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A super rare trip report from Poland – August 2021 {Day 2 - Energylandia}


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A short weekend blast to Poland to ride some coasters – sure, why not? Be a decent way to add a new country cred and a few more random rides to the spreadsheet, right? Oh… it’s a +20 kinda weekend?! Well, you don’t see that every day.

Some backstory first, ahead of what will mostly be an excuse for me to post an unhealthy amount of pictures.

We had been putting off Poland for a few years. Once we knew Zadra was coming, it would have been lunacy to go before that was finished, and by the time we’d pencilled in other trips in 2019, Abyssus was well under construction, so didn’t seem so bad to wait another six months. Easter 2020 it is, then. Oh those were happy times… I remember them fondly.

Abyssus wasn’t done by August 2020, and at this point we’d sort of set our minds on only going once that was done (hence the German trip last year), however things were looking good for an August trip this year.

A further unnecessary detail here is that originally we’d planned a longer trip across five days, with some culture thrown in too. Sadly due to a few factors out of our control (mostly flight schedules and availability of time off work) we had to cut the trip down and – obviously – spite the culture for now. Perhaps best for another trip in the future…

So – let’s get to it. As I said, this is going to be mostly a self-indulgent trip report sharing photos (I have to admit a lot of mine are), some of which I’m rather pleased with. Hope at least you enjoy scrolling through them!

Day 0 – Travelling

I wouldn’t normally include this, but having gathered some useful advice from around the web before the trip I reckon it’s worth sharing a little bit of this. Big disclaimer here though – I’m going to be talking about MY experience only, and can’t speak for anyone else’s experiences and/or any new or changed regulations.

In compliance with the government regulations, I was able to take our pre-departure lateral flow test (the rapid type like the NHS use) before I left home, so I knew then I would okay to board the flight back from Poland in a few days time. Don’t ask me how that makes sense – I don’t make the rules. :D
(for reference, we used this site: https://www.c19testing.co.uk/rapidtravel)

Bit of a tedious drive from Bristol to Stanstead, but going through security was all very simple and it wasn’t long before we were beckoned to our gate. At the gate, they checked our boarding passes, our Polish Passenger Locator, and our NHS Vaccine Record.

Flight was short and simple, and besides a little bit of queuing on the Polish side, passing through their boarder control was easy too. Standard passport checks, and then just wanted to see my NHS Vaccine Record again. I can’t say this was particularly thoroughly inspected, I think mostly just a check of name/DOB. We do now get stamps though, which I think is kinda fab!

Picking up the hire car was a piece of cake, and the drive was a doddle down to Zator, with a quick late-night supermarket trip for dirt cheap wine and snacks!

Alright then, proper stuff now.

Day 1 – Energylandia & Legendia

I started the day early with a quick wander from our cabin over to the park entrance to blow away some of the cobwebs, and take advantage of the views of Hyperion. Not running yet, was still pretty early, but a nice view and got me excited to ride some [good] new-to-me coasters!


I’ve not seen a coaster skyline like this in quite some time


And not seen a coaster as tall as this in even longer!


If you don’t take this photo, did you even go to Energylandia?

Both Jake and I were hovering near milestones (700 for me, 1100 for him), so we made a beeline for the back of the park figuring there were enough miscellaneous Vekomas in the back half that we could make Zadra and Abyssus milestone coasters for each of us. As we walked past a seemingly countless number of kiddie creds, we saw that Formula was essentially a walk-on and so decided we’d ride it before we headed under the tunnel to the back half of the park.

Formula was pretty great, actually. My first time on one of the new Vekoma sit-down models, and I have to admit I was impressed. The launch was decent, the shaping of the elements was lovely, it had good forces throughout and was very punchy overall. Only complaint is that we were at the ride about 20mins after park opening (we were not, as you might gather, rushing), and just as we got to the platform they paused operations to add the second train. This is just poor planning, simple as that.


Bright start to the day!

Minor note here on the lockers at Energylandia – they operate a system where you buy a locker wristband, which is valid for the whole day and across the whole park. Once purchased, you simply scan the barcode, it assigns you a locker and off you go. They’re also (generally) the decent two-sided lockers, so you don’t end up with a mad scrum of people trying to deposit and collect at the same time. The wristband costs something so nominal it’s almost pointless, so also no complaints there. Only gripe really is that the machines to buy the wristbands are next to the lockers and generally aren’t geared up for the start of the day rush where everyone needs to buy one. We may have missed this, but perhaps a few of those machines at the park entrance or something would have been better. Hmm… that turned into not so much of a minor note. TLDR: Locker wristbands at Energylandia are cheap and effective. Thumbs up.

Now time to head under the tunnel, and once you emerge you’re met with an extremely exciting view!



Heading through the little themed area around Zadra is pleasant enough, and does offer some decent views of the coaster.


The turnaround visible over the buildings.

I needed one more cred before Zadra, so we rode the little kiddie cred in that area, which again affords good views of the main event.


The stall is just too photogenic to not keep snapping away.

We joined the infamously long queue, and began our march towards the station. They were operating the coaster reasonably well, so was a good opportunity to get some photos along the way.


One of many aggressive airtime moments.


It’s a masterpiece of structural engineering, if nothing else.


A train plunging back down from the turnaround.


Into the final zero-g roll at breakneck speed!

In the words of our ever charming @Matt N – so, how was the ride? Well, boy-oh-boy. Energylandia have a monster on their hands with this one.

The first drop is fantastic (although sorry, I think Hyperion’s is better), and the drop out of the first turnaround gives me SteVe vibes with the way it just launches you out of your seat in that off-axis way. The stall is just… well… a stall. I mean, it’s hard to describe just what they feel like, but they’ve gotta be one of the most “perfect” coaster elements going at the moment. The next real highlight of the ride from there is the ejector hill running parallel to the first drop. It truly feels like you might end up in Katowice at the speed it throws you out! Zero-g into the structure is ace, as is the double down that follows it. I’m a bit take-it-or-leave-it with the little s-bend hill, but the final zero-g into the brakes is rather nice. Word of warning though, be prepared for those brakes, they stop the train like they mean it! :D It's also beautifully smooth, which helps a lot! Yeah, Top 5 stuff, that. Awesome.

Okay, what’s next? A Vekoma family cred thing – decent first drop, standard everything else. Mercifully only one lap, so minimal faff there.

Then it was time to head around to Aqualantis.


Looks promising as you enter.

I don’t have many pictures from Aqualantis from the first day – more tomorrow – so you’ll have to put up with just some words for now. I’ll start with the coasters – Light Explorers first (or, with it’s original RCT name “Family Boomerang #2”), which has a nice little station and decent layout. With a touch more detailing in the trenches, this would be a great family coaster. Although, yes, just another +1 really.

Onto Abyssus. Coaster was basically a walk-on (and doesn’t have a super burdenous queue), and we got back row. Launches are a bit lacklustre, and unfortunately the layout itself feels a bit too long with not quite enough oomph to make up for it. It’s smooth, and flows wonderfully (as I’m now learning Vekoma are knocking out of the park), but with the trims on the drop and a few too much of the same throughout the rest of the layout, we left feeling not very impressed. It’s by no means a bad coaster, and if we had something like this in the UK I think people would lose their minds, but it’s very much overshadowed at a park like Energylandia.

Overall the theming for Aqualantis is… okay? It’s not stunning, and everything feels very much like “cubes with stuff stuck on” rather than something a bit more organic. This is particularly apparent with the Abyssus maintenance building, which has barely any decoration at all and stands out like a sore thumb. I’m sort of assuming they aren’t done with it all yet, as most of the troughs around Abyssus were lacking water yet too – maybe they’ve still got some more work to do?

Hmm… yeah… felt a bit deflated after that.

We’d basically ticked off the back of the park, so now it was time to head back towards the front of the park for Hyperion – picking up the Speed cred and lunch on the way.


Big, kinda fast, bit of a splattering, and hilariously unnecessary MCBR, yeah not bad, not good. Review complete.


Time for this, then.

For all of those people who whinge about Zadra’s queue – you’ve clearly forgotten just how bad the Hyperion queue actually is. What we ended up dubbing “Euro-Mir: The Queue”, the indoor spiral slope is absolutely foul – especially when all of the shortcuts are closed. Then back down the fire escape and you’re into the batching area. The reason why I think this is worse than Zadra’s queue? At least with Zadra you can see the coaster and there are fewer options for a shortcut! Yeah, gross.

So the coaster. Epic, endless first drop (very reminiscent of the B&M gigas) and the first hill is bonkers. Love the turnaround, and from there it’s a fast, decently forceful and twisty route to the finish. The final bunny hills giving a couple of lasting airtime pops too. After a few laps, we decided that front row middle seats give the best ride, but frankly it was pretty great in every seat (tried both wing seats front and back, and middle front and back over the two days). More beaming grins all round.



Knowing we had a second day in the park, we decided it wasn’t necessary to get all of the rest of the creds in the time we had left (we could have done, but no need), so figured we’d pick up some of the remaining crap (yes, crap) on the way back to Zadra before calling it a day early for the first day.

Here's an in-depth review of the coasters we did:
Energus: Green Vekoma. I think the same as all the others. +1.
Boomerang: Purple Vekoma. This one goes backwards and forwards. +1.
Viking Roller Coaster: Disgusting SBF spinner with OTSRs. Almost wished we hadn’t. +1.
Roller Coaster Mayan: Red Vekoma. SLC, still no good. +1.

Shall we have some more of this, now we’re back at Zadra?


Ah, that’s better.


I love photographing the stall.


Down they go!


Some excellent expressions here – I can’t imagine stepping off any other coaster at the park (except Hyperion) and riding this. You wouldn’t know what hit you.

We jumped in the queue for another go, this time in the front row. Better in the front, I think. The visuals make this ride so much better and the forces are just nuts throughout, so worth the view, I reckon.

Indulged myself in some more photos on the way off the ride.


Arty one, fancy eh?


Diving back into the structure.


Absolutely huge coaster.


More people loving life!

Right, onto the evening plans then. We’d found out that Legendia were running and event 8pm-midnight, and with Energylandia closing at 8pm we figured if we left Energylandia around 6pm, headed to Katowice (an hour’s drive, give-or-take), grabbed some dinner in Katowice we’d be all set for an evening of more creds!


One from the car park on the way out.


I promise the sky actually looked this crazy – this is not a sky replacement photo!

Well by the time we’d faffed around a bit leaving Energylandia, driven over and eaten, it was nearing 9pm. Thankfully we needn’t have worried as Legendia is very small so easy to whip round in a few hours. Photos a bit less good here – never been an expert at night photography.


Park entrance is quite nice.

Decent little entrance plaza/midway thing, too.


Lech is almost barely visible across the lake – that’s good for night rides!

We planned to head left at the entrance and work clockwise round the park. First up was Bazyliszek, their new-ish dark ride. Queue entrance is a bit odd in the kids soft play area, but the queue itself is pretty high quality. Ride vehicles are fairly standard trackless dark ride stuff with pistols. As we headed off we found the accuracy of the guns wasn’t stunning, but not the worst by all means.

Now, a slightly strange thing happened. We stopped in one scene and completed the set-piece, except the vehicle didn’t move off once it was complete. The screen went off, and the house lights came on. We figured there was someone else on the ride needing attention or something – no worries. Then, the ride-op comes strolling up to our vehicle, opens the restraints and gestures for us to get off. We do, and then he sort of just motions his arm towards the way we’ve come, and heads off to the next car. We’re left to walk ourselves out of the ride, including climbing back from the floor area up onto the station platform. We’re gestured by another staff member to leave the station via the exit (barely looking up from his phone), and that’s sort of it. The complete lack of guidance and just sort of “okay, get out” was… very strange. By the time we’d exited the ride, the entrance was closed off. Hmm… we’ll come back later I suppose. Never did find out what caused it.

Next ride we got to was Dream Hunters Society – some generic Zyklon/Galaxi thing. 50min queue! For that?! You’re joking, we’ll come back later.

Next up is Lech. Around a 30min wait, and seemingly motoring through the trains, didn’t seem to bad. Around 20mins later we’re on the ride and wow, this is an awesome coaster. The first drop is amazing (probably better than EGF, based on my memories of it), but there’s just a brilliant sequence of elements, especially from the airtime hill before the station fly-though, all the way to the brake-run, basically. Made oh-so-much better with the night ride and front row. Good work, Vekoma. Good work indeed.


It had a nice lighting set up too.


The station fly-through is great both on-ride and off-ride.


I like the hump in the roof too – a nice touch.

Last cred we needed was Devil’s Loop (I never got the cred at American Adventure). Worryingly it was looking mighty dark in that area of the park, and sure enough when we got to the entrance it was shut. Damn! Hey ho, that’s the game we’re in I suppose.

Okay, so far this hadn’t been the most successful lap of the park. We decided to turn back towards Lech and go counter-clockwise back to the park entrance. Ben and I took a quick lap on the rapids which were reasonably decent.

Did another quick lap on Lech, the queue even shorter this time, before again trying Bazyliszek. No technical issues this time, and overall the ride was good. Shortish, but not bad for a park like Legendia.

Dream Hunters Society still had a 30min queue, but as it was the last thing for us to get, we sucked it up. What made this queue particularly unbearable was all of the queue jumping. It was rampant. We wagered it probably added about eight trains to our wait! Of note on this was the speed it took through the course, with the MCRB barely biting. We got some Phoenix style ejector on the last few drops/hills. Overall, rusty and crap though. Wouldn’t surprise me to see this retired sometime soon – from what we could tell they only had two functional cars, and presumably have already salvaged everything they can from the other one in the park.


Rusty old +1s, where would we be without them?

And that was that – time to drive back to Zator.


Farewell Legendia!

I’ll leave a bit more of an Energylandia summary for the next day, but a quick wrap up of Legendia. I really like how they offer these late evening tickets at dirt cheap prices (just over a fiver, if memory serves), and Lech coaster more than makes it worth that. I think if I’m ever back in the area, I’d pop in again for an hour or two, but definitely not an all day kind of place.

Cool, thanks for reading. Part 2 (full day at Energylandia) coming soon-ish…


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That first photo of Energylandia is giving me Cedar Point vibes! This park is very high on my priority list thanks to the numerous trip reports posted here and friends who have gone recently. It'll only be a matter of time before @Snoo, @tomahawk, and surely much more company finally manage a trip over there.

As always, great report! Your photos are expectedly excellent!


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You really captured a sense of awe with those photos. Hyperion and Zadra are fantastic and actually shocking sights compared to most European offerings…. Then the rides themselves are even better than how they look. What a fantastic park!

The key question though; how did you rank the Polish big 3 (Zadra, Hyperion, Lech)? They are all so good I don’t think there is a wrong choice, you could easily argue for any of them. They currently occupy my personal top three. Amazing rides. I have to get back there.

Edit - you can go to Krakow from Bristol airport btw, Stansted is so horrible from Bristol 😩
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Great trip report, Hixee! I'm yet to visit the park, since I guess I'm sort of in a similar boat as you were, with constantly putting off the trip until COVID happened and travel became far more faffy. Still, hopefully I can finally do a road trip there in 2022 (only 8 hours each way with a possible Wiener Prater add on in one of the directions).

And I love most of the photos you took! Were they taken with a phone or did you have a camera with you at the park?


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This park is very high on my priority list thanks to the numerous trip reports posted here and friends who have gone recently. It'll only be a matter of time before @Snoo, @tomahawk, and surely much more company finally manage a trip over there.
I wouldn't take this in any way, shape or form, to be me trying to discourage you from doing the trip, but don't go to Energylandia for anything other than the big two. Everything else is really only second fiddle to a lot of other stuff in Europe. You'd actually probably get a far better trip out of a Germany/Netherlands expedition, if you were coming over. Don't get me wrong, Poland is great, but I think you could end up losing out on some of the more "authentic" European experiences by trying to make the trek to Poland. That said, you guys are ambitious and sure know how to pack a lot into a trip, so I've no doubt you'd make it work. When that does happen, be sure to let me know! ;)

The key question though; how did you rank the Polish big 3 (Zadra, Hyperion, Lech)? They are all so good I don’t think there is a wrong choice, you could easily argue for any of them. They currently occupy my personal top three. Amazing rides. I have to get back there.
In that order. Zadra, Hyperion, Lech. Currently (although I'll admit still not 100% sure) Zadra sits at #3, Hyperion at #16 and Lech would probably be somewhere in the Top 30 (I stop ranking at 20). Definitely "Top 5%" material, for sure.

Edit - you can go to Krakow from Bristol airport btw, Stansted is so horrible from Bristol 😩
You can, however the flight times were so unfavourable for our trip that I decided against it. I think if we were able to fit in the longer trip as originally planned, it would have worked out. It was a few months ago now, but I recall it being one of those "fly from Bristol but then have a 'wasted' day faffing around aligning with the others flying from London" or "have the morning at home and make the drive over to London and fly with the others". Probably no right answer there... :D

And I love most of the photos you took! Were they taken with a phone or did you have a camera with you at the park?
Thanks! Taken with a camera - my phone is poo for photos. The lockers made carrying the big camera around a piece of cake! :D


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Day 2 – Energylandia

Time for day two! Slightly more leisurely start this morning, and we walked over to the park for opening. We’d noticed the day before that the family invert appeared to have a long queue all day (for some weird reason), so we set our sights on clearing off all the other coasters before starting the re-rides on the good stuff.

Let’s do some more in-depth analysis:
Dragon Roller Coaster – Green Vekoma. Actually thought this was rather fab. Would be worthy of a re-ride if Zadra and Hyperion weren’t so good.
Circus Coaster – Tragic. +1.
Mars Roller Coaster – Cute, and slightly unsettling, themeing. +1.
Happy Loops – An extra helix doesn’t really save this coaster model. +1.
Frutti Loop Coaster – Big Apple. +1.

Okay, thank goodness we got all that out the way.

Somewhere in the middle of all of that we rode Monster House – the ghost train. Don’t think it would be a contender for the “worst ghost train” thread, but they hadn’t bothered to turn any of the effects on, so it was basically just trundling past a load of static characters with no sound effects or anything.

Okay, to Zadra! On-and-off stormy skies today, so a good combination of weather to act as a backdrop for the coaster!


More of these shots now.


Never going to get bored of looking at this.

After our lap, I took a wander round the ‘back’ of the coaster, for some more pictures. Here’s a bit of a photo dump from this side.


The first drop from behind the turnaround structure.


The spine-separating ejector.


Awesome mass of track and supports.


Into the double-down.


Big panorama from this side.


Back round to the other side for a couple more shots – it’s addictive!


Something I like about this one – shows how parallel all the sections are.

A few showers had cleared, and we were near Aqualantis, so we headed for a second (possibly redemption?) ride on Abyssus. Rode in the front this time, and again it’s a solid coaster, but really is disappointingly tame. Having ridden Lech the night before, it’s clear how good this coaster could be! If only it had a bit more speed. It looks good too, from certain angles, although I will admit less good from others. Trying not to bash the park too much, they’ve clearly tried and it’s much better than most of the rest of the park, and definitely going in the right direction for their future additions. Just needs a touch more polishing off, I reckon.


Entrance sign.


The trains are lovely, I’ll admit. Both in aesthetics and comfort.


Station building from the queue.


One of the corkscrews.


There are some decent little vantage points of the coaster, I think.


Climbing over the top hat.


One of those goofy trick shots – this particular angle lends itself to it.

We wandered back towards Hyperion for a few laps before dinner, stopping off at Formula on the way. It’s surprisingly stark how much punchier it feels than Abyssus because it’s shorter. Although I’ll admit, but this point we were a bit pre-occupied by our thoughts of some more laps on Hyperion.

Mercifully they’d opened one of the shortcuts in the queue, so we were able to cut out a lot of the useless spirals, and the ride was basically a walk on. We rode a few times, swapping seats and rows to get all the experiences, and it cemented our thoughts from the day before that front row inside seats are the place to be!

Jake and I wanted to head out to the car park to get some pictures of the coaster while it was running, so we did a little split for a bit while the others went back to re-ride Abyssus.

You get some lovely views of Hyperion from the car park. See?


Down the huge first drop – while onride it feels like it lasts forever!


Flying into the turnaround.


Yeeting themselves over the first hill.


This sort of angle of hyper coasters is always rather appealing.


Some fancy blur racing into the corner.


This took an unfortunately high number of attempts to get something decent from this type of shot! Sadly this is not one of my best attempts I’ve ever managed.


Carving through the overbank.

Now, at this point we were now in a sort-of waiting game. We didn’t want to over-do the creds and end up being too knackered for Zadra night rides, so decided it was a good idea to have a bit of down time. We grabbed a drink, some food and then went to watch the stunt show Energylandia Extreme.

Generally speaking I like stunt shows – I admire the talent and it’s often a good distraction to see something you don’t usually get to. The Energylandia show wasn’t short of talented drivers, but unfortunately there wasn’t an awful lot of variation in their routine, and it ended up just feeling like 30mins of cars doing donuts. It’s no WaterWorld (obviously), but a notable tier below other shows at other smaller/independent parks.

By the time the show finished, and we had suitably refreshed ourselves, dusk was falling and we headed over to Zadra. For some reason, an hour before park closing, they decided they needed to swap the trains over. They were only running one train (which was fair enough given how dead the park was), but why they needed to go through all that effort just before the park shut was beyond me. Looking for the positives though, at least it got much darker while we waited!

They also had one of the little shortcut gates open in the queue, so we were able to quickly nip round (basically from the locker retrieval area round to the locker drop-off area) for faster re-rides. Zadra at night was, unsurprisingly, epic. We were all beaming! Amazing, amazing stuff.

One last picture now then – probably my favourite from the whole trip. I present – Zadra at night:



And that was that. We headed out of the park and back to our cabin for some beer/wine, snacks and a good few hours of chatting before our batteries were completely empty!

So, my thoughts on Energylandia. It’s an odd place. It’s very clear how quickly they’ve grown, and the somewhat chaotic nature of it all. The pathways are maddeningly laid out, with ride entrances and exits being completely illogical and annoyingly far apart. Most of their coasters are just filler stuff (more so than any other park I recall going to before). But, but, in their defence the park is extremely clean, well kept, and their good coasters are literally world class. I was expecting a lot more gravel and concrete, and instead the place is very green, spacious and overall an enjoyable place to be.

Would I go back? Yes, but probably not until they’ve built something really substantial (so, knowing them, I’ll have to go back in November :D ). There’s not really enough to do at the park once you take out all the +1s to make it worth another trip back (over other, new-to-me places, I mean). That said, if you’ve not been I’d recommend. It’s a healthy injection into the coaster count, and Zadra and Hyperion are worth travelling for alone. Poland is also very friendly, cheap and easy to travel, so lots of good things in its favour.

A quick note on the Covid status in Poland – for those that still care about such things.
Mask policy – Allegedly required, but not followed or enforced. So much so, that it became rare to see someone wearing one (outside of the airport) and we even saw a guest asked to remove his mask before boarding Abyssus.
Social distancing – Nope.
Sanitiser – Yeah, this was around in places.
Overall – Generally, not much to be said, really.

Cracking stuff.

Day 3 – Travelling

Okay, only a short bit to add now for completeness’ sake.

Karkow airport was easily navigated, with staff at the gate just wanting to see our pre-departure Covid-19 test (taken before I left Bristol, remember!). No problems there.

Arrival in Stanstead was foul, having to wait in a +40min queue of hundreds (probably thousands) of people to get through the e-gates. Of probably around 50 e-gates, only about 9 were open. Idiocy of the highest order. Not clear if this was Covid-stupidity or general-stupidity, but it was wholly unnecessary.

Drive back to Bristol was fine – easier than the drive to Stanstead (perhaps no worse, but no flight stress to deal with, I suppose).

Finally, did the 2-day test as required for fully vaccinated people travelling from Amber countries. Bit of messing around with Royal Mail shipping times, but no actual hassle my end just delays in post collections, etc. Results came back swiftly (negative!), so all good.
(for reference, we used this site: https://www.testingforall.org/)

I'll do a Summary post tomorrow. :)


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Some fantastic photos in there, Hix'. Zadra and Hyperion really are drool-worthy and it's quite startling to see coasters of that stature on European soils.
But yeah, the rest of the park is sh*t.