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Adventureland, Iowa | Storm Chaser | Mondial Windseeker


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Ian posted that the park would be getting a new spinning swing ride in his What's new for 2014 topic, but I thought it would be a Fun Time Star Flyer and am a bit surprised that the park purchased a Windseeker following all the issues Cedar Fair parks had with them over the past couple of years.




From the park's Facebook page.


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Very odd move by them. Do they have any other Mondial rides in the park? Did Mondial give a price cut or something?


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I believe this is the 250 foot model that was planned for Fun Spot in Orlando. The original concept artwork clearly showed the ride next to White Lightnings first drop and the park stated they would be added a 250 foot Windseeker that never came. I'm gonna say this was offloaded to Adventureland.


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The arms have been attached, so seats should be next. Opening will take place next month.


From the park's Facebook page.


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Is it me or are there less arms in this version than in the CF models?

Hopefully this (updated?) version will have less technical problems than the original WindSeekers.


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Storm Chaser is now open: http://www.desmoinesregister.com/pictur ... /10257153/

The Des Moines Register is reporting that it is 260 ft tall, which still makes it the tallest ride in the park by a good margin. I'm guessing the view of downtown Des Moines is stellar (https://flic.kr/p/6SX5Ec).

I haven't been inside Adventureland for years ($40 is way too steep for what it offers), but I might drive out to Altoona later today and take some pictures.

Update: some pics from outside the park. It's really really nice to see Adventureland's skyline finally change.





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I thought until now Cedar Fair was the only company who buys WindSeekers. Judging by its looks, it seems to have much less capacity. Are there several other variants of WindSeeker?


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^ This is the first one so far, but if somebody asked Mondial to grind down costs and produce something smaller, they wouldn't refuse, so imagine to see several of these smaller ones built.


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!?!?! LOL.... What.... the...? I'm assuming this is a modified version? Looks like a Chinese knockoff Windseeker :p