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Busch Gardens Williamsburg | Pantheon | Intamin LSM Coaster | 2021


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Found this on r/rollercoasters Discord:-

I believe that sign is on the side of the Pantheon bridge accessible to the public (so it lets guests know Pantheon's entrance is over the bridge). Looks absolutely gorgeous, and I'm really hoping the ride gets well themed and landscaped and hasn't been cut somewhat due to Covid. I have also heard that Weber Group, the guys who did the themeing for Copperhead Strike, are responsible for Pantheon's themeing.

Also this thing is really running like a dream now:-

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I just find it so strange that SeaWorld was so on board about getting those shoulder straps on their Premiers, then comes along an Intamin with the clamshells.

I'm not complaining that Pantheon has lap bars, but you'd think would've pushed for OTSRs.
Looks slow fast.

Can't see there being much airtime on the layout but I guess it's hard to tell sometimes.
I see at least four spots that look like delivering pretty aggressive airtime: the hill in the launch section, the top hat and the large and the little outward banked hill. Form what I see they are all quite intense. On top you have a couple of funky little twisted bumps close to the ground, that'll also give you some sweet ejector I assume (two before the switch, one before the stall and I'd even think that the spot in the middle of the last curve will give you a tiny moment of ejector, since it looks as if it's slightly outward bank, which only makes sense for negative g's for this kind of design, I'd say). Finally, you have this nice stall. It looks as if it's adjusted to something like -0.5g or so. You could call that airtime of hang time. But after all I'd say it's pretty packed with negative g's...
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