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Alton Towers | Nemesis | B&M Retrack | 2024


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From what I've seen, this appears to be the first public mention of the refurb from a Merlin source. Doubt it'll be long before a proper announcement is made


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Pretty cool that 72 year old John Wardley is still going on rides like that! I think my dad would turn to dust if i put him on Nemesis.


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Pretty cool that 72 year old John Wardley is still going on rides like that! I think my dad would turn to dust if i put him on Nemesis.
Wardley is absolutely jacked and seems to be in great health for his age so it's great to see him still perfectly able to ride intense rides.

Nicky Borrill

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Imagine the first Nemesis corkscrew interlocking Corkscrew's corkscrews.
Love that idea!!!
Sadly, scrap metal prices have doubled since Covid began, and at over £200 per tonne, and a reported 440 tonnes of track on Nemesis, (*not sure how accurate that is, I just remember reading it and remembering that figure specifically) who could blame them for taking almost £90k for it? (*Or whatever crazy amount it is.)


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Maybe the sultan of Brunei can put it up in his private park.

(This is a very obscure nemesis reference only about 1 person here might get 😂)


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Feel strangely sad about seeing that Nemesis track out in the car park.

I think like many others i’m so glad Nemesis is getting retracked. I am so not ready to see the end of Nemesis.

In fact I think Nemesis is the only coaster I would ever feel this way about. You can demolish whatever coasters you like in the UK just protect Nemesis at all costs.

Nicky Borrill

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that's the removed track? Is it me or does that look like it's being carefully taken down to use somewhere else instead of being demolished like duelling dragons was 🧐
They're not replacing all track and supports, and the plans clearly show that they're not having to make repairs to all foundations. So they'll want to be careful in order to protect the parts they're not replacing.

I just checked the plans to make sure I'd remembered that correctly... And spotted something I'd completely missed! It clearly shows the water features in their original form, (except colour) and they are labelled as "Water feature to be retained." That fills me with all kinds of hope!


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I'd love to make some sort of garden feature out of one of those scrap pieces of track length. Any chance they'll auction off a few bits?
I can see it now - a nice section of the zero-g, all polished up and shiny, twisting over a small pond with a cute little red waterfall running into it. A few rocks, bit of exotic planting here and there and boom - the ultimate Nemesis tribute garden.
I want it!


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So many good options already but I'll add put over the secondary Hotel entrance (so then close to the origin).

Or instead of having fake track sprouting out of the ground use actual old track.

I like the garden idea, have a sculpture installation somewhere in the actual gardens or a Nemesis Henge.