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Best night rides in the Uk?


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With the next few weeks being really the only time in the year when you can regularly get night rides in the UK, what is everyone’s favourite?
I am making my first trip to the theme parks over the half-term break and interest on peoples thoughts in order to know where to prioritise my time for night rides!


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Lots of people queue up for hours to ride the Big One in the dark when the Illuminations are on, but the National in the dark is a better ride.


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Nemesis, obviously - and more recently Wickerman.

I like Swarm in the dark as well and yeah, PMBO when the area around is all lit up is a bit special.

Honourable mention to Megafobia, just because it's so shoved out in the middle of nowhere that it really does feel properly dark and that bit more out of control.


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Agree with others that Big One offers good views of the illuminations at night but the ride still sucks. Icon at night is better and with the train lights, it good to watch off-ride, too.

I’ve always had a soft spot for Vampire and Inferno at night. It’s difficult to pinpoint why though.

Vampire perhaps because y’know, being a bat at night. Makes it feel like the theme is bang on. Flying near the top of trees and buildings, the swooping drop through the tunnel. Yeah!

I don’t know why I like Inferno at night. No particular reason. Maybe because I’ve always found the ride fairly intense during the day time and the reduced visibility at night takes it up a notch, making it less visual and more of a sensation coaster.

Of course, I have fond memories of those rides so my opinion is somewhat skewed.

Nothing else really stands out. I would’ve loved to have ridden t’Ultimate at night. The second part through the dark wood would’ve been something else!


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Don't think t'Ultimate ever ran at night, evacuation safety concerns were used to stop rides after dark last time we went during halloween opening a couple of years ago.
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Nemesis on a Scarefest night is probably the best the UK has to offer. That's really when it comes alive with the smoke/mist, lights and music turned up to 11.
I think it's a tough one to beat.
Like others have mentioned, Big One is fab at night but that's purely for illuminations views when they're on. The ride itself is still naff.
A few years back we had night ERT on megafobia as part of an ECC event, those rides were pretty special as it was also during a meteor shower and I saw several shooting stars going up the lift hill on a few of the rides. It's a great ride at night too, running fast and giving some great airtime and feeling of speed


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I rode the Wicker Man around 10pm last night and it was absolutely incredible, really hauling, and combined with the special effects it's got to be one of my best ever UK ride experiences.
We also got a night time front row ride on Nemesis just before which was amazing, but Wicker Man still wins this one for me.