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Alton-21st July


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Massive coincidence, my summer trip to Alton was the same day as Cials, but I'm still making a report for my trip anyway.

Arrived at the park and nearly died when I was told Rita was open. Second time it has been open for me, all within 12 months, wow, must be getting more reliable after years of being closed on me.

As Cial said, it was raining quite a bit on Tuesday, which made Rita being open even more surprising. We made our way to that first. Planned on riding Oblivion first but as Rita is always shut and we had a timed fast pass to use, we went on Rita. As I have never once made it clear how much I had disliked the ride on here, I should explain for the first time ever that I hated Rita and was giving it one last chance.

I will make this report like the Blackpool one, but won't rate most of the rides, as I have done so before.

We got on front row and I take back (some of) what I said about it. In the front and in the rain, the launch is quite strong and there is a little airtime over the first hill, as well as microscopic bits on the last hill and the bunny hop into the brakes. It is still very smooth, but the cars are still uncomfortable and the turns still take too long to negotiate. Still, much improved from my first ride last year, gone from a 4 to a 7. I still don't like it, but I don't hate it anymore, and I think it is a fairly good ride now, but still the worst coaster in the park. 7/10

Still terrifying as ever, and the smoke was on. Nothing much to say that I haven’t said before, but still a great ride, just wish they would start playing he music and videos in the queue again, rather than the video where he explains the ride.

After the mixed review I gave it at Scarefest, it is good to know that it was back to it's best on Tuesday, and may I add that it was the best ride I have ever had on it. Airtime after the first drop, intense pull out after the fly-to-lie drop, and back to being unnaturally smooth. Getting a bit loud though.

Nemesis keeps getting better and better, although this was not quite as good as Scarefest because it was daytime and there were no lighting effects or anything. Still, best ride I have had in the day, and almost as good as Scarefest ride. Seems a little quieter than November as well. The rain made it even better than normal, the helix was ungodly intense and the loop was incredible. Never been as fast through the stall turn and the last corkscrew was vicious. Nemesis was amazing on Tuesday, still the king.

Runaway Mine Train
Still love this ride, so unexpectedly violent and intense in the tunnel. Much overlooked, a hidden gem in the crown that is Alton Towers.

Congo River Rapids
Not ridden the Rapids for a while, but had decent memories of it. Could do with some theming in the tunnel after going past RMT, but a good ride, much better than I remembered.

Log Flume
Still like it, although the duck was out of sync and broke down shortly after I went on it. Trek through the woods after the first drop is getting annoying now.

First time on Ripsaw, and it was painful, although not as bad as Submission. Thought it is a bit over rated but it's a good ride, second best flat I've been on at Alton, after Enterprise. 7/10

Skyride burnt down, which was terrifying, if it had done that during opening hours...anyway, I love the new gondolas.

Still not been on Hex...maybe next time...

What is disappointing is everything is still up from Scarefest, which is just lazy, and all the cameras are on Oblivion, even though the video is unavailable. They are on every row of every train, so maybe in the near future it will return.

Construction of SW6 is cracking on. The main hole is now massive, and you cannot see the bottom.

Good points
Everything open
Rain improved rides
Rita actually open
Rita was actually good
Front row on everything apart from RMT, which was at the back. Every seat we wanted in other words.

Bad points
Weather was bad
Still not been on Hex
Didn't get on Spinball


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You really should have gone on Hex. It was walk on most of the day, even with the rain meaning people ventured in.

Rita was not good. It was pretty awful.

Spinball single rider was less than 3 mins all day due to the rain meaning 3 per car. You really could have squeezed it in:p

If only I knew you were there...;)

Nice TR :)