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Best and Worst IMAscore Soundtracks


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What are the best and worst IMAscore soundtracks you have ever heard? For me the best is Taron's soundtrack, and the worst is Mystic Timbers', as it doesn't really do anything for me.

What do you think?


Chiapas is my favourite, absolute love it.

Not too keen on the Derren Brown one, I've been on the ride six or seven times but I couldn't hum the tune.

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Chiapas and Taron are ****ing amazing and prefect with the ride.
D'Wervelwind and the area music is really good too.

I really can't think of any that I dislike. Maybe Temple of the Nighthawk (it's still amazing but I was quite attached to the music it replaced).


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^I didn't think Icon's was IMAScore?

I've only heard the Alton ones, but out of those, the Smiler's soundtrack always makes me feel weird when walking into X-Sector for the first time in the day. Which is a good thing.


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The whole Klugheim area soundtrack is so great when listened to in one go, the transition from track to track is delightful. Chiapas is also fantastic, but in a completely different way... very upbeat and fun. Maybe I don't appreciate the Helix tracks because I've not experienced them in person, so when I listen at home through my headphones I don't get that same "buzz" that most do!


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My top 5 listened to in iTunes:
Blue Fire
Mami Wata

I also can't pick a worst, but I think this comes from the fact that they have plenty of unremarkable filler stuff, not that they're the best thing ever.
It's not like all 120 minutes of Mechanica is knocking it out of the park.


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Oh my god, how did I forget Karnan?!?!?! The piano version of that is literally my fave piece of music ever!