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Carowinds | Aeronautica Landing | Flat Rides | 2023


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Okee, so ParkFans.net has been on a roll recently with uncovering major new projects. I dislike their ego sometimes (see: Tumbili revenge leak) but holy **** the results of their digging are simply incredible. This time around, after some recent rumors and teasing reported per Screamscape regarding a possible " Project “20220157 - Carowinds Crossroad 2023”", and yesterday's spotting of a Trabant in storage near Fury, we have plans out and public. It's calling for a complete overhaul of the Crossroads section in between Afterburn and Copperhead Strike, with four new rides, new amenities, and the axing of Yo-Yo and Plants vs Zombies. Discuss!

Source; https://parkfans.net/threads/project-2023-crossroads-overhaul-four-new-rides.7240/


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As a resident Carolinian for the past 6 years, I'm truly excited for this. Ever since Blue Ridge Junction opened, I've always said that Crossroads was next-in-line for replacement. That grey, concrete-covered dead end, lacking in rides with strange theming (Plants vs Zombies didn't make sense there, and Yo-Yo simply wasn't themed) was a stark contrast to the newer parts of Carowinds, so the Crossroads overhaul will do wonders for that corner of the park.

About the new flat ride package, I see it as an absolute win. Until now, Carowinds has lacked unique/modern flat rides - they've always had the standard Cedar Fair stock - and before this expansion, Carowinds didn't have any flats that were one-of-a-kind in the Southeast. While a new coaster (the long-awaited GCI or RMC Hurler...) would've been amazing, this is easily the next best choice for Carowinds' next major project. Considering how rare Trabants are, I'm glad to see another being built instead of being removed - the Trabant at Dutch Wonderland was deceptively intense and fun. I'm thrilled to finally have an Air Race and NebulaZ this close to home, and the Skater (fingers crossed for a Disk'O) should be enjoyable as well.

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Carowinds the other day have billed a triple ride removal in the Crossroads area, with Southern Star, Plants vs Zombies, and Yo-Yo being axed in favor of the new area overhaul. The leaked schematics seemed to indicate a plane themed area, and that seems to line up with the teaser;
Wait a minute, I thought the schematics kept Southern Star?

EDIT: I've seen the suggestion floating around that it's closing to do work around it, then it's getting rethemed. OR it's just getting kabashed. Time will tell.
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