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Centreville, Toronto: The cred whores strike again.


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On my final day of my Canada/USA trip, em and Taylor ventured to nab yet another single cred at a crappy little park. I was flying out of Toronto anyway, and it wasn't too much of a stretch to grab it, so we both thought why not.

Centreville is a cute little kiddie park located just off of mainland Toronto on an island called Centre Island. Accessed via ferry, it's not really got much there bar a powered cred, and that's all we went to nab really.

The ferry over cost about $7 for an adult, but we both managed to blag student prices and get a return trip for about $4.50. Children can get a return ticket for $3.50. Me and Taylor enjoyed the slightly dull 10 min journey there by taking snaps of Toronto which we were leaving slightly behind.

When we arrived, we headed for a short walk over to the rides. All we knew about the island was that there was the rides on it, and we presumed little to nothing else - having looked at a map, we could see that there was actually quite a lot to do on the island, including parks, beaches and WATER FOUNTAINS <3 More on that later.

We headed to the rides to see a lovely selection of pretty standard children's attractions. Nothing that warranted us bothering to go on, especially as a day ticket for a person costs a staggeringly expensive $31! But the kiddie ride selection wasn't too shabby.

We bought the amount of tickets we required for the coaster - 6. At $0.88 a ticket, it wasn't the cheapest of creds at all...

We finally found what we came for - the powered cred called "Toronto Island Monster"! Surrounded by loads of wood and horrid metal fencing, it certainly didn't seem very appealing, especially with it's dull grey/silver painting.

Nonetheless, we boarded back row ready to ride like the goons we are!

We got 3 or 4 laps which was more than enough, but I'd have preferred a few more when paying up to $1.66 per lap...

It was hard to get pictures of the actual coaster, but I tried my best!

We left that area to explore the rest of the island. It has 3 lovely beaches (including one "clothing optional" beach which I tried to persuade Taylor into visiting, but with no luck - surprising to see such a thing on an island which is VERY family friendly).

Me and Taylor chilled on one of the lovely beaches for a while. The sand was nice, there were lifeguards (never seen lifeguards on a beach in my life) and it was very relaxing and pleasant.

Also on the island, there is loads of open park space to chill with a picnic, plenty of paths to cycle or walk around and probably most exciting of all: water fountains!

Although the park was disappointing, the island shocked us both - you can easily make a day with the family if you visit more than just the park, and it's a nice break away from the hush and bush of the city. We got the 10 min ferry back and headed to the airport so I could fly back to Engerlandland.

Credit 199: obtained.


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I wouldn't quite brand yourself as 'The Cred Whore', you're far from it babes ;)


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it's a nice break away from the hush and bush of the city.
The what of the city? Is that a Milton Keynes thing?


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Looks like quite a nice place.

I'm with AJ, you have a very long way to go before you can call yourself credit whores.


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wouldn't quite brand yourself as 'The Cred Whore', you're far from it babes
Haha, I'm certainly far from a cred whore. I do often skip kiddie creds if I'm not with someone else or an entire group, but I was curious to see the island anyway so that's why I went. A true credit whore would have driven the four hours to Toronto from my house with the sole intention of getting the cred.. We were just there :p .