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A late Camelot TPR


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Headed to Camelot a few weeks back, as I thought it would never open again, and wanted to go for two reasons, first, it was the first park I went to and having never been back was a bit of a homecoming for me, and secondly, Knightmare.

Dragon Coaster
Not bad ride, quite good if you remember it uses the fuel of Satan. Poor ride ops, having to sit behind that all day or stand next to it in a covered station. Their lives must have been significantly reduced. 6/10

Pirate Ship
Clearly ex-traveling and very small. Lazy effort, a pirate ride in a dark age England park? No airtime, really boring. 3/10

What The ****?
Again ex-traveling. Theming looks like a childs toy. Ride is pointless, slow and uncomfortable. Just goes right over, should get higher and higher and faster and faster, not just slowly go over right away for ages. If I could bear thinking about either of them long enough, I'd decide which one out of this and Submision is worse, but I can't, so I wont. Gets same score as Submision. 1/10

Getting better, again ex-traveling, very rusty and flimsy, I can understand bottom wheels not touching track, but top wheels? Surely they should touch the track when it is flat and still. Still quite fun, if a little sickly after lots of goes, but trick-track section serves only to damage your knee. Quite rough and bumpy, but only painfull in a couple of places, and mostly keeps pace and force going, apart from the trick-track which was forceless. Quite good, quite intense. Liked it, but it's no Spinball. 6/10

Atlast, a permanant ride! Very good, but massive bump before the turn back towards the main body of track. Good airtime at back in first drop, but air hill had none. Psycho drop good, but not 5G, if anything was 5G it was pull outs either side of air hill. Very fast and forcefull, would have liked a bit of airtime as it hits the brakes, but oh well, overall excelent. 8/10

Log Flume
Much wetter than you would think. Nothing more to say really, you go out, go up, drop, get wet, get out. 5/10

Balloon ride (or whatever it's called)
No sniggering at the back, I did go on this. Don't know why. Oh well good little sit off. Be a bit unfair to rate it though.

Camelot needs to improve. Theming is poor. Ex-traveling rides is pretty much all it has, and they are badly maintained and look awfull, even Excalibur is themed for the park but still has fairbround lights and things on it. Nothing looks or feels permanant, but then again nothing is apart from Knightmare I don't like the way it is in two areas and you can't see the other when you are in one. It works at Alton but not here. Everthing entrance side is old and poor, at the back everything is newer and still mostly poor, but it's a small park, it has two good rides, and was worth it I guess.

Balloons, flume, pirate ship and Excalibur 2 x1
Knightmare approx x12 (approx 7 back 5 front) at least, and always around that ratio of back:front.
Whirlwind approx x12 atleast


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No it doesn't.

In what way, I've read worse about Camelot before. And anyway, it's a service I provide.


12 on Whirlwind, I think I would of been sick. I only managed 6. 13 on Knightmare though more from a lack of anything else to go on.


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Blaze said:
Balloon ride (or whatever it's called)
I did go on this. Don't know why.
Because it was nearly lunchtime and you were running out of decent things to do?


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Thats actualy quite accurate. It was the last thing i went on before lunch. After that it was pirate ship and lots more goes on whirlwind and knightmare.
Speaking of Whirlwind, I didnt think it was that bad, but after a few goes got a little sickly and boring. If it wasnt for that would probably done it a few more times. Also my knee was not enjoying the abuse the ride tends to inflict. It was good, would like to see it picked up and refurbished somewhere else after Camelot dies. Maybe LWV? Gullivers warrington?
Knightmare probably go to BPB space accepting, or maybe even FL?


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I loved Whirlwind, ok it is a bit tatty, but the ride its self I really enjoyed personally.