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Canada’s Wonderland | Tundra Twister | Mondial Avalanche | 2023


Giga Poster
Did get to visit Canada’s Wonderland the other day, Tundra Twister is still commissioning but it already has quite the presence. It is quite the visceral experience if you manage to catch the ride in motion while on Yukon Striker’s midcourse/second drop, it swings way too close to the track.

Also did attempt to ride Snoopy’s Racing Railway, from what I observed they’re having to turn away ALOT of people including families not in utter compliance with the chaperone policy. The coaster has become a point of contention across the park, I did pick up on a lot of unhappy conservations throughout the day. As an enthusiast I’m glad that the measure isn’t popular with the public, hopefully it will pressure the park to drop it eventually as all they’re doing right now is keeping the line short and causing constant PR for their ride ops.