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Blackpool Pleasure Beach | Icon | Mack Multi-Launch


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Anyone who has ridden Taron will know that the POV makes it look like a boring, slow, family launch coaster. It's actually one of the most intense and thrilling coasters in the world. I'm sure ICON will be the same (I've yet to ride it, will be a few weeks before I'm back in Blackpool!)

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I'm personally still hoping that it might be a top UK coaster (beating The Swarm) for me or possibly even a new top coaster overall (beating Mako). Can't tell until I've ridden it, though.


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^Well, a lot new coasters are usually on local news channels around their openings.

As for the ride, I think the launches, top hat, immelmann, and the few elements/transitions following the immelmann look fun. The section between the top hat and second launch, and section towards the end just don't look that inspiring to me. If the launches reached slightly greater speeds, the rest of the layout could really benefit.


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Apparently, I have Granada - but I avoid the news because it irritates me (especially when Eno does the weather!) and local news because it's inane.

Going back to the point, I still think the second launch and section immediately after looks fab. With this being a Mack, we were surely expecting a smooth, enjoyable launch rather than an 'ouch, that's a whiplash claim' Intamin hydraulic style launch. Obviously, the layout and the scenery don't match Helix, but otherwise, I'd expect the experience not to be dissimilar and will be at Blackpool as soon as I can manage it, though I'll probably wait until after half term. I found out today that my brother is going on Friday, probably because he knows it will wind me up ;)


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The forward POV looked a bit disappointing, but those rider cameras are definitely showing some promise. It's looking like a good ride, but after the lack of anything worthwhile in the UK for a while, I was really hoping for better than just "good". Then again, Mack rides often ride better than they look, so here's hoping that holds true for this one.


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I hope this one is good enough to give BPB a significant boost, to the point that other parks will take note on what sort of attractions to build if they want to partake in the party. Then, even if it might not be an enthusiast favourite, it might spawn some coasters that will be.

Or hey, maybe it'll "just" be good enough to inspire more people to become coaster fans. That'd be pretty sweet too, of course!


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Thing is Lost Gravity looked rather uneventful and dull, maybe even slow in places? But those who have ridden it know it is rather excellent, if that inline twist nails the speed consistently throughout the roll so it floats rather than hangs it will be glorious, much like LG's zero-g-roll which does the same.

Look forward to getting few rides in next month!


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Coaster Touring has applied a video filter to remove the fish eye lense effect, and makes the ride seem slightly faster:-
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