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Best night coasters


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Raptor and Katun for me. But I've only ridden somewhat around 15 coasters at night, so I can't really comment on too many...


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El Toro, I305, Katun, Apollo's Chariot, Fahrenheit, Shambhala, Kraken, Nemesis, Batman Clones and Storm Runner are the ones that standout to me at the moment.


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Edward M said:
Beast. There is no competition, period.

There's actually a s**tload of competition.

Beast is definitely up there,but so are:

Boulder Dash
Eagle Fortress (RIP)
Atlantis Adventure
Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars


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Coasters that have a forrest-y vibe (ie: lots of surrounding trees) are good at night, like Thirteen and Vampire.

Anything with snazzy lights on the train is also great: Helix, Rip Ride Rockit, Swarm.

Plus vertical lift hill coasters where you're looking up at the stars <3 (Most Eurofighters etc)


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Dragon Khan.

Ridden Shambhala at sunset which was pretty special, imagine in the pitch black it'd be even better.

Darren B

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elephant58 said:
Gangster4Life said:
Oblivion, Alton Towers. cool)


I hate to sound rude but you're both completely wrong. Oblivion is probably the best coaster to do during daylight. The tunnel opening is much more intimidating during the day, it's hardly visible at night. I can't really see why either of you prefer it at night? But each to their own.

For me;

Nemesis Inferno & Beast


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Nemesis and Vampire are standouts for me.

Shoutout to Thirteen as well, was pretty good in the dark.