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Alton Towers ERT, Friend has no MAP


Hi there,

I have just purchased a Premium Merlin Annual Pass for the first time. I am aware of ERT from 9am on select attractions, however my friend who I occasionally visit theme parks with does not have a MAP. Will we both be let past staff to ride open attractions at 9am or will they refuse my friend and just let me ride?

Thanks in advance.


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It depends on the staff or how good you are at pulling off a fast one. I've done it in the past just walking past and flashing my pass while my friend talks to me fumbling in his pockets.

If they order tickets online, I'm sure they get ert too, so that's another option.

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I have been checked before getting on Nemesis before though, they're often not too bothered about you getting into the park early (they'd rather you didn't obviously, but if you do as Furie says then fine :p ) but I once went with my sister and her friend, her friend didn't have a MAP and although we managed to get to Nemesis they wouldn't let her on without the MAP.

If this is the case for other rides for ERT in the morning I just don't know.