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Belgium 2021; which of the new coasters do you prefer?

Belgium 2021; which new coaster is your favourite?

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Matt N

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Hi guys. This year, Belgian parks opened 2 major new roller coasters, both of which were hotly anticipated; Kondaa at Walibi Belgium, an Intamin mega coaster, and Ride to Happiness at Plopsaland de Panne, a Mack XTREME Spinning Coaster. Both of these had huge hype surrounding them, and a fair number of people have now managed to get on both, so I’d be intrigued to know; which one do you prefer?

I obviously can’t contribute, having never been to Belgium, but I’d be keen to know your thoughts if you’ve done the two rides!


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Dunno yet but honestly, it could go either way. Both of these rides are right near the top of my to-do list, and I can't wait to answer this poll. Instinct tells me that Kondaa should win out, but if, as reports are suggesting, RTH is actually better than Time Traveler, well... I wouldn't be surprised if the Big Mack takes it.


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Hi !

I was lucky enough to have ridden Kondaa and Ride to Happiness. Kondaa is my 2nd favorite coaster, but RTH is my number 1 !

Although I love high coasters with lifts like Kondaa, I preferred RTH because of its very original course with no downtime.Even if Kondaa is very interesting, there are sensations that you can find on other rollercoasters like EGF.

At RTH, each element is unique thanks to the spinning trains ! We are completely disoriented, and every second is a laughing matter because the experience is so crazy! It is an incredible success from Mack and Plopsaland.


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Before either coaster opened, I would've firmly gone with Kondaa - it just looks a little better on paper, and back then, I expected it to be a top 10 coaster in the world. While Ride to Happiness looked to have a few stellar elements in the flying snake dive ("double dive loop") and first drop, Kondaa looked to be one incredible element after the next with a better layout overall. However, once the more-than-glowing reviews for Ride to Happiness flooded in while Kondaa's reviews voiced a bit of disappointment, I was shocked. With all that said, my vote goes to Ride to Happiness.
So after 6 or so rides on Konda this morning (single rider line is great!) I still have to say that RTH is better! Konda is a fantastic ride and brilliant fun, but RTH just blew me away with how good it is and how it's unlike any other coaster I've ridden before.

I'm planning on doing reviews of both on my YouTube channel once I get back.


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Lapped both for a significant amount of time the other week and although Kondaa is a stunning coaster, Ride to Happiness pips it for me. Kondaa is absolutely fantastic in every way, especially with how it basically spends 20% of the layout trying to throw you out your seat. Once Kondaa had warmed up, we were getting pretty violent ejector airtime on the back row, it really reminded us on a hybrid between Taron and Hyperion. That said, Ride to Happiness is unlike anything else I have ever ridden and over our many rides we kept finding new sensations on each element. Especially the double dive loop, had some insane runs through that 😄 I can't even come up with a comparison from my ridden coasters that accurately describes RTH!