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Best Intamin Accelerator (round 2)

Best Intamin Accelerator

  • Storm Runner

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Kingda Ka

    Votes: 1 50.0%
  • Xcelerator

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Rita

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Kanonen

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Upcoming Stealth

    Votes: 1 50.0%

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Thanks to a very childish person *cough**C&R**cough* I'm redoing this poll. In your OPINION, what is the best Accelerator.


Been on Top Thrill Dragster and Storm Runner, and I enjoyed SR more than TTD. The launch on TTD was amazing, but SR's whole circuit is amazing. Powerful launch, nice top hat, great drop, snake dive was sick. SR is the best rocket in my opinion.


Social Media Team
Social Media Team
Rita. It's the only one I've been on, and I'll always prefere a lot of airtime to height or inversions and Rita has a lot of airtime on it (at least to me). So even if I had been on the others, I prefere the idea of Rita.


Storm Runner
-Fast Launch
-Tight Tophat
-Straight Drop
-Giant Immelman thing
-Flying Snake Dive
-Head Chopper Effect on Monorail
-Insane ending banking


That really is the supidest reply I've ever seen in my life, geek. Learn to read.
me, but people are obviously too idiotic to read more than the exact post they are replying to wrote:
I think what everyone here is ignoring (including me) is that is says which one is YOUR FAVOURITE, not which one is the best, which one is your favourite.

also me wrote:
after I have presented both points of view which is basically all you can do on a opinionaned argument
I posted that and you totally ignored it. I'm the childish one?

I voted storm runner, obviously because of my arguments on the previous page. Oh, and also, who the hell asked you to enter the debate? the diversity argument was between Stone Cold and I, then you butted in saying "WE're not" when you'd never even posted on his side before!


Wow...I aint gonna vote KK as the best because its the only one Ive ridden.

Im voting for Storm Runner. Id love to ride a launched coaster with a tophat with airtime like that (think that airtime gives you airtime), even if it doesnt give you airtime its somthing different for an inverting coaster. And SR has the flying snake dive, its incredibly tight and goes through it slowly. If Im thinking right, Vipers inversions are almost the same way, so Im think SR must pack a punch of hang-time.


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No you were trying to turn your opinion into fact. You were acting like this little kid in line for the Hypersonic yesterday. He said the ride goes 150 mph. I politely corrected him and said no its 80 mph. He argubly said no its 150 because the luanch was so fast it had to be fast than 80 mph.


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Comeon Xcel!!! Anywyas, Xcel between TTd and Xcel, I actually pick Xcel, since it has a way better launch (basically, there is a faster acceleration on Xcel than TTd, so it is more intense). Height and speed arent all there is to a launch coaster, so I'm going for the underdog, Xcel.


Stealth shouldn't be on here at all. If you're including Stealth, you should include Superman: The Ride and Speed Monster too. It's unfair to enter an unbuilt coaster into a poll against other coasters that have been built and rated by many.


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If your doing an elimination poll why are we voting for the best? thats like big brother telling you who got the least votes when they're all up for eviction.
Yep Kir is right. Stealth is not even build not even mention about riding it and the way the poll eliminations are run is a bit odd.

Should the poll be locked and re-started?