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Blackpool Roller Coaster 4am Joy Riders


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Ha, they had the whole park to themselves so they decide to go straight to Blue Flyer :lol:. Either they wimped out of the big rides or one of them didn't have the cred...

Martyn B

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Love the comment on their Facebook page "why is the little Rollercoaster going round constantly with people screaming on it at this time?" Posted at 4.42am :lol:

Thumbs up from me!


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Teen 1: Wow I cant believe we actually got into the park.
Teen 2: Yeah that is well cool! What do we ride first? The Big One?
Teen 1: Urmmm.. Nah.
Teen 2: Ok what about the one that does the backwards loop.
Teen 1: Um... Nah mate.
Teen 2: Oh... Alright what about Infusion?
Teen 1: Thats the blue one right?
Teen 2: Yeah.
Teen 1: Alright we'll do that one.
*They go over to infusion*
Teen 1: Aw no mate I meant the other blue one.
Teen 2: What... The little one?
Teen 1: Yeah...
Teen 2: That's a kids ride...
Teen 1: Nah it'll be a laugh.
Teen 2: But we got the whole park why don't we ride one of the big coasters...
Teen 1: I wanna do the little blue one.
Teen 2: Well I don't.
Teen 1: Whose idea was it to break in?
Teen 2:... Yours, but...
Teen 1: We're doing the little blue one.
Teen 2:... Fine.
*They go to Blue Flyer*
Teen 1: Actually imma just watch you ride it.
Teen 2: Nah you wanted to ride it so get on.
Teen 1: Fine...
*Teen 1 rides Blue Flyer and screams loudly out of terror, causing them to be caught by police*

Sorry, this is just my favourite current news story :lol:


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Jamesss said:
Is it seriously that easy to get the ride going?
This. I thought two keys would have to be turned at the same time, retina recognition, the lot! Not just switch it on like a light switch. Then again, it was built in the 1930's when the word 'chav' was yet to be invented.

I don't approve of this behaviour but their audacity raises a smile.


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I think they were just being considerate towards locals by going for the smallest coaster on offer. Nice guys really.


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"We're gonna do it! We're gonna **** do it! We're gonna break into the **** Pleasure Beach and ride the **** Little Dipper!" (from back when it was called the Little Dipper - or was it the Zipper Dipper?)

(reminds me of that bit from Bottom where they're breaking into a car, and all Richie wants to do is leave the little light on so it gets a flat battery)


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I guess they just wanted to ride something and figured out the kiddie coaster would be the easiest to access and operate... Pretty amazing that they've managed to do that, though...


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I just realised which one this is, I thought this was the old "Rollercoaster" which is the bigger one right next to it. Didn't even realise this smaller one existed ... :oops:


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Social Media Team
Pink Panther said:
This has given me an idea for a CF-Live. Which burdenous kiddie coasters have spited you? I'll make a list.

I say we break into Flamingoland and finally get the **** Go Gator.