the randomness of Brer Rabbit & Spooky 3D, and watching the faffle winners Katie, Will and Tanya do Vertigo (and my god Hayley, you should be a scream queen in horror films!), we went and got wet on Hydro. Top marks to Stone Cold for hardcore dampness (Erol you big girl :p), and apparently Peep as well which was some effort since he wasn't even on it :lol:.

Next up was the most terrifying event of the day, the Tea Trays! It's almost guaranteed that someone will fall in, this time it was Sam who lost it just enough to get a soaking, hehe. Scariest ride anywhere.

Following the usual group photo faffage we split up a bit for the smaller rides then regrouped for one last attack on Speed and Fobia to end the day!

It was great seeing everyone enjoy what is effectively my home park, and it reconfirmed why I just love experiencing parks with enthusiasts and friends. Thanks to Ploddish for the name badge design, and Joey, Lain & Peep for putting them together the night before, and being perfect guests :thumbright:.


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I'll write more later. An absolutely great weekend and I keep laughing about it. I also keep having the urge to say 'said some random motorway' after everything I say which I blame on you Will.

Sorry for the train snoring from my dad Will and Rach.

Thanks to Furie for the drivage.
Rach for keeping me company in the furthest reaches of the car.
Will, welll maybe not thanks to Will :p
Slayed for arranging it all.
And to everyone who went.

*goes to try and stop her aches and pains*