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Y'all. We had so much fun on this Live last year that we're doing it again. Who's in?!

Saturday May 30: Kentucky Kingdom and Holiday World

How does first train of the day on Storm Chaser sound? Can you handle it for ten rides in a row? We plan on having a fantastic morning and early afternoon at one of our favorite parks before heading over to one of our other favorite parks, Holiday World, for their legendary Holiwood Nights event!

Sunday, May 31: Kings Island

Allegedly, Kings Island built a giga coaster, so why not see if it's all that it's cracked out to be while enjoying other fan favorites, like Banshee, Mystic Timbers, and The Beast.


You are responsible for your travel to and from the parks, as well as lodging and rental car, although we encourage everyone to leverage this thread to sync up plans and carpool. I will be driving down from Detroit, Snoo and others will be making their way from Columbus, and I am sure others will attend from different directions. We will almost certainly split a large Airbnb like we did last year, so please let us know if you're interested in carpooling or lodging in the Airbnb. As we get closer to the event, we will be sure to share more information.


You are responsible for your own park admission. Various members may be able to share their platinum pass ID to grant you a discount on Kings Island admission. We will likely have to purchase HoliWood Nights tickets in advance as well. The earlier you post that you're attending, the sooner we can contact the parks for potential perks!

We had an absolute ball of a time last year and I'm sure this year will be no different. I'm excited, are you?

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Well, someone will post the link whenever the page is made...whoops!

Lastly...we've been busy as of late and forgot to drum up a name for the Live. Any suggestions you may have are appreciated!

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I've got a previous commitment in Columbus saturday so I'll sadly be missing Kentucky Kingdom and Holiday World but i'll see you all at Kings Island. Also if someone has discounted tickets let me know, I didn't get a platinum pass this year so I'm buying a single day.


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As I've mentioned, I'm flying into CVG on 30 May and will be kicking off my first ever US trip with Kings Island on 31st :D

I'm sorted my season pass and I have a hotel somewhere in Mason - I've booked two days at KI so that we don't have to run around making sure I get all the creds on the Sunday :) Excited to hear what perks you might be able to sort and to meet you lot.


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I'm in.

Got a hotel near HW Friday/Saturday night (expecting late finishes - should be able to get to HWNights the Friday night too).
@Will - I'm likely going to be at KI on the Monday too - with a Fastlane - (don't need the creds tho' just a more relaxing day than I expect the preceding ones to be!)

As for names? ; "Size isn't everything" ;)
"The Moonlit, Trimless Voyage to Orion?"

Seriously seriously looking forward to this! I'll be coming along for both days with my best mate and @Taikavarpu so along with some others there will be quite a European flare to this US live haha!

I'm 100% down for AirBnB sharing on the Friday night and hopefully having a few drinks in Louisville!

For Holiwood Nights tickets I've sorted myself out an ECC card so that I can get our entry. When going on the Holiday World website though I can only see an option to buy tickets for the Friday and Saturday, not just the Saturday. Do I just have to buy tickets for both? If not, can someone please kindly link me to where to buy tickets. Cheers!

Lastly, does anyone know how busy Holiwood Nights gets? I know it's only entry to coaster club members, but I also know the draw this event has for the community.


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^ the ticket is for the Saturday, the Friday evening ERT is a "bonus" to that. (so that's why the Friday day + Saturday ticket is more expensive)

Also did anyone see that KK are having an enthusiast event now on the Sunday ; trying to pick up that goon-crowd I guess :)


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@Will - I'm likely going to be at KI on the Monday too - with a Fastlane - (don't need the creds tho' just a more relaxing day than I expect the preceding ones to be!)
I'm intending to keep it fairly relaxing too, which is why I wanted two days. I figure a Monday should be fairly quiet, I'm leaving late afternoon as I've got a long drive up to a small town called Sandusky :)

We'll make a plan on that if you can deal with two days of me, depends how much of the park we do manage to mop up on Sun :)
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@Sky and myself are very on-the-fence about this Live, just because there is so much already happening in May. However, with all of these English friends joining the Live, it might be difficult to say no to joining. :)


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O...rion't you coming?

I'm basically doing this trip but all in the wrong order.
KI first, KK friday, HW friday night and saturday morning before heading west.
Oops again.


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"Get Rekt on the Onion Voyage" is the best I've got. Or something about not crying over an Onion, but idk.

Like @Groot said, this is the one Live we're not sure about, mainly from a financial standpoint (we just threw all of our money at the Texas Live, basically). If we do go, it may just be Kings Island since we have the passes already. Still very up in the air, though.


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As of now, this trip is still green-lit, but continue to plan with caution. Cedar Fair parks have posted statements that they hope to open mid-May, although if the situation stateside worsens, I would expect statements that predict well into summer.

@Will, @davidm, @Slamming Coastercore, and anybody else who was planning on attending; please keep us in the loop regarding your travel plans. I know that this event would be easy to reschedule - if needed - for us Americans, but we definitely want to take into consideration the plans of those coming from across the pond.


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Well if the original dates can't work, I'd be putting off my trip for at least 12 months (until the end of the apocalypse anyway)!

I don't realistically expect to know what is going on with my trip until at least the end of April tho' ; but I reckon there's only a very (very) slim chance of this all happening. I'm not optimistic about trips in November to be honest. :(


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Hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst.
As Dave says, everything's very up in the air and I won't know anything for certain until my flight gets cancelled or Cedar Fair delay their opening dates further
Pretty heartbroken but i've just found out my flights have been cancelled. Going to delay this trip till 2021 now. I will be attempting to attend the CF Florida live instead ... if all this **** has cleared up by then.
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