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Busch Gardens Tampa | Iron Gwazi | RMC Gwazi | 2021


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Discussion for the RMC Gwazi split off from the Tigris topic. This can stay here until something is announced (or construction properly starts), and the Tigris thread will move in to the construction area.


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Ahhh pretty crazy

I assume it's RMC confirmed? I was half joking about the GCI refurb with the new layouts but from what I've heard it's definitely RMC.
Nothing has been confirmed as of yet. Just speculation at this point. We won't hear anything solid until next year at the earliest. Don't forget, they could be trolling people on Twitter just for attention like they did with Kings Island. Unless we see an announcement, leak, or track.. I'm not putting anything down as a solid as of yet.


There is a crane on site in the picture, that's new and is a pretty significant development. Although the image is too grainy to make out what is on the crane, it matches up with all the recent talk that RMC will begin work very soon, possibly in the next few days.