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Blackpool Pleasure Beach: Future Predictions

Valhalla is supposed to be getting a refurb over winter so I'd bet it would be for that.
It will be interesting to see what exactly is refurbished, cause the 2012 refurb was new additions, facade redo, etc. So could this new refurb be a storyline with the ride, so it means the scenes are in order and not just viking scenes, effects and drops in random. Cause the only thing with Valhalla, is it needs a story. Plus, it means the outdoor queue line can be indoors with a soundtrack and that the whole ride (including first turn and final turn in and out of the station) can be indoors
It already is a story though, each scene shows a stage of the Vikings journey to Valhalla, with the big fireball finale your entrance to the great hall!
Yh that is true. I just mean like an original story involving characters and keeping the whole journey to valhalla feel with it


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Valhalla used to have a coherent storyline and achieved this through the order of scenes and the voiceover on lift 1, however it was always partially left to the imagination of the rider (rather than fully narrated/explained) which I liked.

The ride has lost its way through broken features, effects and audio as well as random reshuffling of scenes which means it no longer makes sense and has been taken further away from the coherent themed experience it was first designed as.

It doesn't need an indoor queue or a fully-told storyline IMO, it just needs restorjng back to the standard it used to be by someone/a company who understands the ride and what it should achieve as a themed experience.

I'm not expecting much to change with Valhalla aside from a few effect sensors being fixed (and possible changes/fixes to the ride hardware itself) but I'm happy to be surprised!
I was just wondering actually, how long is the IP Licensing for Nickelodeon Land? I was thinking if it runs out in the near future, what could happen with that area?


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I don't think Valhalla will return refurbished for 2021 after everything that is going on. I either expect them to push the project back to a 2022 opening or scrap the ride altogether as it's too costly to run.


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I'd like to see an RMC Raptor in the plot of Wild Mouse, with Wild Mouse-esque elements, but with inversions too. Maybe with 2 seater inline trains to mimic the old Wild Mouse cars, but with a loading station like the Raptor at SFFT. Probably an art deco theme to keep the heritage vibe alive.


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No it's not possible, it's ludicrous. While I'm not denying a Raptor will ever come to the park, Wild Mouse's plot is far too small, they'd be better off putting a flat ride there. There is space behind the Bowl-a-Drome for something larger though.


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No it's not possible, it's ludicrous. While I'm not denying a Raptor will ever come to the park, Wild Mouse's plot is far too small, they'd be better off putting a flat ride there. There is space behind the Bowl-a-Drome for something larger though.

Even if it didn't go there, still think it could be a good addition. And sizewise, stranger things have happened, they managed to fit 14 inversions in the footprint for the Smiler ?.

EDIT: Also, the plot looks quite big: 2nd EDIT:
^That's as good as confirmed, then. Have you called Duane?

Just giving my opinion, wasn't suggesting it would actually happen ?.
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Icon cost the pleasure beach 16.25 Million pounds. RMC raptors are rumoured to cost around the range of 8 million dollars, which is about 6.3 million pounds. I think it could definitely be a potential option For the next coaster 4 maybe 5 years down the line as a smaller investment to Icon. Best place would be bowl a drome or if they were ever to remove a ride like avalanche. It is very marketable too for the park as the 'First looping single rail coaster in Europe' !
I think now what would most benefit the park in the next 15 years would be 2 or so cheaper modern coasters, instead of 1 larger coaster, to bring the park more in line (modern wise) with other UK parks, from a GP perspective. Raptors, Mack big dippers, free spins, Maybe a Medium new twister style wooden coaster with an inversion, marketable coasters that could replace the likes of Avalanche, bowl-a-drome, Globe theatre/water chute area, Maybe steeplechase too, without removing the valuable Historic attractions. I think this is the best option to raise attendance at the park.
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A Raptor wouldn't fit in the Wild Mouse area alone going by measurements.
I doubt one would want a Raptor shorter than Golden Lasso.. The measurements of Golden Lasso according to Google Maps are around 85m in length and 30m width. The mouse space is much smaller, only 35m by 20m. Bowladrome (and Planet Rock) gets you close 70m by 20m.
Perhaps an L shaped Raptor coaster in the space of Bowladrome and Wild Mouse would be possible, leaving the walkway to River Caves and the rest of the park clear of course. Otherwise they'd have to remove the car park behind Bowladrome as well to build something decent I suspect.

Eventually a modern GCI would really suit BPB I reckon, but it's probably impossible to fit one without major changes.
Having said that, a coaster like Heidi seems to make great use of minimal space for a woodie, a bit like the existing BPB wooden coasters.


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Can't belive people actually think an RMC will ever rock up at BPB, It's ludicrous. Never gonna happen

Even if it's unlikely it'll happen, the forum is open for discussion. It's not just about what will actually happen. A world without dreams would be very dreary indeed.

EDIT: Sorry, just checked the area on Google Maps, mistook where the plot was and thought it was bigger.
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