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Busch Gardens Williamsburg | Pantheon | Intamin LSM Coaster | 2021


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I know this is probably just a reaction to a new track type and it will take getting used to. But does anyone else find it looks a little weedy and thin. I love my big chunky tracks.

BUT! I love the colour and that shaping is beautiful and I think over time I will like it, just my opinion for now.
^Oh for sure, this track is quite literally the bare minimum materials needed. Still looks good, but also gives off a "flimsy" vibe.


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Eww I hate how it changes to 2-tube at the top, at least it looks huge and imposing.

Nice-looking airtime launch though! Looks more profound than I was expecting.
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:eek: That spike is looking much taller than I thought it would be going by animated POVs. Really like this copper colour we seem to be seeing more of. Should hopefully get to ride this next year.
Pear has a lot of crackhead opinions, it's best to ignore it. Opening weekend I didn't recall any floater over that launch, but later in the summer I definitely felt it more than March. I'm sure if you went over that hill at 65mph+ like Pantheon will, that you'd get some ejector lmao


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On Copperhead Strike, would you not get more airtime over the launch in the back row due to the fact you are accelerating over it? Will most likely be the same with this, except for the backwards launch.