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Anyone know what coaster type this is from Mitchell Brother Amusments?


Mega Poster
Was looking through the ride list for the Alabama State Fair and found this. It's not on MBA's website, and I can't find anything on RCDB. Was wondering if any one has come across it. Hight limit seems a little tall for a standard pinfari or kiddie coaster.



Strata Poster
Of course its not on RCDB, they don't list portable, traveling coasters or any showmen.

A video I found on their FB page shows Cobra to be a Widsom built Dragon Wagon kiddie coaster.


Hyper Poster
I haven't been able to confirm anything, but I'm guessing that it is most like a Wisdom family coaster with a cobra theme like this one, though 48" unaccompanied is pretty tall for a ride of this nature.