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CF Coaster Tournament XIII (Rules & Info)


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The CF Coaster Tournament is back for the 13th consecutive year!

Seeding is almost entirely based on the coasters performance in the previous years tournament. If a coaster won in the first round last year, it automatically qualifies for the tournament this year. That will be the same for next year for first round winners this year. Don't get too caught up in seeding if you think a coaster is too high, or too low. (Especially with new coasters.) If you notice any errors, or have any legitimate grievances with the bracket let me know. Changes can, and often are made before voting kicks off. Big thanks to @HeartlineCoaster for helping out as well!

1. Only vote once per matchup. (You can vote even if you have not ridden the coasters!)
2. Place your votes at the top of your post, followed by at least one line space if you would like to leave comments.
3. Place your votes in order of the matches presented.
4. When you have ridden both coasters in a matchup, mark your vote in red. (See tiebreaker below as to why.)

After a suggestion last year, we are going to try a new tiebreaker format. If there is a tie in votes, the results of only those who have ridden both coasters in the matchup will be the tiebreaker. If there is still a tie after that, the old format will kick in with the first person to vote in the first tie being the tiebreaker, second person to vote in the second tie, etc.

Any coaster in the tournament who's name features a "*" (star) means there are clones of that coaster.

Additional Info
1. Anyone who accidentally votes twice for one matchup, and not at all for another, will have no votes counted for the missed matchup.
2. If you vote by the seed number, and submit a number that is not even competing, I will use my judgement as to what you were trying to vote for. If it is not clear, it will not be counted. (Typically I can tell because of how people vote in order.)
3. The brackets will say "Game #" and in the topic title I am changing that to "Match #s" so don't be confused by that.
4. Clicking on the name of the coaster in the bracket will link you to a POV or the coaster's RCDB page. If you notice an error let me know. (For the first round they will be added as coasters are up to compete as it takes a while to do all 128 at one time.)
5. Voting scores will appear in every matchup on the bracket as well.

Past Winners
2007: El Toro, Six Flags Great Adventure
2008: T Express, Everland
2009: Boulder Dash, Lake Compounce
2010: Boulder Dash, Lake Compounce
2011: Boulder Dash, Lake Compounce
2012: El Toro, Six Flags Great Adventure
2013: Outlaw Run, Silver Dollar City
2014: Helix, Liseberg
2015: Skyrush, Hershey Park
2016: Helix, Liseberg
2017: Lightning Rod, Dollywood
2018: Steel Vengeance, Cedar Point

Looking to start voting on Sunday, November 3rd. Voting will take place from midnight-midnight eastern time (GMT-5). If I do not close off voting, technically it is still open to vote. Also, please don't post the next one if I am late, unless messaging me first. As it is hard to be here every day for as long as this goes, if a day or two goes by without voting don't panic!

Any additional comments, or suggestions throughout the tournament please post them in here, I am always looking to improve it for future years.

Bracket: Click Here
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