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Assume Rita can be replaced with a different accelerator.

I'd like

  • KK instead of Rita

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  • TTD instead of Rita

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  • Xceleraror instead of Rita

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  • Storm Runner instead of Rita

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  • Stealth* instead of Rita

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  • Superman Escape instead of Rita

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  • Kanonen instead of Rita

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  • Speed Monster instead of Rita

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  • Yunsiao Speeding Car instead of Rita

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If it was possible to replace Rita with a different accelerator and there are no height restrictions of any kind. What would you do?

* assume that Stealth for TP won't be created.


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Well, obviously I'd want the tallest and fastest one...


It would be interesting to have a KK at AT, but would they have the space and the money?

But I voted to see a KK at AT.


I voted Storm Runner, it's different to the other's and features brilliant inversion's. It would be a little big for the park, but what the hey its Storm Runner!


Keep it as it is!!

Its an awesome ride how it is in my own opinion. Yes I want to experience other accelerators but the majority are unique in their own way, be it height, layout etc. Rita is a baby ickle accelerator and I want her left all alone! :p She rocks and I hope alton never lose her in the whole time im riding rollercoasters... Shes much better than stealth :p
I voted TTD. Maybe not the record holder anymore but there's the one and only reason making me to choose TTD instead of KK. Two words, lap bars. It is impossible to ride every single coaster, well maybe Chuck Norris rode every coaster on this planet. :) However some people have ridden both KK and TTD and a lot of them keep saying TTD is better. I rode Rita, Goliath and EGF and I can tell a difference between lap bars and OTSRs. It's quite a big difference.


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I'm going to be sensible, and go for Speed Monster. Its a ride that has quite captivated me over the last few months, and it'd be awesome not to have to travel all the way to Norway to ride it.


Speed Monster.. I don't think Alton would go for tallest and fastest, and assuming this would happen after Stealth, than a good flat accelerator would be a good choice.


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She's awesome the way she is. Maybe theme her a bit, but she's awesome and a nice contrast to the other accelerators.


Id say Speed Monster, looks like atop notch ride, would fit in at the Towers perfectly me thinks, maybe they'd theme the thing, and MAYBE even with materials that dont fall apart, now THAT would be a first for what, eleven years?


Keep Rita as it is!

Rita is differant to other accelerators and I like it this way.
All Rita needs is a bit more themeing and it would be perfect! The actual ride is fantastic IMO.


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Didn't you do the best accelerator in one of your elimination polls? This is basicly the same thing, as people will want which one they prefer...

Anyway, i'd pick Kanonen, it'dd fit at AT better and looks more interesting than the others.
To be honest, I will go iwth Rita being left alone but personally I would like to see some kind of combination between Rita and Kanonen.

It starts out as Rita and when the speed drops to the same as Kanonen it comes about and does it's layout.
Jake said:
Didn't you do the best accelerator in one of your elimination polls? This is basicly the same thing, as people will want which one they prefer...
I added 2 new rides that were not included in the previous contest. It's also a bit different point of view because in otherwise no one would vote Rita. I doubt anyone could consider Rita to be the best accelerator.

There's one more poll to go, Nemesis VS Black Mamba but Mamba is not open yet. I'm curious to see whether Mamba is considered to be a better ride or not. I assume some people, including myself :) will have ridden both coasters.


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I voted speed monster, because i reckon it could be themed well, also it has the makings of a signiture ride, also it would fit with the rest of alton, unlike TTD which would look so out of place, but rita is like she is because of the height restrictions, which made alton construct nemesis, so I reckon we should just live with rita.


Storm Runner.

Looks so much more interesting than Rita and any other accelerator out there.

Plus it wouldnt stick out so much, considering CP and SFGaV have so many more tall rides. TTD or Ka would look very out of place....


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SnooSnoo said:
TTD, just because you Brits deserve the original 400fter. 36ft and 5mph isn't something thats going to kill someone, plus its more reliable.

and you have more room with the OTSR than you do with the lapbar!
Explain to me, how you have more room, with OTSR then a lapbar, EXPLAIN THIS!!!!

TTD (lap)


You have to be either dumb or blind, because there is no way you have more room.
ERGH!!!!!!!!! Before UC comes on and rips you apart, I will.

Ok, yeah 36 ft isn't alot but it's still higher and it has another element. GIVE UP.

Ok yeah have you been on an Intamin accelerator other than TTD? I'm guessing not because that is simply the best OSTR restraint ever and instead of pinning you in your seat it pins you at your theighs, aka more room to move. The bars are un-noticable unless you weigh 300 lbs or are 6'6" aka, same amount of room. I've been on an Intamin with t-bars (S:RoS at SFA) and they don't allow half the movement the new Accelerator restraints do. Don't speak unless you can back your thoughts up with facts, please.

I'd replace it with SR, simply the best accelerator out there right now.