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Aeronydamic- a project too long overdue...


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Aeronydamic. Some random ride in RCT that i have always wanted to try and make in NL. Basically imported the RAW file and got to work.

Obligatory over photoshopped screenshot:




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It was a good&smooth ride, but it was quite slow. It did have a rough edge in one turn but smoot overal. It would be much better with a faster speed.


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I disagree with it being slow. It could have been a little more paced, but it wasn't slow. The colors, trippy. I've never seen a coaster with that many various colors. It was very smooth on top of all! The custom supports really added more realism and shows that you put enough work in it. A great ride! 8.5/10.


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Can't really say much due to;

A: being on the parent's laptop


B: not actually having NL anymore.

But I do like the concept of remaking some stuff from RCT and making it a little more, nicer. Do moar?


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Haha! Nice work!

I think I might be slightly biased as it was a bit of a nostalgia run for me, but I really like that. I mean, it was fairly slow and the layout isn't the greatest, but the fact that you took the time to make one of the RCT rides 'ride-able' is really great. It was smooth, fun and well made. Most importantly though, it still felt like the original. You didn't adjust any of the elements to the point of making them feel like they we're just the standard pre-sets from RCT.

Good job! Let's see more of these! :p 8/10


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HAH more of these hmm......

I still have mixed emotions about the zero-g-roll. At first I was just going to make it a heartline roll, then I made it at a slight elevation for zero-g, then a few MSN chat whores convinced me to make it more of a B&M style roll. I still don't know.


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The zero g roll really works!

i really like this ride, its great to see one of the rides from RCT done in NoLimits, this has been done really well, nice and smooth!

The custom supports really do add a sense of realism to the ride, i wish it was a real ride!

Great Job


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I thought it was a cool ride. You could tell it was imported from RCT, which meant the valleys were a bit pumpy, but I don't think it was a bad thing. The layout was good as well. The trains ran a tad slow, but I wouldn't worry about it. The only thing I could think to change is have the 0-g roll spin the other direction.



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This is a brilliant coaster and a brilliant idea with building it in RCT and perfecting it in No Limits. I thought the speed was very good and the only bits were it could do with being faster is the airtime hill going into the helix and the helix itself. If I had to name it with those colours, it would probably end up something along the lines of Joseph: The ride or The coaster of many colours. :p

Overall: I really liked this coaster with hardly any complaints about it. 10/10