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American Dream | New Jersey USA | Mega Mall/Nickelodeon Theme Park


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I was looking at reviews of Nickelodeon Universe and it just struck me how bad the park looks. The theming is tacky, the whole place seems very dark at night and the walls are just straight and plain white. The need to take inspirations from Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi and see how an indoor themepark in a mall needs to look. Nick U seems to be miles away in feel from Ferrari World but the coaster quality still seems decent.

Let's just hope that they dont go bankrupt and if they do a new owner buys it quickly and fixes it up. If Shellraiser is so rough then Gerstlauer should come and fix it. There surely needs to be a warranty even on coaster?
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The manufacturer is usually on call or "on site" for the first year of operation to essentially serve that warranty purpose. While the ride is officially handed off to the park, the manufacturer is readily available to properly train maintenance crews and address any technical issues that arise. But regarding Shellraiser's roughness, I don't believe that is local to Shellraiser and is mainly a vehicle architecture issue - something that the company has addressed by completely designing their rolling stock numerous times but hasn't completely solved the roughness issue (which suggests that there are other root causes at play).


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To be fair it's an interesting one. That sound is consistent across several POV's I've just watched.
But I don't think it's the sound of the car rattling per se. Does anyone know what it could be (or if I'm wrong :D)?