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Canada’s Wonderland New Coaster Survey

Lori Marie Loud

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OK so I'm too lazy to link but apparently Amusement Insiders' latest video shows work being done inside Wonder Mountain. If true then there's a decent chance we'll be seeing the Mountain coaster.


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Our favorite CW conspiracy theorists have been kind enough to provide us with some updates in what's going on at the park right now;

Currently there be a major renovation of the front gate area, with an X-path being excavated through the Leviathan turnaround island to improve crowd flow into the park. Will grab some pictures myself next week but here be the video;

The second suggestion is that our Xtreme Skyflyer Skycoaster is no more after serving the park well for nearly three decades. Now based on my own speculation, this is an interesting wrench to throw in the debate below;
The wing coasters seem to be eyeballing one of the two show venue sites. The Concert Coaster would be reusing the derelict Kingswood Amphitheatre lurking at the front of the park, while the Blast Coaster would be using the venue by Wonder Mountain's Guardian (and probably putting WMG itself on the surprise chopping block, which makes sense because that coaster causes problems). My takeaway is that the park would be choosing which one to keep and which one to scrap for replacement.
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If the idea is true that Wonder Mountain's Guardian could bite it (which there is evidence both supporting and arguing against this), as well as removing the Flight Deck/Time Warp conundrum from the equation, there is one of two ways in which the Blast Coaster can proceed in this scenario. Referring to the image below;
  • SHOWPLACE (Yellow) is relocated/rebuilt on the SKYFLYER (Red) site, allowing for direct access to the mountain at the cost of great expense and a relatively constrained site. Green is used as extra flex room.
  • SHOWPLACE stays where it is, while red is used for a load station/plaza and certain parts of the ride, thereby creating a more out'n'back layout and offering some breathing room for the elements. Green is used to connect the SKycoaster site to the mountain.
Screen Shot 2023-12-04 at 1.34.25 AM.jpg

Both of these possibilities would mean significant infrastructure remodeling/upgrades, which could include at the absolute max a rebuild show venue and underground tunnel for the coaster, something that most regional parks would not commit to. I think that if this is directly connected to Blast Coaster (if it is indeed happening) and the hammer comes down on WMG instead of Flight Deck/Time Warp, then the second option is far more viable. It would also be a far better location for the coaster's entrance, absorbing crowds from the front gate instead of that less-built-up WMG path.

All of CW's investment nowadays is incredibly strategic to absorb their ridiculous attendance, and they effectively have carte blanche when it comes to budgets/ideas. Time will tell how management decides to move their next chess pieces.
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It is official; Xtreme Skyflyer, god bless its soul, is now officially no more after 26 years. Demolition work around the attraction is already underway.
Screen Shot 2024-02-08 at 4.48.54 PM.png

Meanwhile just a stone's throw away the park is making moves to dig up the maintenance road leading into Wonder Mountain, which goes below a main guest pathway. That is not a light park improvement offseason project, something is happening.
Screen Shot 2024-02-08 at 5.01.11 PM.png

And more still the front gate shenanigans continue with the gift shop expansion and new security checkpoints underneath Leviathan;
Screen Shot 2024-02-08 at 5.14.31 PM.png
Screen Shot 2024-02-08 at 5.08.00 PM.png
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Was in the area with friends today and thought I’d stop in for a foggy construction update.

Skyflyer is still up but the concrete was torn out weeks ago. Never coughed up the upcharge to ride but glad to pay my respects before it comes down.

The new security checkpoints are still a work in progress but seem physically completed. They’re really squeezing in and around Leviathan’s supports, still not sure what the final product will look like concerning the plaza as they’re still digging. Going to take a bit of getting used to.

In terms of actual interesting coverage, a hole has popped open on the other side of Wonder Mountain and concrete foundations are going in. Amusement Insiders is crying launch coaster like it’s a major revelation but this was always going to be the case, so won’t credit them with any thinking meat (especially not after recent conduct). Screamscape on the other hand claims that Zamperla might be handing us their first from-scratch Lightning Coaster, which for CW’s sakes I desperately hope isn’t true. Both of them and shipping records seem to agree that there is no B&M hardware on site and might not be for this project. The plot thickens.