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Yeah, I'm being uninventive and just doing the same type of topic I did last year...but whatever.

So yes, the point of this topic is for you to list music albums that were released this year that you think are great, and since we've still got another month to go until the end of the year...are there any albums that haven't been released yet that you're looking forward to? You can list as many as you like.

Personally, I think that Fever by Bullet For My Valentine, Immersion by Pendulum and Plastic Beach by Gorillaz are the standout albums of 2010 for me.

My number one album of 2010 will probably be replaced this Monday, with the release of The Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys by My Chemical Romance. I'll be waiting outside HMV at least an hour before opening so I can be sure to be the first to get the limited edition, that's a a huge box set with a bandana. It's £18.99 but it'll be worth it!

So...do discuss!


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Enigma Shadow said:
My number one album of 2010 will probably be replaced this Monday, with the release of The Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys by My Chemical Romance.
I got it earlier tonight & will be listening to it on the way home from the office in a couple of hours. Just saw them perform Na Na Na live on Jimmy Kimmel & it was great.
I also definitely going to get Plastic Beach, just keep forgetting. :roll:

So far my favorite has been Broken Bells by Broken Bells & I don't think anything will knock it off the top. A close second would probably be Odd Blood by Yeasayer. Third is Heligoland by Massive Attack. What a comeback album!
Even though it's pretty much more of the same, I like Come Around Sundown by Kings of Leon and Slash by Slash it pretty cool with all those great collaborations.
The most disappointing one for me has been A Thousand Suns by Linkin Park. It's not bad by any means, but I was expecting so much more.
The album I'm still looking forward to is the new Red Hot Chili Peppers, which was supposed to be released before Christmas, but looks like it won't come out until March. :(

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^Plastic Beach is a very strange album, but in a good way. After it finished I was left thinking "What the heck did I just listen to?!". It's filled with random, weird songs, most notably 'Superfast Jellyfish', which had me in stitches of laughter the first time because of how wacky the ending is. It doesn't feel like as much of 'an album'(if that makes sense) as Demon Days, but you should still definitely pick it up as soon as you get the chance.

As for A Thousand Suns...is the rest of it like The Catalyst? Because I don't really like that song...
And yes, it's looking like a long wait for the Chilli Peppers :(


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Immersion - Pendulum - nothing comes any closer in my opinion. It is the best Pendulum album by far, narrowly putting Hold Your Colour into second place, something I never could have evr thought about this time last year.

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^Ah yes, I do remember having this conversation with you at GF. As amazing at Hold Your Colour was, I still feel that too many of the tracks were 'empty' and kind of dragged on for too long, e.g. Sounds Of Life, Tarantula, Blood Sugar. But this is just my opinion.
However it did have AMAZING tracks, most notably Out Here, which I still find as irresistably funky as the first time I heard it.

As for Immersion's best track? Set Me On Fire without question. Self Vs Self is also awesome because IN FLAMES <3

I also want your In Silico shirt Ciall.


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I love the fact you're not a fan of the tracks I love, but oh well :p Oh, and even though I hate the track as I'm not a fan of screamo in any form, I get my "Set Me On Fire" T-shirt soon <3 It looks very cool, hence why I want it :p


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East Coast(er) General said:
Come Around Sundown by Kings of Leon

It would seem that you're not allbad after all! :)

This year's been pretty amazing for albums to be fair! Much better than last year in which only THREE were decent enough to be discussed! :lol:

We start with Animal - Ke$ha, released on Jan 1st and filled with lots and LOTS of guilty joy! She's a ****ing slut, but her music so catchy and amazing <3!

February saw Ocean Eyes - Owl City released in the UK and go straight to number one. Again, not indie rock and roll, but still really catchy and quite deep to be honest. Yeah, build me some lyrics and I'm quite happy to go along with it! :p (Plus me and Manda had been playing this religiously since September 2009 because we love them, it was Error who pointed them out to me if I remember rightly!)

In March I was looking forward to The Gorillaz's latest effort, but was bitterly disappointed with Plastic Beach. I was willing to forgive the atrociousness of "Stylo" and give the album a chance because their first two albums were really very good - unfortunately this wasn't the case (perhaps the biggest let down of the year).

April was the stomping ground of Everybody Wants To Be On TV - Scouting for Girls! At this point in the year, this was #1 album for me. Picking up where the last one left off and doing a much better job in this genre than The Feeling ever could! "Posh Girls", "Famous" and "On The Radio" all amazing tracks (not forgetting the Easter #1 - "This Ain't A Love Song" ;) ).

Nothing of real note happened in May, Pendulum are "meh" at best and Diana Vickers may be lavly, but she's not good enough to get an epic album mention! June followed suit (summer music really does suck, too artsy fartsy, lyrics are AWFUL)!

The Scissor Sisters came to the rescue in July with Night Work. "Fire With Fire" having been released at the end of June as a single made me happy of the oncoming 3rd album from the cooky queens - which didn't disappoint. Not as good as their self-titled debut, but it knocked the SOCKS off of "Ta-Dah"! The title song of the album and "Any Which Way" are two stompingly great hits which are good, upbeat and uplifting - which is what they do best! :)

The Wanted appeared in August with their single "All Time Low" which I thought was, at the time, the best song of the year. I've yet to get hold of the album, which was released last month - but I'm guessing it'll be at least half-decent. Well, I hope. It was a good anthem! Illusion of Safety - The Hoosiers and The Suburbs - Arcade Fire deserve an honourable mention, but not really GREAT enough to get a nomination from me.

September was time for the Script's second album Science & Faith... I was MOST impressed with their self-titled debut and this album didn't disappoint! I also found they were great live, which was refreshing for a boyband as it doesn't happen often! "You Won't Feel A Thing", "If You Ever Come Back", "Nothing" and single "For The First Time" made this one HEAVY hitter on my list and competing with Scouting For Girls's April effort! :p

In what was an amazingly good month for music.... Killers frontman Brandon Flowers released his debut solo album Flamingo which I wasn't aware of until it appeared in front of me in HMV, so it was obviously snapped up immediately! Single "Crossfire" was stunning, as was "Fabulous Las Vegas", "Jilted Lovers and Broken Hearts" and "Magdalena". And THEN just to make September all the more better.... the Stereophonics announce that they will be re-releasing their first two albums in deluxe 3-Disc editions with ALL of the B-Sides and some live and acoustic performances! I may have died of musical joy at this point! <3

October saw the release of The Wanted's self-titled album which, as I've said, I haven't got yet... but Word Gets Around and Performance & Cocktails by the Stereophonics happened and aforementioned immense joy happened. Obviously, these two beauties would shoot straight to the top spots, but I feel they don't really count :lol: .

So to compensate, I went to see both exclusive "one-night only" shows in London. Clearly. :p

The Kings of Leon's Come Around Sundown, as previously mentioned by Jerry, also appeared. It was good, not great. No stonking albums like they've previously been amazing for. But of a decent enough quality as you've come to expect from them.

And then November - Take That jumped back into the limelight AVEC Robbie Williams to release a stunning contemporary 90's album which just blew my socks of! If you were expecting more of the same as "Beautiful World" and "The Circus" from their single "The Flood", this was not to be the case! Progress is a real contender for the award! With EPIC anthems like "Kidz", "Happy Now", "Underground Machine" and to a lesser extent "SOS" (as well as a heartfelt confession to his wife from Mark Owen with "What Do You Want From Me?"); it really is one incomprehensibly amazing album!

James Blunt's Some Kind Of Trouble, although sidelined by Gary Barlow and co, also deserves honourable mention because his singing is always like sex in my ears - seriously, say what you will about the ponce, his voice is beautiful!

Still to come is Ke$ha's 2nd album Cannibal and the Wonders Of The Younger - Plain White T's. But neither of which I expect to spite whom I'm going to give it to (calm down now :roll: )......

Top 3!

3. Everybody Wants To Be On TV, Scouting For Girls - More of the same, but as previously mentioned - this genre is really fun to get into and they do it so much better than The Feeling, especially considering they manage to go beyond just the one album! Always a cheeky grin on my face when I listen to this through.

2. Progress, Take That - The return of Robbie Williams has been nothing short of wonderful for the ultimate boyband! Their harmonies complete and a return to the style of the 90's mixed with that developed maturity found with their last two albums. A real pleasure of an album!

1. Science & Faith, The Script - Deep, meaningful lyrics, simple but powerful enough music to go with it. Danny's vocals are also very refreshing (as is their ability to perform live)!

There we go then! If you've managed to get this far, well done! I like music, as you may have seen haha, so there's my insight into the year. Bon Jovi and Robbie Williams also released "Greatest Hits" albums - but we ALL know they don't count, but still good!

Next year looks fab too, especially considering we have a new Coldplay album and Kelly Jones and his band of awesomes will be bringing out an 8th studio album <3.

Thanks for reading! :p


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The first album that comes to mind and probably my #1 of 2010 is After - Ihsahn The solo project from the lead singer of Emperor, it was a unique album and my first exposure to his work, and the only one by him I ended up liking. It could've been his brilliant inclusion of saxophone in the music. While Saxophone and metal doesn't sound like a great mixture it surprised even me

Next would be Septembre Et Ses Dernières Pensées - Les Discrets I'll wait for your to finish being shocked that it's actually not a metal album. The vocals are what else in french, but the album is very emotional, and very good. I wish I could describe how amazing this album is, you could keep listening to single songs, and once you hear it together it's just a masterpiece.

Only recently did I come back to being a big Gorillaz fan but when Plastic Beach came out I was very excited.....then....disappointed. The album was good, and actually has some good songs (shut up Neal) but it just doesn't hold a candle to their other releases.

alright back to metal we have Belus - Burzum This album was a big deal, after Varg Vikernes (the only member of Burzum) was imprisoned he was allowed only a keyboard in jail and his albums.....well.....they sucked. Belus was his first black metal release since he was let out of jail. It is truly for people who like black metal a masterpiece, you would never believe he ever stopped making the music.

Contra - Vampire Weekend was another let down, compared to their first album (which was so catchy I had one of their songs in my head for 3 ****ing days) this one doesn't even compare, it has only 3 good songs out of 10. Perhaps it'll grow on you but it came out in January and I still have yet to truly enjoy it.

im going to end with what could be the heaviest album of 2010 Demonoir - 1349 This album came out of nowhere, the band basically re-introduced me to metal when I accidentally downloaded one of their songs in search for an indie band (go figure). The album is almost brutally heavy, sometimes hard to listen to even for me. There is no disguising though that it is still an amazing album, you just have to listen to it increments.

Top 3:

1. After - Ihsahn
2. Septembre Et Ses Dernières Pensées - Les Discrets
3. Demonoir - 1349


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I thought we had this topic...? I just remember saying Kesha <3, Katy Perry now sucks and James Blunt was coming soon <3


Kesha's album Animal was amazing. That!

James Blunt's latest album Some Kind Of Trouble was amazing! It's not Back To Bedlam, but, that's in the best five albums ever, so, I can't expect THAT. But, it is my album of the year.

Not much actually stands out as a whole album for me.


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Jer said:
Only recently did I come back to being a big Gorillaz fan but when Plastic Beach came out I was very excited.....then....disappointed. The album was good, and actually has some good songs (shut up Neal) but it just doesn't hold a candle to their other releases.

This is precisely what I think though, you really should read my posts ;) .

It's not TOTAL parp, there's a couple of decent tunes on there, "Superfast Jellyfish" is HILARIOUS, "Broken" was not bad and another one whose name escapes me (the album's THAT disjointed, I can't remember what's on it). But 3 out of 17/18 songs is a POOR showing by their standards. This doesn't make it automatically CRAP. Just disappointing and MILES behind "Gorillaz" and "Demon Days" <\3

And yeah, Ke$ha <3 - at least Ben was sensible and turned UP to the party! Albeit fashionably late :lol: :p


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Ben said:
Yeah, but, it didn't start til I walked in.


Are you eagerly awaiting Cannibal whilst frothing at the mouth? Coz you best be! (It's been pushed back to a Jan release now too :( ) I actually think we're her only fans! There's so much hate for her!

(Another reason to hate the Germans.... they got it TODAY! :shock: )

And just because people should listen to (and perve over) her......


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Ben said:
I thought we had this topic...? I just remember saying Kesha <3,

No, not yet. Perhaps you mentioned it in the 'Music Recommendations' topic?

And Jer, thanks to your post I now have some new metal bands to go look up <3 I've been looking for new metal bands that are actually decent lately, so I look forward to hearing them...although I doubt many HMVs will sell their albums...


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Some stand outs for me this year:

David Byrne and Fatboy Slim: Here Lies Love

A concept musical album based on the life of Imelda Marcus, featuring Florence Welch, Cindy Lauper and Tori Amos - Really interesting stuff which needs to do an Evita and get turned into a stage production.

Diana Vickers: Songs from the Tainted Cherry Tree

I missed the whole X-Factor thing when she was on, otherwise there's a good chance I wouldn't have liked her very much. I half expected her to be awful based on how she got her break, but she's actually really good!

The Knife - Tomorrow, in a Year

Ok, so not as good as Deep Cuts, but still a great album.

Eminem: Recovery

I'd really, really gone off him, but he's really back on track with this one. Excellent stuff.

Sia: We Are Born

Love her; love this album.

Robyn: Body Talk Pt.1

Shame about the epic crapness of Pt. 2, but the first part is fantastic - Dancing on My Own for one of the best singles of the year...

Marina and the Diamonds - The Family Jewels

For me, the most interesting new artist of the year - fantastic album, gorgeous woman, great live show. Definitely one to watch I think.

Janelle Monae - The Archandroid

I deliberately left the best for last. AMAZING on every level. Such a huge variety of styles on one album (in two parts) with a bizarre concept behind the whole thing. It shouldn't work, but it does and it's incredible. Best album of the last 5 years as far as I'm concerned. Why this woman isn't HUGE is beyond me.

Anyway the year isn't out yet: Nicki Minaj on Monday <3


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gavin said:
Diana Vickers: Songs from the Tainted Cherry Tree

I missed the whole X-Factor thing when she was on, otherwise there's a good chance I wouldn't have liked her very much. I half expected her to be awful based on how she got her break, but she's actually really good!

Yeah, I quite liked it too, but it wasn't as amazing as others.

I do worry about my music taste sometimes :lol:


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OH, Diana Vickers' album was FAB <3 And I love My Wicked Heart as well, great song.

But I loved her from X Factor as well <3 She's SO amazing!

Body Talk Pt. 1 and Recovery were fab as well, have to agree there. Forgot they exist though...

And of course I'm looking forward to it Neal, I'm well ilegally downloading it from the States though.


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HAHAHA! You NEVER buy actual albums though, so that comes as no surprise :lol:

I'm undecided as to whether I prefer dirty or clean Ke$ha - she's just TOO amazing! <3


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Social Media Team
I would actually buy it if it was coming out at a normal time though! It's one of the only albums I'm looking forward enough to actually get, plus, with it including Animal, I'd have that as well <3

But I'm not waiting until the end of January, so, sorry Ke$ha, your fault!

And dirty, blates. I want to be stuck in a glory hole with her <3


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Pendulum are gash.

I'll have to have a look at what albums actually came out this year... hmm.


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Perhaps the metal fans in this topic so far have been deliberately overlooking the obvious, but either way, one very real contendor for the title has been overlooked in the form of this Summer's long awaited 15th studio offering from Iron Maiden - The Final Frontier.

Looking through my iTunes, I'd make honourable mention to both Bullet For My Valentine and Avenged Sevenfold (though we want our drummer back, ****ers), but realistically, nothing's come close to the real masters. However, as Fraser's partly covered, with over a month of the year remaining, a couple of major contendors have yet to fully show their hands. Maiden beat My Chemical Romance to the title of my album of the year back in 2006, and when my copy of Danger Days: The True Lies Of The Unneccesarily Long Title lands in my hot little hand tomorrow, we shall see if history repeats itself, though I have to say that based on the three tracks I've heard, it looks likely.

BUT, at the beginning of December, we shall hear from the Swedish contingent. Seventh Wonder's Mercy Falls was far and away the most exciting thing to happen to progressive metal in 2008, and judging from lead single Alley Cat, The Great Escape looks like it could be another effort straight out of the top drawer, enabling them to wildcard their way to the victory. Certainly, the promise of a thirty minute title track can only be a good omen.

...of course, as Neal's perfectly summed up, on those lazy days when I've needed a change of mood to wind down to, it has been a pretty good year for wallpaper music. This does not however, excuse him for claiming perving over Ke$ha constitues healthy behaviour :p Katy Perry, meanwhile, is indeed what the mute button was invented for cool)
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