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20th Century FOX Park


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Okay, so I saw the RCT2 threads hadn't been touched in an entire year, so I thought I would open up the game and start creating! I don't expect anyone to actually see this because this part of the forums doesn't get seen much, but here goes!

This is my idea of what a 20th Century FOX Film Park would be like if I got my way! Here's the entrance to the park, inspired by the entrance to Universal Studios in Orlando...

To the left of the entrance at the front of the park are the small warehouses, which can't be moved as they do not belong to the park's area of the studios.

This doesn't look impressive, but this is 'Sid and Scrat's Nutty Railroad', an indoor Wild Mouse in the Ice Age area. The building is supposed to symbolise the melting of the ice in the second film!

And this is the Flushed Away area, made to look like Kensington as the film begins there. Inside is 'Roddy Rapids Sewer Tours', an indoor rapids ride set in the dark sewers of London. I know FOX don't own the rights to this film but hey...

If anyone's reading this, questions and comments are welcome!