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Alton Towers | Treetop Quest | Outdoor Ropes course


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It'll be a generic one you can find in any wooded area around Britain already, won't be included in your entrance fee and it'll be another "hotel attraction" that guests will only be able to enjoy during park hours.


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ThomVD said:
I'm not familiar with Alton Towers, is this where the new cred should've been built?
No, this is located in a field that was only used for Scarefest to house one of the hotel based scare attractions for a couple of years.

If you look - the park is on the left, the hotels on the right, this is located just around the 'Alton Towers Spa' in the bottom right corner.


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Sounds fun. When I first read this, I wondered if it was going in the old Beastie place that another thread said is being cleared. But they're completely separate?


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Yes, it's an addition to the new Enchanted Village. They'll be an uncharge to use the zip wires but the play areas are free.


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It looks like it's going to be very similar or the same as the ones at Bristol Zoo, Woburn Safari Park and no doubt at other attractions too. Out of the box, stand alone structures.