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Best Backyard Coaster?


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Today a French guy posted a message on our Facebook page with a link to his Facebook page. I've seen a lot of people try building these in the past, but I think this "Crazy Mouse" could be the best attempt at building a backyard coaster yet. It uses an elevator lift and even has a fog machine.

It looks like he started off building models of rides and took it a step further.

Here are a few of the photos he's posted, but he also has some videos as well.



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Anyone will have to go some to beat the guy who built all the creds at Ai Pioppi. Love the smoke machine though.


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Blue Flash is a good classic. No backyard coaster thread is complete without a mention of Blue Flash.

If it counts, then I guess Ai Pioppi's creds count, as they're the most 'public' of all backyard coasters.

They're not really 'the best' per say, but I seriously admire Will Pemble's creations. He has made 4(?) backyard coasters so far, and makes a series of YouTube construction updates with his son as well. It's a great father-son channel, and highly recommend it to anyone who wants some info on how a backyard coaster is built:

That's the first video for his current project.


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How about the Oklahoma Land Run by Jeremy Reid? That looked quite good too.

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Plus one for Oklahoma land those woodies genuinely look good!

Always though this one looked pretty nifty, shame there isn't a mechanical lift hill really...