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Busch Gardens Tampa | Iron Gwazi | RMC Gwazi | 2022


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Took this photo in August 2020. Phantasialand was completely packed and almost everything had long lines. Masks were only required in queues and on rides.



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From the pantheon thread I have been reading on parkfans posters with "2021" opening on have been removed. Are the posters for gwazi 2021 posters on still up?
Wait what? Ohh........that says a lot. The heart wants to say "Its just to be safe! Let's see" but the brain is saying, this is a 2022 open :( oof Wonder why? Even if it sneaks in a 2021 open why the delay? I get it: Covid and the financial issues etc but by this point...safe to say people WILL come to parks, crowds seem to be proof of that. Not that I got that logic anyway (maybe why I'm not a business person lol) wouldn't dropping the omg big new shiny thing only entice people more? But whatever, that's concerning and since Iron Gwazi (and Ice Breaker) have hit the breaks as well and all are Sea World, kinda gotta wonder if IG is indeed no longer a 2021 open. Though they have more time I reckon being its Florida if they open it much later in the year.


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Ah is it? See I've been bad with following that type of stuff, esp last year-ish I've tried to not think about covid best I could when thinking about parks. Has it been hitting capacity? If so then yeah I get that. Guess I'm surprised they still are operating with limits, esp it being Florida! I mean not bad mouthing it, glad a big company can take more responsibility than a government has lol just surprising to me they even have limits on capacity still!

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To be clear I'm not sure about recently if they're still being limited, but when they were testing and stuff before it's been left SBNO everything I had heard was they were hitting capacity.


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Yeah I'm sure they have absolutely no idea about it tbh. I guess the capacity thing makes sense, it's certainly my bias just dang, even w capacity hitting I'd think they'd wanna open the ride. If the concern is more people will go, well...that's why sell so many tickets per day right now? Tough cookies to those who can't make it. I mean, SFGAdv is going through with Jersey Devil and hell, KI opened Orion while the pandemic was still fresh! Orlando is opening (soft already?) Velocicoaster, like cmon BGT. While I wanna give botd your rivals, who are also businesses and know business, are opening their new rides.
Unlike BGW and Pantheon where I fear 2021 may not be happening...at least here can run most of the year. So as numbers keep going down/pandemic fades further maybe they can up capacity etc Though still, open the darn ride! Pls lol


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I gotta think it has to do with the debt Sea World owes and somehow opening this attraction would get them into worse legal/financial trouble. I doubt it has much to do with trying to attract a large crowd post-pandemic, etc.


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I feel bad that Iron Gwazi is becoming a joke. But I also feel skeptical that BGT/SEAS has been silent about it since February.

It was at that point some have speculated the ride has been delayed far into 2022.

Now it is after July 4th, the ride opening in 2022 is more gonna be official at the next quarterly earnings call when they delayed their coasters from 2020 to this year.

If not for the parks being understaffed post-pandemic, the ride could have opened by now.

By the time Iron Gwazi opens, people are already angry enough to cancel/postpone their trips. BGT dug themselves into a deep hole and this RMC will most likely fail if it does not open this year.

The higher ups riding it on July 1st does not mean anything for an opening. Neil Thurman has said the ride will not open anytime soon.

So the ride is officially delayed indefinitely and expect it to open in 2022 or 2023.
Dude, you're still doing this? InsideUniversal had to ban you for posting constantly for weeks on end about Iron Gwazi's opening date, and I've also seen you go on angry rants on Reddit about it. Like, we get it. You want it to open. But isn't this obsession a bit unhealthy?


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I am trying to be reasonable. I do not think it is opening soon since they are severely understaffed. It only tests every Wednesday at 4 am in the morning. With the Tropical Storm approaching and the next earnings call, the fate of IG is uncertain but it will opens when it opens, even if it is next year.
You're sorta missing the point. We know it's not opening soon. And judging by how much you posted about it on the other site, you know it too. I just don't get why you feel the need to constantly, and I mean CONSTANTLY, post about it.


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Why would iron gwazi be anymore susceptible to the tropical storm than everything else in the area?