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Alan Schilke

What ever happened to Alan Schilke of Arrow? Is he with S&S now?He is very abstract in his designs (The Fishook Coaster and X) I would really love to know what ever happened to him. It would be a shame to lose him from the Industry (and I assume Ron Toomer is retired)

I heard a rumour he was with Vekoma now. Is there any substance to this?


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^That's fine, that's the whole point of this section of the forums really, to ask questions and therefore broaden your knowledge if you so wish.

It doesn't help Mr.Dropthefloor, however, if you just come into his topic saying 'I don't know'. If you are wondering the same question as he is, just wait until someone on here who does know comes and posts the correct answer, then you can read it and will then have the answer!

Coming from someone who has posted in Q&A before, wanting an answer to a question I've been pondering over for a while, it's quite annoying to see someone has replied to your question, only to find it's someone else saying 'I don't know either lol.'

And, rather hypocritically I realise, I don't have any information for you either, dropthefloor XD
Oceana Energy Company said:
Ride Centerline is currently the design team for the Emergency Egress System for NASA's new Ares launch vehicle. The EES is a 470-foot-tall roller coaster system for evacuating personnel off of the upper launch platform and into a safe bunker location in the event of an emergency.

That's SICK. Now just make that into a theme park attraction.


^ Too bad that NASA scrapped the Ares program, so that won't be happening.
Maybe it may be resurrected with another program...
And maybe Schilke can finally do something in the Industry again, I preferred him to Toomer, seeing as Toomer's rides usually exceed some level of Suck because he never rode a rollercoaster in his damn life.


^ well new texas giant looks pretty omfg and hes with rocky mountain coasters now. hopefully we see more of those renovations. I think next in line should be son of beast, rattler and mean streak.