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Anti-Rollbacks on Old Schwarzkopfs/Zierers


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I've always thought that the Zierer/Schwarzkopfs (Knightmare, Jetline and Lisebergbanan) had a weird track and lift design, and I could never figure out where the Anti-Rollbacks were placed on the lift hill. You can quite clearly hear their presence, but I can't see them.

Does anyone know where they are positioned non the track? Here is a video of Jetline for reference:-

Also how the hell can the lift chain curve like that? Are the links designed to articulate left and right?


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You can see the chain is in a trough pretty clearly in the video so that is how it curves. As for rollbacks they might be on the sides of the chain groove or tbh the chain itself looks like it's sturdier than a normal one so maybe they counted on that being enough? I know you can hear a similar sound but it's a bit different to normal to probably just a slightly different design.


The curve is possible because they don't use a traditional chain like on most rides, but an ordinary chain together with spacer shoes and just two train dogs. They work similarly to Gerst lifts in that regard.

As for the rollbacks, I think it's these notches on the side of the chain guide. Old Anton was good at hiding his safety features