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Busch Gardens Tampa | Iron Gwazi | RMC Gwazi | 2021


People are having a tough time out there, even the ones resisting efforts to control and recover. Its taking far to long and any good news should be taken with caution and not ruined the next day.

While those already in the US technically could make it there they perhaps shouldn't.

This was the right call on the Live and Seaworld fronts.


Targeted opening is Spring 2021 now.



I have to sandbag BGW slightly - cancelled my vacation package with them 6 weeks ago and still no refund... I'm hoping this isn't some Ryanair-like scenario....

Nicky Borrill

Active Member
They need to retest everything and probably replace some of the wood...letting it stand there for a few months is not a good thing
Why didn't somebody tell all of the seasonal parks this!!! There you go AT, now you know what's wrong with Wickerman!!! Stop closing for 5 months, and start opening all year, maintenance will be so much easier then... ???